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  1. The Issue of Music in Islam

    Asalaamu Alaikum, Even if you don't agree with a scholar, we shouldn't begin to insult them like this. Scholars throughout Islamic history disagreed with each other, but didn't resort to insults.
  2. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    Please post the verse(s), as I'm sure you're interpretation is wrong. The general ruling, in how we treat others, be it Jew or Christian or Atheist is outlined by this verse, that applies above all; "Allah does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion and did not drive you out of your homes. Verily, Allah loves those who deal with equity.” (Qur'an: Mumtahinah, 8) Actually, if you study it very carefully, you'll find the Greeks made various errors and so did the earlier Egyptions. With the Qur'an, not only are there differences between itself and the greeks, but there is no particular errors as such. As I always said, the Qur'an came to correct what came before it, that's the claim it's always made and that's what it has done. You should read this article regarding Embroylogy in the Qur'an, it also talks about the Greeks etc. Once again, my argument stands, the fact you call it weak is due to your lack of understanding the argument that I put forth. If you're claim is that "there are other books like it", then this is also wrong. Though, to be sure, the question of the literary merit is one not to be judged on a priori grounds but in relation to the genius of Arabic language; and no man in fifteen hundred years has ever played on that deep-toned instrument with such power, such boldness, and such range of emotional effect as Mohammad did. As a literary monument the Koran thus stands by itself, a production unique to the Arabic literature, having neither forerunners nor successors in its own idiom. Muslims of all ages are united in proclaiming the inimitability not only of its contents but also of its style..... and in forcing the High Arabic idiom into the expression of new ranges of thought the Koran develops a bold and strikingly effective rhetorical prose in which all the resources of syntactical modulation are exploited with great freedom and originality. - H A R Gibb, Arabic Literature - An Introduction, 1963, Oxford at Clarendon Press, p. 36. - H A R Gibb, Islam - A Historical Survey, 1980, Oxford University Press, p. 28.
  3. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    Actually, the Qur'an never says; "because I said so". It actually says, if you don't believe it then; 1. Produce a chapter like it. 2. Find a single contradiction 3. Create something equal to even a small fly 4. etc. basically challenges Whether you believe in it or not, that's your choice. However, there's no book in the world that claims to be from God that is quite like it. And that for Muslims (plus the Prophethood of Muhammad(pbuh)) is our proof.
  4. What Exactly Is Islamophobia ?

    Well in this context, it sounds like it's balancing towards bigotry.
  5. Muslim Double Standards - Anwar Al Awlaki

    Yea, I did and your an absolute liar. You even got your soruces from Islamaphobe websites. Don't spread misleading/false information about others.
  6. Seriously, Isn't The Source Of The Qur'an In Doubt?

    The Prophet(pbuh) never left inheritance behind. This is well known and there is a consensus amongst the scholars. What you are talking about is Shia's arguement to say that the Prophets do leave inheritance behind, but we do not accept Shia's sources or their claims. Don't really have time to go into details, but it should be said that you're completly and utterly wrong. “We do not leave inheritance. What we leave behind is charity.” (Sahih Muslim, Kitab al-Jihad was-Siyar, no. 49) “We, the Prophets, do not leave heirs.” (Musnad Ahmad, vol. 2 p. 462) “What we leave behind is to become alms.” (Hadith ash-Shafi)
  7. What Can We Do About Debbie Schlussel?

    Honestly speaking, no one's really going to do anything unless she was directly advocating killing/attacking others (even though I'm sure people are influenced by her to do such crimes). Best thing to do is ignore her, because even if you somehow took her down, there will be others who will just take her place. Hatred is a part of life and you just have to deal with it, it's like a test.
  8. Any Group Ever Worshipped Allah As Masculine?

    No, and may never such a deviant group ever appear. Allah(swt) has no gender.
  9. Seriously, Isn't The Source Of The Qur'an In Doubt?

    When he(pbuh) died, he had no slaves/concubines. Rest of what you said is untrue aswell, but would like to still see your "sources".
  10. Stopped reading after this due. Muslims do not believe what Moses(pbuh) brought was incomplete. What he brought was for the people of his time in its complete form, meaning the people of his time would be only judged by what was brought down to them. It was only after that the later generations corrupted the teachings, and the final form of Islam (this time to the world as a whole) was brought down.
  11. Muslim Double Standards - Anwar Al Awlaki

    Btw, before anyone ignorantly says (using obviously propoganda American Sources). Anwar did not condone the killing of innocent civilians. This is what he write in an article in 2008 - My opinion which I have stated in past recordings and is still my opinion now is that non-combatant women and children cannot be targeted. However if the type of war forced on us to fight is one in which non-combatants would end up being killed in order to reach to the fighting force then it is allowed in this case. He's basically talking about Collateral damage (where the enemy hide amidst the Civilians) and he's also talking about the war being forced upon us.
  12. Hadith?

    There's nothing wrong with Hadith, it's simply a given that, laymen like us could never give of any kind of judgement or verdict just by reading an english translation. Hadiths have so much to it such as; - Context - Relation to Qur'an Aya(s) - Language (For example, "wicked" a century ago meant "evil", today it could mean "good") - How did the Prophet(pbuh) and the Companians(pbuh) understand it etc. And finally, God gave us a product to help humanity, that product is the Qur'an. It is only befitting that God gives us the manual, the blueprint on how to make full use of this product. More info about hadiths, read this - http://www.islamic-awareness.org/Hadith/Ulum/
  13. Then don't do it, because you'll end up hurting/harming yourself. What's the point of doing anything if there's no benefit to it? And looking at your post above just continuesly shows how clueless you are about Islam and Islamic history especially.
  14. Reform Islam?

    I agree with you. We should reform Islam back to the days of the rightoues salaaf. :)
  15. If there's a clear benefit and there's a necassasity like you've mentioned above, then it's permissible.