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  1. I Am So Lost Right Now.

    Assalamualaikum. First off, I'd like to apologize to any brothers and sisters who either recently messages me, or posted on one of my old topics. You see, I've been going through a very traumatic time as of late, and it will be a big part of the main topic I'll be discussing here. On April 28, my grandfather died. For some, this may not seem like a huge loss; but to me, he was everything. He raised me my entire 16 years of life; he was the only father I ever knew, and the kindest, most amazing man I'd ever met. I admired and loved him so much, with all of my heart and soul. As far as I am concerned, he was my father, and I was his daughter; and he felt the same. We had an amazing relationship, and I miss him so very much. I can hardly stand it. I have no idea where my life is supposed to be right now. My grades in school are slipping, my concentration is lacking, I'm constantly arguing with my grandmother (who has also raised me, along with my grandfather), I'm dealing with the emotional stress of having lost someone so near to my heart, our car has broken down, I've lost my permit to drive, we're at ends with our family... I have no idea where to turn. Do I turn to the Bible or the Quran? I have no idea. Do I meditate in Buddhism? I don't know. I don't know the truth. I don't know where to turn. I don't know what to believe. I don't know where life is going right now, and I really would like a Muslim's perspective on all of this. Is there even a possibility that, in Islam, my grandfather made it to heaven? I don't even think I could fathom the idea that he didn't; he was the nicest man I ever met in my entire life. He did do things that were against Islam, but he was a Christian who knew no better... I have no idea what I'm specifically asking here, I just need some advice. Some help. Some way to know the truth, and perhaps a Muslim's perspective on how to deal with all of this. Because on my own, I am so lost. Sorry for the rant. Thank you all for answering, Amber
  2. A Bit Of A Problem With Hijab...

    Hey there! :) I'm so sorry I couldn't answer for a while; I've been really stressing with schoolwork for the past week or so. (It's getting to the end of the year, and they're piling it on us, haha!) I haven't actually been to the Masjid yet; I'm actually going with another girl my age who's interested in Islam; and we plan on going in two weeks (as the Masjid is a bit of a drive and we've only just got our driving licsences). I actually asked the question about the hijab because, although it might seem sort of odd... I've been wearing it around the house, to get used to it. Because when I go to the Masjid, I want to be able to pay attention; not be fiddling with my hijab the whole time, haha. Thankyou for being interested, though! God willing, once I make the trip, I'll tell you about how it goes! :D Thank you sisters! :) Peace be to you!
  3. A Bit Of A Problem With Hijab...

    Sister, thank you very much for the advice! I'd actually watched some of those tutorials (and I'm a huge fan of Amenakin on youtube), but I always just kind of threw the idea of a bonnet to the side. My grandmother had one (for some odd reason), and I just tried wearing it beneath the hijab, and then pinning the hijab down at the top so that it stayed secure. And my problem was solved! I think what was happening was that my scarf was slipping on my hair, so I kept pulling it too tight around the neck, trying to get it to stay. But wearing the bonnet really did the trick! :DD Thank you sister! Insha'Allah I learn very much attending the Masjid. :)
  4. A Bit Of A Problem With Hijab...

    Assalamu alaikum, brothers and sisters. :) I've not taken my shahada, as I'm still studying Islam and finding out how I feel about it, however I have been given the opportunity to attend a nearby Masjid in order to learn more about Islam and its people. It's a very small Masjid, only about thirty people attend it (as I live in a very rural area and there are few Muslims). Insha'Allah when I go to the Masjid, I want to be properly dressed and covered completely; aside from my face and my hands. I already have a hijab, and I've been learning how to wrap it in a fitting way- however, I've come across a problem. I own about 10 scarves; none of them were originally intended to be hijabs, but they are all perfect for this occassion- they're all large enough. However, no matter how many different styles I try, I always feel as though the hijab is choking me about the neck! D: I want to wear it properly, without my neck showing- so I can't loosen it any more than I have, but I still feel uneasy around there. It's not PAINFUL or even dangerous by any means, it's just a bit uncomfortable. Have any other sisters had this problem? And are there any possible ways to "fix" it? I want to be presentable to the attendants of the Masjid when I go, because I think attending a Masjid in any other dress but hijab would be disrespectful. Thanks! :D
  5. Why Would A Man Be Promised 72 Virgins...?

