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  1. Masha Allah!:D Thank you for sharing this, dot! Sure because Quran memorizing makes you work on your brain. If you do stuff that requires training your brain i.e. playing cross-words, Sudoku, reading books in new subjects, your brain neuron will expand too. But in memorizing Quran, besides the Divine reward, this is plus point too
  2. Return As A Freshie :d

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah brothers and sisters :D . I actually have joined this forum in around 2010 I believe.... but immediately left because there was a super duper annoying member trolling 24/7 and causing trouble keep singing Islam is this, God is dictator and blah blah blah.... . Nuff said, I'm curious if my account is still working here so I tried to log in and bam!! :D Still active! So I'm changing old username to Sothis Girl. (Sothis is another name for Sirius star. ) . I see Gawaher has changed a lot from the last time I remembered. I hope this forum becomes a better place for muslim community to share each other, and engage in positive way. (Though it seems like it's kinda ghost town .......... am I wrong?? :OO) . Anyway.... Peace and Blessings, peeps! ^__^ . Ariadne, a.k.a. the Sothis Girl
  3. I'm Tired Of Those People

    Point those people to this website. It's a collection of refutations of nonmuslims' accusations about Islam www.letmeturnthetables.com (Aisha marriage is explained in depth too)
  4. Why Did God Make It So Hard For Us Humans?

    While we live in this world, we must face duality (dark/false light vs light). Some people (new age) might want to debate that we must "transcend duality and see things as it is", and Gnostics want to debate it's "The Demiurge". But let's face it. Like it or not, accept it or not, the Universe is created with duality. Yin and yang. The proton you see that sparks lights in the surface, is actually dark in the very core. Dark is canvas for light, silence is canvas for sounds, if oceans not exist we will not bother to create a ship. But in the end, there is no pure dark and pure light in every single side (represented by the small dots inside the black and white side of yin yang). And so here is life. Life is a field of trial, and lessons for our collective growth. Some verses in Qur'an : "if only truth follows their whims, then destroyed will be the heavens and earth...".
  5. Islam Is From The Inside Out ~

    Masha Allah so true. Thanks for sharing Rant rant :: Personally it's a pet peeve that [some] people abuse Umar ibn Khattab sayings "we only judge from the apparent". Actually this quote can be seen as "we can't know people from what their hearts contain, we can only know them from their apparent actions". But how can seeing is believing, when what see is only half truth? This Umar saying is not a license to stereotype people and making assumption on them based on half-facts. IMHO if we want to really enjoy Islam, we must be spiritual too. :)
  6. Sunniforum: Problems

    It's now back. Not spammer or hacker, they just undergo a maintenance. But problem is Sunniforum is now getting skinny. :( I don't see some essential threads anymore like in-depth tasawwuf threads or Ibn Ata'Allah wisdom thread.... where are they??? :(
  7. What To Call It And Is It Right In Islam?

    Dear brother, it's a human nature to naturally attach ourselves to person/people who have been kind, sincere, and benefited us. Especially if the person is the one whom we've been connected with, for a long time. Perhaps it's your father loss, I don't know, or just his kindness left a deep mark to you that you feel like finding water in desert. . Just a little rambling, a famous muslim mystical poet Rumi was known for his attachment with his teacher (whom he married with his daughter) Shams Tabrizi and they love and enrich each other souls for the sake of Allah. So much that when Shams left, because he fears their attachment hinders them from Allah, Rumi wrote thousands of lines of poems inspired by Shams. This is natural. But there's a difference with attachment and over-attachment.... :)
  8. Missunderstood Friend

    Hello sister. Honestly I have experienced this misunderstanding too with an enthusiastic convert friend. She cut ties with me just because of a really petty difference of [scholarly] opinion. Then she even backbites me! . Sometimes qadr Allah, we just cross path with certain person within a course of time, then separated each other. If you have helped her to get to know Islam, don't regret every single seconds you spent with her to aid her journey. Allah will keep your reward. People separated in different ways, good and bad, but in the end there's no such thing "best friend forever". Give her account to Allah and move on.
  9. Do You Believe In Magic?

