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  1. Congratulating An Atheist

    Are you a scientist? Are you sure you know what science is and how it works? "the laws of the universe ... they don't work when the technology workers make a mistake" This statement is horribly wrong! Whether we humans make a mistake calculating the speed of light does not affect the speed of light. If there is a mistake in the human explanation called "Theory of Evolution" does not affect evolution. Epistemologically, there is no belief IN science. If the voltmeter shows 1.5V when measuring a battery I don't believe IN the battery having a potential difference of 1.5V. You believe IN something if it requires faith - ie there's no evidence. Of course there are other methods of acquiring factual information such as intuition, estimates, guesses, hunches, etc - but I prefer knowing a scientist used science to design that aircraft rather than estimates or hunches before I climb in. Philosophy is great and the philosophy of science is part and parcel of the scientific understanding and methodology - but it will not get that plane into the air or tell me whether my battery is empty or full. On the other hand, science is unable to analyse or explain anything super-natural such as spiritual enlightenment. Science can demonstrate the effect in the brain, but not explain it.
  2. Help Prove To Me.....

    Yes, you are right: my power to think is the extent of my intellect. No idea why you would state that this, but yes, it's true. Thank you for that. I have no idea what the elixir of my words is supposed to mean. Maybe you translated it and it came out skewed like this. An elixir is a medicinal extract which cures illnesses. I am not a medical doctor nor a poet, so I'll ignore it. I also don't understand your next sentence. Someone asked some questions and I offer my opinion. The one question I ask is a rhetorical one, so you don't make much sense. I am not talking but writing and that I exist is not just a feeling. Maybe gather your thoughts and try again, ok?
  3. Sorry, but treating women - 50% of the human population - as lesser beings is not what I call a game. If you call this a game, well so be it! I find that sad. I brought the example of men and women being seen as equals before the god of Islam. In case you are not so fluent when it comes to the Koran, I am taking some examples, such as "As for those who lead a righteous life, male or female, while believing, they enter Paradise; without the slightest injustice." (4:124) “He it is who did create you from a single soul, and therefrom did make his mate that he might take rest in her." (7:189) “And of His signs is this: He created for you helpmeets from yourselves that you might find rest in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy” (30:21) "Their Lord responded to them: "I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female - you are equal to one another" (3:195) While these are translations and are quoted out of context I think they paint the picture that men and women can indeed be treated equally, even if the Koran itself contradicts itself in other passages. That's where my statement comes in which asks why you can't dismiss the destructive parts. You then go and title one of the most fundamental human rights a "popular opinion in Western society". Should women stay at home and remain uneducated in your eyes? Should women be human incubators and solely an outlet of male sexual urges? Does a woman need to ask a man's permission to leave the house? Is that what you desire? Should a woman be treated as a 2nd class citizen with restricted rights because she's missing something between her legs? Come on! This male chauvinist thinking was abandoned decades ago! It is not just an opinion but an integral part of the modern human intellect. You are petrified of cultures other than your own and your inferiority complex is clouding your rational thinking. That's why you cling to absurd notions which are mere propaganda. All you have is this childish suggestion of reading a single old book which I seem to know better than you do, as though that would explain something.
  4. Brilliant questions and really useful answers. We get to see the problem very quickly: Free speech is ok - as long as you don't humiliate Muhammad. You need to respect my culture but I will not respect yours. If I ask questions about Islam here on the forum I get banned - because I ask critical questions. Muslims - if I generalise here for a moment - have a problem with this "being questioned". It is about submission and obedience. That is why the dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims is so difficult. This is a forum using 21st century technology as a platform to enable 21st century humans to communicate with each other. I see people tip-toeing around the problems, trying to be nice and careful, trying oh so hard not to offend anyone. Why? If I am being an idiot, then I would expect and appreciate people telling me that I am an idiot - as long as they also tell me why they think I am an idiot and what I can change to stop being perceived as being an idiot. The principle of constructive criticism as opposed to censorship. THAT is one of the values I am missing. I see here the skewed propaganda-mix people are being fed about "The West". And sheer ignorance when it comes to biological reality. Why can't Muslims concentrate on the constructive values and dismiss the destructive ones? If women and men are equal before god shouldn't they also be equal before humans? Should women have the same rights as men even if their strengths lie in different areas? Should all religions get used to accepting evolution? Accepting reality is a value! Should all religions accept the role of spiritual comforter instead of demanding a voice when it comes to education and legal rights? How do we know right from wrong if we base our decisions today on texts which are 6000 years or more old? I agree with the question: what is the line? What is the line between living in the real world and allowing spiritual intervention at the same time? How can humans in the 21st century decide on this line and get it right for everyone? Interesting times.
  5. Help Prove To Me.....

