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  1. Killing The Philistines

    The Book of Genesis says God then spoke to Abraham in Canaan, saying: "To your offspring, I will give this land". Both Arabs and Jews claim to be the descendents of Abraham. So was it - in accordance to Islam - the right thing to do, to to commit genocide of the Philistines living there to make room for the descendents of Abraham? The "Christian" answer is of course Yes, but what does Islam say?
  2. What Parts Of Bible Is Not Truth?

    I see. But anyway, the Bible must have been scrutinized by Islam so there should be some kind of an official "specification" over parts considered to be untruth
  3. What parts of the Bible are considered by Islam not to be truth? Or where can I find that out?
  4. Allah And Jehovah

    Since Islam consider Abraham and Mose to be prophets "approved" by God, I wonder what the connection is between Allah and Jehovah, the God of Abraham and Mose? Is it the very same God?
  5. Background

    Hi, I'm Swedish. I spend quite much of my spare time on the Internet trying to understand what is happening in the world, and I have done so for the recent seven years. I still don't get it though, "surprise". I was grown up as a Jehovahs Witness and I left them 25 years ago. I have quite good insight in the Bible, but almost nothing in regards to the Quran. This is why I registered here.