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  1. hotdog
  2. ketchup
  3. current
  4. Make Words!

    stick man
  5. 7 Lettered Word

    I have no idea what it is :S More clues pleaaseeee :(
  6. Islam in Malaysia

    What do you guys think of the 'Obedient Wives' society?
  7. The Issue Of Halal Meat

    I have a question. In some places where halal meat is scarce, I tend to resort to buying vegetarian or seafood. I just found out that in one of the regular stalls I always go to, they use the same frying pan and sometimes even use the same oil to fry their foods..which means that the fish I'm having may or may not be fried with the same oil as they did with, say, pork. Does that mean I'm not allowed to eat the fish? Is it considered 'najis'? I also learnt that if your doubting it even the slightest bit, you're not allowed to eat the food? What should I do?
  8. Will your prays be accepted if your heart is not really in it?
  9. How to post

    In the 'Jihad & Misconceptions' section of the forum, I can't reply to any of the posts. Why is this?
  10. Arabic Language Course

    Hi. I have always been interested in learning Arabic but never really got the chance to. In my country, there is no language centre where Arabic is being taught :( From a friend, I've learnt a bit of Egyptian arabic..I like it, I think it's really cool :-) In the future when I get to do my degree in England (Inshallah), I am planning to study Arabic (modern standard). But university is 2 years away..would be nice to learn the language now. Do you know any good website I could learn from? Preferably where I don't have to pay..? By the way, I am not a complete beginner, I know the Arabic characters and can pronounce them well. Thanks in advance! :)
  11. :-)

    Assalamu'alaikum. I've registered on this website because I always seek guidance from people who have the same faith as myself.