    When discussing religious topics there is no proof or evidence. That's why it's called having faith :) Just as there is no proof that Moses or Jesus physically existed, we have no evidence for the existence of the Muhammad as described in the sunnah or sirat. The Koran only mentions the name 4 times without any further refences. The name Muhammad also means the "blessed one", which could refer to an annamed prophet. The Koran also mentions a prophet to still appear who will verify the Koran again. So there are a couple of unknowns. Arabs were influenced by Jews and Christians who all thought the last days were just around the corner. They thought this was a short expansion to secure a place in heaven for eternity in the name of their god. Muhammad was conveying a message, the message of submission to what he believed was a powerful god who wanted to have only the righteous humans in heaven. Unfortunately, righteousness means different things to different people. The Koran speaks of a creator, not nature. Science is just the explanation and description humans have for natural phenomena. No, there is nothing of scientific interest in the Koran. What you have heard is a mis-interpretation, known today as Bucailleism, which has been dismissed over the years by almost all Muslims. As someone has quite rightly pointed out: here we have humans. Humans can't provide spiritual guidance, only gods can do that. If you need a god in your life, why not have the one true god talk to you and provide what you are looking for in guidance? Praying East has little bearing when in India or Alaska. The Koran does not specify how to pray and what to do or what direction on Earth to keep. I reckon a benevolent and merciful god should pick up your sincerity without you facing somewhere specific if it is urgent. Good luck and have fun looking!
  6. Congratulating An Atheist

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but neither the Koran, nor the sunnah nor any religious text mentions embryology. Embryology is a scientifically accurate description of what happens in nature. In Islam you get creation, not nature. In Islam a god/creator is the cause for life and the existence of humans, not nature. You mention this yourself in the last sentence. In Islam woman is created from man, in nature it is the other way around. In Islam Earth is created and then the creator/god turned to the heavens, the Universe. In nature, it is the other way around. In Islam mountains are set on the earth with pegs as stabilisers which stop the ground from shaking. In nature they grow out of the crust and cause earthquakes. You can't make the religious texts in Islam look as though they are scientifically accurate. They are not. They are spiritual texts, not scientific textbooks.
  7. Why are you not answering my questions? Why do you run away from them? What are you talking about? What about anything after the Big Bang had a "natural reason"? What do you mean when you say "the Big Bang was caused"? Where do you get this from? Why can anything exist outside of our perception of this Universe? Made from what? Existing in what time dimension? All you have is wishful thinking, no knowledge in cosmogony and the built-in tendency to repeat stuff you don't really understand. Why can't you be more precise in your claims?
  8. And? So what? How is this evidence? How is this non-religious? How is this evidence of a particular god? The unmoved-mover or uncaused-causer argument has been shown millions of times to be faulty, primitive, wrong and irrelevant for over 2000 years. What "chain reaction" exactly are you talking about?
  9. Can We Define "moderate Muslim" ?