    wow, I'm curious about the part of Pakistan that person mentioned LOL :sl:. I haven't checked Youtube yet to find the video you meant. But how about going to some Wiccan or neopagan forum where magick is their common practice? Just a tip :sl: I never insist you to travel to INA, lol. Were I'm in your shoes, I won't waste my time to travel too only to see magick. :no:
  10. Assalamu alaikum everyone, I'm Theo from......Far East. I'm a muslimah, graduate student, and blogger. My hobbies are reading and surfing. Arachnide means "spider", I think spider is a wonderful animal and hence the name pops up, hehehe :sl: I can't wait to interact with you guys, muslims (as well as nonmuslims) from other countries. Warm greetings Arachnide
  11. How To Refute Claims Allh(swt) Is Moon God

    there is NO such thing as moon god.....the correct is moon GODDESS!!! Moon is associated with female and fertility in every ancient pagan religion. Egyptian has Isis, Greek has Diana. Telling the "moon god" itself is already a mistake, LOL :sl:
  12. Hello Ahmad, nice thread here. I was born muslim, from muslim mum and christian father who converted to Islam long before their marriage. When I was 13, I often asked myself : how if I go to hell for embracing the wrong religion? And so I started to learn religions, as well as metaphysics. I really learned as if I'm religion-less seeking the true God. I have learned Islam, Christianity, Wicca/Neopaganism, Buddhism, and Hindu a bit. But then I narrowed my focus to Islam and Christianity. One book by Ahmed Deedat, The Choice, truly changed my life and perception about both religions. I also learned that scientific miracles in Qur'an and its numerology algorithm are too neat, too complicated to be crafted by human beings. Hence, I'm convinced, Islam is my way. I have to live and die with it. Even until today I still like reading books from other religions, and still have my faith strong. I'm grateful to have a chance to learn that every religions are beautiful, and there is a lot of wisdom I can learn from. But my heart falls to Islam - not by blind belief, but a commonsense. Thanks to Allah, having a chance to be a muslim is my greatest blessing in life :sl:
  13. Hijjab?

    Hello Tonnyj, :sl: the headscarf (a clothe to cover head - khimar) is ordered in Qur'an surah An-Nisa 31. And in a hadith the Prophet told that an adult woman should cover her body except face and hand. Wearing niqab or veil is not ordered for muslim woman, but rather for Prophet's wives only. but a muslim woman can choose if she wants to cover her face or not. Veil (niqab or burqa) is not an obligatory. In hajj, women should open her face, and so do in salah (IIRC). can you imagine, in hajj a woman will absolutely meet men from many places, but she shouldn't cover her face? This signifies that veil is not obligatory. If it's otherwise, the Qur'an or Hadith will have shown it very clearly.
  14. Does God Exist?

    I'll tell you a story :sl: One day an atheist make a rendesvouz with a religious scholar to prove and discuss whether God existed. They set the appointment time to be at afternoon, on the riverside. The atheist is waiting, but the scholar doesn't come - he's late. 20 minutes later, the scholar showed up sailing with his raft. "dude, you're not just late, you're so very late! what take you so long, you've made me almost die waiting!" the atheist miffed. the scholar answered, "sorry my friend. but a strange event happened today. when I wanted to cross this river, I realized the bridge has fallen down, hit by the wind. So I just sat and waited, and some strange event happened. Suddenly the trees beside me fell down, its woods are chopped themselves into pieces, and then they arranged themselves in a row. Suddenly, a wind came brought the rope, and the rope was moving accidentally, binding itself to the woods....and it's made a raft themselves. You see this raft I've used to sail here? It's made by a series of accidents!" atheist : "dude, you're out of your mind" the atheist answered, "how come the trees magically transformed themselves into a well-made raft by accidents? Someone's hands must have created the raft! In order to create this raft, someone have to cut down a tree, chopped its woods, arrange them, and bind these woods together by rope" scholar : "what happened if this raft is truly made by accidentally strange events?" atheist : "you'll be lucky if you can sail by a trunk. you'll be drowned before you could even sail" scholar : "my friend. if even creating the raft requires a series of intended action to make it well-made, how about the Universe that is million times more complex than merely a piece of raft? why can Universe live to million years with its planetary systems stood still, not colliding each other? if Universe is so fragile, we won't even live and able to stand here right now, will we?" My friend, if I may ask, can you tell me the reason why you became atheist in the first place? No judgment meaning at all, really. I'm just curious....would you? :sl:
  15. Why Does God Asked To Be Worshiped?

