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  1. The Health Benefits Of Blackseed Oil

    Salaam could some one please help in answering my question bithnillah I have recently for the last two years been having abnormal liver function test results qadr Allah. I started taking black seed oil capsules in beginning of January 2012 and had a blood test done again in last week of jan and the results came back of my liver function test where all were abnormal and the doctors now will do further tests. Could the black seed capsules had an affect my doctor seems to think so but I jus wanted advice because I have another appointment in march now at the hospital. How should I take the capsules or oil for the liver. Thank you for taking the time out to read my message and replying.
  2. Introduction

    Asalaamualaikum everybody I jus thought I'd introduce myself my names umm_aaminah I am a stay at home mum and have joined this forum to help myself and share my experiences as well. Hope to chat to some of u soon inhshaallah. Take care and thank u for welcoming me to the group.