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  1. Facebook

    Jazakum Allah Khayr for your responses. Facebook is being used by most companies now a days as well..and these companies are making a,lot of profit by advertising on Facebook. I guess i have to say that they are,using it for a good purpose. Other than that it is a waste of time.
  2. Greetings

  3. The Dead

    InshaAllah, I will look into those.
  4. Lower Your Gaze.

    MashaAllah. But I don't blame most of the men these days if they do look at a woman because of how most women dress today. Men fall into sin because of women sometimes. A woman can attract a man just by passing by him and looking at him or speaking to him in a seductive way, and by being dressed in tight clothing. During the Rasul's (pbuh) time, women wore black abayas but it's not like that now-a-days.
  5. Facebook

    Assalamu Alaykom Brothers and Sisters, I know you have all heard of Facebook,and many of you have a Facebook account. I,myself,have had a Facebook account for years now. But just recently I started to think..what is Facebook doing for me? Why is it important? And then started to realize that I am addicted to it and instead of sitting and looking at people's pictures and commenting on each other's posts I can pray, or read Quran, or spend more time with my daughters. So.. I am came to a conclusion that I do not need Facebook and coming on gawaher.com really helped me in staying away from it. But everyone around me is asking me why I have deactivated and they are kind of getting me to want to come back to it. I don't want to fall in that trap. What do you all think I should do? Jazakom Allah Khayr
  6. Ghusl,what Is It?

    Please help,what is ghusl? When should it be performed? And how?
  7. Reflections

    I will do that,thank you
  8. The Dead

    I want to meet them both.
  9. The Dead

    Jazakum Allah Khayr for the answers. I am so afraid of death.
  10. Reflections

    I wish I knew more about the Quran,its just so hard to read.
  11. Reflections

    MashaAllah this sounds great.
  12. Is My Family Cursed

    Wow how sad to hear ur story. May Allah be with you. You should move far away from everyone that might bring harm to you or your children. You are not cursed. This is a test from Allah..everything is a test. But to pass it you must go in a different direction than what youre used to.
  13. Is Allah Trying To Show Me The Right Path...?

    Yes,post them here. And I was born Muslim but I have so much to learn about Islam. and I discovered Islam is beautiful and everything in it makes so much sense. I am still confused about many things though and I am here to ask my questions about it.
  14. The Dead

    Do they really come to.us on Thursdays?
  15. How Does It Feel To Be A Muslim?

    Welcome sister.