    Hi atheism101, :sl: I may not have the best answer in the world, but let me try, shall we? :sl: I'll tell you a story. One day, there is an old carpenter who's about to retire. So he's asking to his master to allow him to retire. And his master said "I will allow you to retire, but you must build one house as your last task". The carpenter did the job reluctantly, he worked on the house very half-heartedly, thinking that this is the last job he MUST do for his "demanding" master. Finally, the house is finished. But surprisingly, his master told him "this house is actually for you" and gave him the key and several money for his work. The carpenter regretted greatly because, if he only knew the house is actually for him, he'll build it with love, dedication, and he'll do his best work. Now he had to live in a bad house....built by himself. Why does God asked to be worshipped? NOTHING! It's not for HIM-self, it's for YOUR own good! Even if the whole Universe doesn't want to worship Him, He will not stop being a God. God doesn't need our prayers and worship, but it's us Creatures who need him. It's like the carpenter and his master analogy, where the carpenters think he makes the house "for" his master - where in the end, the house is actually for the carpenter himself. Whatever we do, the reward falls back to ourselves. Why? God has shown us the way, and it's entirely our choice to choose. "if you reject Allah, truly Allah hath no need of you, He liketh not ingratitude from His servants. if you are grateful, He is pleased with you. No bearers of burdens can bear the burdens of another. In the end, to your Lord is your return, when He tell you the truth of all that ye did (in this life)." (QS Az Zumar : 7) "if anyone does the righteous deeds, the benefit is for his own soul. if one does evil, it works against his own soul" (QS Al Jatsiyah : 15)
  16. Education In Islam

    Hello, Ron :sl: The truth is, what Taliban claimed as "Islam" is NOT entirely "islamic". From what I see, their ulama is very corrupted that they mixed the extreme sexism/patriarchist and make it sound legal by squandering the name Islam. Let me give you example - a bit off topic, but to explain. In Taliban (including Somalia), when woman is raped, the woman will get the punishment. Prophet Muhammad himself NEVER teach such inhumane thing. There's a hadith narrated by Turmidzi and Abu Daud telling a woman one day was raped, the prophet punishes the rapists and let go free the woman victim. It's just one example how what Taliban did actually very contrary to Islam. Now, how about education? In hadith the Prophet Muhammad said "seeking knowledge is obligatory for every muslims" (narrated by Ibn Majah) and "whosoever walks a path to seek knowledge, Allah will ease their way to paradise" (narrated by Muslim) These hadiths showed that every muslims, regardless its genders, are obliged to seek a knowledge. One hadith even told an event where Madinnah women came to Prophet and requested him to teach them in a sort-of class, about Islam. The prophet agreed to their requests and gave them the teaching schedule for them to attend to. this was like a small school where Madinnah women gathered to received teaching by Prophet. And historically, a lot of hadiths sources are women. Just because they are women, it doesnt make the hadith resourced from them became invalid. These are facts that Islam never rejects woman for education, knowledge seeking, or becoming part of it. I hope this answers your question :sl: ~ Arachnide
  17. Do You Believe In Magic?

    Magic? Do you mean "miracle" instead? :sl: Or "magick"? Okay, first of all, magic(k) really exists. God created the Universe and everything in it in as a part of energy. So magic is simply, a form of energy. I live in Java and it's very common to see people especially in primitive villages, including muslim mysticists doing stuff like magic(k), clairvoyance, and astral travel. Just think of it, even supernatural creatures like jinn or angel has their own energy dimension. And so as magick. the reason magick is haraam in Islam is (in my humble opinion) because it's done through the assistance of jinns or other supernatural entities and they usually would demand you to worship them alongside Allah (which is called "shirk") or telling you to commit sins to perfecting the magic, i.e. sacrificing human, drinking blood, worshipping the jinns, etc. If you want the EVIDENCE, come yourself to Indonesia. Come to popular places where people literally asked to jinns for wealth, and see them yourself what they do, the wealth they truly acquired that way, and what tragic death they experienced. I know, because I've seen it myself. The Universe is much more vast than what human's senses could ever perceived. Sorry for being off-topic. But to atheism101 : I respect every choice of your faith. Muslims or Christians might say your place is hell because you "dis-believe", but