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  1. Too Much!

    I still find myself so ridiculously worried about what people think about me. This is just silly. I want to fit in to a Muslim community. To have people to relate to on religion. I can't get Muslim friends if I'm always afraid. I'd like to write out my opinions of things. I'd be very appreciative for anyone to read them; I think it would help. I know I'm still new at Islam, so I expect my thoughts may change on some things. So even if people don't agree with me, which I expect, I'm still grateful for anyone who will respond c: I've been suspicious of hadith since I've been learning about Islam. I'm not so sure how authentic many of them are, though surely there are many hadith that are at least good approximations of what Muhammad said and did. I think Muhammad's words were more meant for the community of his time, in contrast to the eternal message of the Quran. I think he's a good example, but still fallible. I'm not sure why I should go to his words for guidance in my life when I have the words of the eternal god. There are reasons for my opinions, but, as my purpose here is more to find out how people generally feel about these kind of opinions, I'll save that explaining for another time, unless someone states they do want to hear. Thank you to anyone who reads. I also wouldn't mind if you do want to convince me otherwise. I do know I still have lots to learn.
  2. Prayer Invalidation

    Thanks for the links, Lost in Paradise. It's nice to know where some of this comes from. But still, it doesn't say that any of the listed things invalidates prayer, at least in the sections you pointed to. It just says what you should and shouldn't do. "Al-Bukhari and Muslim record that the Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam told a bedouin who had not performed his salah well: "Return and pray for you have not prayed." (This hadith was mentioned earlier.)" That's the only thing that explicitly says it, though it's vague on what for. "Ibn al-Munzhir records that there is a consensus of opinion that laughing (during the salah) invalidates the prayer." There's also things like this, but it's not someone quoting Muhammad. I'm not sure why doing prayer with some mistakes would make it invalid, if you mean well. If I commit some sins in life, my life isn't invalidated. Though....I suppose unlike life, prayers can be repeated. (Thanks again for the links! I'd wondered if there was something like those sites out there and now I know!)
  3. Prayer Invalidation

    I've had some trouble finding information on this. I've found many lists of what invalidates prayer, but where does this information come from? Why would anything invalidate prayer? I would think that some things might make it a less good prayer, but I don't understand how anything could make your effort worthless. Or do I misunderstand what people mean by invalidate? Can anyone point me to some verses from the Quran or hadith on this topic? Thank you!
  4. Too Much!

    And salaam to you, Chelsea! Thank you :) I've heard support from friends and family on this, but it's nice to hear from a Muslim. How are you doing now after it's been some months since your conversion?
  5. It seems, contrary to all the excitement at the Masjid, I'm the only one not happy as the result of my conversion. I was just nervous. And now, increasingly stressed. I want to get things right, like prayer, but I don't think I'm doing so well. I have the ability to learn faster. But I'm not sure it would help from how much I've been stressed at my current level of trying. With all these negative feelings I've been feeling kinda hostile to religion, which I guess isn't surprising as it's happened before, just not as a Muslim. It's not condusive to prayers, of course, making me more stressed. I also fret over how people think of me at the Masjid. Which I don't think is bad. But I don't think they'd like my opinions. It's silly I guess. Preemptive stress. So many rules! I don't think it'd be so bad if I knew them well; instinctively. But that not being the case, it's a lot for my conscious mind to hold at once. I'm not so good making myself only implement a bit at a time, I suppose. Surely someone else has dealt with this?
  6. Hello

    Hello! It seems obligatory on this forum to introduce yourself, guessing by that no other forum area shows up, so here I am! I'm Elaine, as you might guess. I just converted 10 days ago. 23 year old college student living in Virginia! How are you all?