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  1. The Theory Of Evolution

    As Salamu Alykum, Please watch on You Tube Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Its an Eye Opener, as it was for me and you find out at what length evolutionists would go to spread their theory. Regards Truth Spreader2010
  2. Discovery Of New Planets

    That is the beauty of the Universe that we keep on finding new things so frequently and it shows that even though we think that we are so advance in science but still haven't scratched the surface. However these Scientists (Darwanists) believe that There is no God, but they forget to remember that he is the one who gave them all this knowledge. Anyway, I thought to put my thoughts in your post.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIZAAh_6OXg As Salamu Alykum, I cant understand one thing, if Evolutionists are so sure about there so called Fact of Evolution rather than Theory of Evolution then why are they trying to shut down the scientists who are deciding to change the sides and have started to think that there has to be someone who is the creator of this universe and everything that exists in it. If Evolution is a fact and Natural Selection is a fact then why are we the same and molecular scientists are saying that Evolutionists have a problem. These are my views, please take some time and enlighten me with your thoughts with the proof. Regards TruthSpreader2010
  4. Happy To Be Here

    I am happy to be here.