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  1. Why Hijab?

    nice vid
  2. Avoiding Temptation

    wth is with that banner in my post?
  3. Avoiding Temptation

    im probably better off not worrying about it as the brothers i know go out with non religious girls and im not really involved with them so its not really an option for me to ask. ill just focus on study and work , not worry about wife or kids. and theres always http://nikah.com/partner.php?adbanner=32t6k0e al-Mut‘ah if i get desperate hahaha jks
  4. Avoiding Temptation

    have thought of this its not hard for me to get a job and if i met someone i would study by distance and work so i could afford a nice place. and yes there a very few muslims and very few of the brothers here practice. they would be no good to go to for help.
  5. Bipolar In Islam

    but i will try emailing... and anyway thank you
  6. Bipolar In Islam

    i have tried but i cannot afford to travel to see a doctor and i am limited to those that accept my health care
  7. Muslims On Gawaher Are Definitely Anti-u.s.

    I am not anti America. have met quite a few lovely Americans. Just wish everybody could love everybody. I dont like their government though but I dont like mine either.
  8. Bipolar In Islam

    i dont believe there are any muslim doctors in my area... i have actually had doctors tell me to stay away from muslims and the religion of Islam as apparently its a brainwashing cult.
  9. Avoiding Temptation

    salam I have been thinking recently and I would like someone in my life but I do not know any muslim women in my area and i do not wish to get to know any women in an inappropriate way. This may not be an issue for me right now as i am still working on more important things like my prayer etc.. however this is a concern as i do not wish to remain single forever and i wish to avoid temptation especially as where i am currently living there is not a shortage of temptation as i am attending a university and live in a coed dormitory. this is also a problem for me as the bathrooms and showers are coed so i normally shower late or very early. The women/girls i live with (17-mid twenties) are also very "liberal" with their sexual exploits. I am wondering what i should do to avoid temptation and how are us converts supposed to meet nice Islamic girls in the proper way. the city i live in have a study centre but not a proper Masjid and women and men are separated for obvious reasons so i dont really see a way for guys like myself to meet anyone. should i just get used to being by myself or should i give in and get a normal gf as i see most of the muslim guys in my area do. i would prefer to get married but doubt i will be able to meet a muslim woman as most my age that i have met dont even appear to be muslim or are engaged to be married/married.
  10. Make A Wish: What Do You Wish For?

    I found your story very interesting sister... thank you I would wish for the strength to stay on the right path or for my family to convert to Islam so i dont have to feel this guilt and separation.
  11. Bipolar In Islam

    Someone on this forum has to know something about mental health in Islam...
  12. Reverted... A While Ago

    thank you everyone for your kind words.
  13. Do Not Go To Shaykhs

    yeah i know i have just been going through every topic as i need to get posts up somehow as i dont have access to any of the interesting topics
  14. its not really for us to judge how many people we believe will go to hell. all we can do is hope we are among those who are forgiven their trespasses or eventually dragged from the hellfire and allowed into heaven
  15. assalamu alaikum everyone. I dont remember the day or the month i just remember that it was 2006 and i was 16 years old. I had a muslim friend who i always debated religion with even though i wasnt really religious i believed in a god and used to pray at night but i always seemed to feel alone, suffered from severe depression and was generally quite spiteful towards the idea that there was a god that did nothing. Anyway skipping ahead a few years and many debates i realised that Islam seemed to appeal to me, no trying to understand why god needed a son, why he would kill his son for that matter, and just the general flaws i found in christianity and the idea of a holy trinity while debating with my friend against Islam. in 2006 i Reverted once i had weeded out my major problems with it, a few weeks later i told my parents and grandparents most of whom were disgusted. I was going well no drinking etc starting pray reading the koran. then bam i let the pressure of the people around me take over and i went back to normal depressing life, and did what my parents and friends wanted... met a girl, went to uni, blah blah blah. although i kept an active interest in Islam. later i was in a car accident which i felt the effects of for months after, and soon after my relationship with the girl ended and i was back to square 1. i deferred university, moved to the city and started attending Masjids and Islamic bookshops looking for information. When i returned back to university i met with another problem my bipolar disorder which had been troubling me undiagnosed since a young age. eventually i wore myself out emotionally, physically(days without sleep), finacially (people taking advantage and splurges), the mixture of my social awkwardness and general confusion separated me from my friends and family and I drifted between jobs and addresses trying to find a safe place, meanwhile returning to the emptiness of western life, parties drinking etc. eventually I found Islam again this time lasting a bit longer, and managed to get my act together enough to be accepted into medical science at university, then financial issues came up(people owing me money) and i had to refuse my offer and take up work. so i moved to a different city this time, was lucky enough to meet a doctor and finally had myself diagnosed and medicated(at a loss of witt lol) I had met a nice muslim girl who had said she would take me to her Masjid and long story short we ended up engaged. Then unfortunately i discovered that she was dishonest and called off the engagement . its been a while now but i am getting back on my feet and i am back at university and doing well (so far) i cannot remember much and i have alot of trouble learning in school /prayer etc while on these medications. still have trouble sleeping always tired but Allah gives me hope that things can always improve if you have faith. I have come along way from a suicidal teen and along the way there have been many bumps in the road but 6 years later i am still here and its because Allah never gives up on you as long as there is a seed of faith within you. Allah is the most just, most merciful and most forgiving.