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  1. How Pakistani Are You?

    well, i really dont know wat was i posting, jus went on posting watever is in my mind,my only intention was to increase my posts :-), btw y r u so curious sister???
  2. How Pakistani Are You?

    wa'salam , its the secret to increase my posts :-)
  3. Favorite Sports Moment

    pakistan winning the world cup
  4. Arsenal F.c

    thiery henry, arsenels best player
  5. I Like You When You Give Me Cookies

    very true :)
  6. How Pakistani Are You?

    i'm 1% pakistani .... :)
  7. Funny

    very funny, lol :)
  8. How Smart Are You

    LOL , ha ha ha :)
  9. The Worst Jokes

    he he he :)
  10. Joking In Islam

    jazakallahu khair :)
  11. Reverted... A While Ago

    administrator of this forum dot, brother, i need a help from u, i hav posted in the reply section of the "need advice" inside the Islamic forum, can u plz delete my post in that, it wud be very helpful, since i am a new member, i cant contact u directly, so plz