    According to my understanding, a Muslim saying "I hate terrorism" does not solve the problem, but tinkers with the symptoms. As long as there are people who deny the existence of sentences in the Koran which can be taken as being violent and as long as these sentences exist, everything else is secondary. More than half of the planet's Muslims are illiterates. They only know what they are told. Only ~13% of Muslims speak Arabic and only 0.0001% have studied ancient Arabic. They only know what they are told. This means that most Muslims believe what they are being told and as long as there are sentences in the Koran - and the sunnah for that matter - which can taken as being violent, there is a chance that people can be misled by false interpretations of the text or an overly zealous bigot. The same applies to Islamic Law, the shariah, where there is no single book and anyone can interpret anything they want into a case. There's a shariah judge on video (taken with a hidden camera) who tells a wife who has been beaten it is not serious as it has only happened once. Is that what shariah is all about? I don't think so. But as long as misogynistic sentences are found in Koran and sunnah there will be humans who will interpret it as such.
  10. What Is Islamophobia To You?

    Thank you. No, that will be all.
  11. What Is Islamophobia To You?

    Thanks for your input. "Islamophobia is most certainly real." so what, in your opinion, would be an example of Islamophobia? "unfinished business" again, I can't envisage what the "business" is, you are referring to. Do you have an explanation or an example? So are Muslims suffering from this phobia, this unwarranted fear? Is this "sending down" terror what you call Islamophobia, where Muslims don't need to be in fear and simply submit to their god? That would be an interesting concept indeed. Yes, I know the sentence, but nobody has cast terror into anything so far. It doesn't say who will do what or when, so I choose to disregard it. And sorry, biology has made my heart pump blood and not "feel" terror. The sentence is also a contradiction in itself as there is no evidence for the existence of a god and so a person who does not have evidence for something is technically and logically unable to "associate" anything with what has not been proven yet. And when I'm dead it's too late.
  12. What Is Islamophobia To You?

    This is too controversial to be discussed by non-Islamic scholars. Let's get back to what people consider to be Islamophobia, where I still have not received a workable definition. I just know from a practical point of view that prisons in Berlin are filled mainly by Muslims, which is why all inmates are no longer getting pork. When they complain, they are called Islamophobes. Which is what I don't understand and am trying to get input from Muslims who should know what they consider to be an Islamophobe and why. But it seems this is not that easy.
  13. There are 100s of pages on the net describing why bleeding an animal to death is torture, so I will not go into that. I will also not go into the entire set or rules around halal and what it means to different Muslim groups. My question is: why do you personally think that killing an animal quickly by electric shock is less humane than slowly bleeding it to death? Thank you
  14. What Is Islamophobia To You?

    1. Is that because you would like it that way? What is this understanding based on? Is someone who is not affected by "Western Media" never able to be an Islamophobe? What is your assertion that "Western Media" "is usually biased against Islam and Muslims" based on? Are you a professional victim or do you simply enjoy the role? Is your definition of Islamophobia really just reading or watching the news? If "Islam equals terrorism" it would no longer be a phobia, would it? You seem confused, contradicting yourself within just a few sentences. Why are these things misconceptions? Because you say so? I think you overestimate the interest in Islam. Can you provide an example of something "unbiased" regarding Islam? So anyone who disregards anything negative written about Islam and only listens to positive propaganda is a hero for justice? All I wanted is what Islamophobia means to you and I get extremely wishywashy whining about the unfair treatment of Islam in the media. Is that really what it means to you? 2. According to Muslim statistics there are something like 600 million illiterate Muslims. If Islamophobia is equal to demonising Islam in the media, these would not be able to read this.So right off the bat, half of the people you claim are affected are excluded. By your own definition. You are saying that you think the "Western Media" thinks that Islam = terror, superstition, misogynism, etc You are also saying that "Western" people are unable to think independently and don't perform critical thinking and are thus brainwashed. What about Muslims who don't have contact to those deluded "Westerners"? How are they affected? If a Muslim majority country occupies another Muslim majority country and the UN along with 50 Muslim majority countries decides that this was illegal and the agressor needs to be removed by force, how do you rationalise this. Again you are somewhat confused with your rationale and completely illogical. Are you seriously suggesting that you condone the terrorism performed in the name of Islam? Are you seriously suggesting we should just say fine and let terrorists run our lives? If the Nigerian Muslim kills a British man in the UK, 1000s of miles from home, is that ok with you or are you applying double standards where and when it suits you? 3. Well, actually, I asked for a definition, which you have not supplied. All you did is complain.