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  1. The Issue of Music in Islam

    Definitely a controversial topic in terms of making the simple things quite complicated problems. So, what is so "evil" about music then? Music is a patternized sound that can bring about pleasure in hearing it (or from the consequences of hearing it). Hmm. When you hear something which eventually annoys you, even if it is something as primitive as a continously loud noise, then you want to avoid it. This can be associated to something "evil", though I wouldn't jump to such a scary word such as that. One music might be liked by person A and might be disliked by person B (and not just because of personal taste - it might be because it reminds them of something personal, like a traumatic incident), so in this way, Person B can attribute the music to be "evil". So what is the "issue" of music in Islam?
  2. Perhaps you should have a different perspective of prayer and approach it in such a way that you can attend it. Prayer is supposed to be a portrayal of your self discipline, human conduct and self treatment. Only can you conduct your lifestyle in an efficient and prayer-specific way can you perform it. In practical speaking, the event of a prayer is no more physical than, say, getting up for work in the morning. You need to be fit and energised to be able to do this, so work on your diet and physicall fitness. It is possible and if you're adamant about prayer then it should be a realistic consequence of this situation.
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    Hello y'all, Just another person who registered on the forum. No biggie.