    Alhamdulillah I've come to a much better understanding now! Thank you both very, very much for the information you've provided me. :) It's helped me greatly in coming to further understanding with Islam.
  6. Assalamu Alaikum, brothers and sisters. I am not a Muslimah, however I am studying Islam; there are many factors of Islam which make me wish to become a Muslimah, however I have many doubts which I feel need to be dispelled before I (if I ever) take my Shahada. One of my questions is of a man's reward in paradise. If a man truly loves his wife, and is only to have up to four in his earthly life, why would be be rewarded with 72 virgins in paradise? Surely, this reward seems to be one of the sexual nature; and nothing more. How could this be permitted...? I truly am curious. I'd hate to be married to an Islamic man, only to know that his reward in heaven would be a group of untouched women... I'm just curious as to how a Muslimah views this. I can't imagine it not being bothersome for a wife to think about...
  7. Is Allah Trying To Show Me The Right Path...?

    I will. :) Thank you all very much.
  8. Is Allah Trying To Show Me The Right Path...?

    Thank you all for your wonderful answers. And to Hijabi, I was born a Christian, yes. I left that religion behind when I was twelve, though; and I'm four years older now. I've been searching for a long time for the true religion, and I am still very confused. I want to believe in Allah, but there's always that doubt for me; so I'm reading the Quran, in hopes of finding the truth.
  9. Asalam Alaikum, brothers and sisters! I'm going to try to keep this as short as possible, so please bare with me! I'm a teenage girl, who lives in a very white Christian town in the USA. There is, perhaps, a single Muslim family for miles and miles... So what has drawn me to Islam, I'm just not sure. I've had no personal relationships with Muslims up to this point. I suppose, I've always been a very lost girl. And a very corrupt girl, at some points in my life. However, I've changed so much upon searching for the truth... But I don't know what to believe. My heart tells me to trust in Allah, that he is guiding me and showing me the right path. But my brain tells me that I'm just curious and that the "feeling" I have in my heart is nothing more than blind hope. I've no idea what to believe. I want to be a Muslimah, but at the same time, I'm such a skeptical person... I just don't know what to believe. I wonder if I just imagine that Allah is showing me the right path... But then I wonder, what if I really am supposed to become a Muslimah? I'd be making an awful mistake by not doing so, wouldn't I? Certainly if Allah is trying to guide me. I guess I just have no idea what to make of this. I'm not even sure what I'm asking here, I really don't know. I suppose I want some reassurance, or some advice as to what direction I should take... Insha'Allah with the help of Allah I will find the path that is right... If anyone here has any advice, please do tell me! I feel very alone in this; as I've only two people in my life who would truly accept me as a Muslimah and I've no Muslims near me to ask for advice! Peace be with you, brothers and sisters.
  10. Hello~!

    I will not lie, so I cannot truthfully, 100% say that I believe (yet) that there is not God but Allah. I wish I could, and that is why I'm here. I don't feel like I'm quite ready to take my Shahada yet, because when I do take it, I want to take it knowing that I am being 100% true to myself and to Allah. I want to have no doubts, and insha'Allah that's why I'm here. :) Thankyou for your words of encouragement, Dot. Insha'Allah I am guided to the right path, and all of my doubts are dispelled. :)
  11. Hello~!

    Wow, thank you both very much! ^_^ I got such a warm welcome, haha. :) Thank you very much for the links, Dot! I've been reading the Quran recently, and Alhamdulillah I really love it. :) I'm not sure yet if I should revert or not, I do have a lot of questions that I feel like I need answered before I make the big decision... But thank you so much for the resourced! :) And thank you both for the warm welcome.
  12. Hello~!

    Asalam alaikum (I'm sure I probably spelled that wrong... :P)! I'd rather not give my "real" name on here or anything too personal, but I suppose to describe myself in simplest terms, I'm a teenage American girl trying to find the right path in life. I'm very drawn to Islam (hence the reason I am here), and I hope to learn a lot on the forum! Inshallah I will find the courage to accepted Islam. Well, that's about all I have to say here! :) Peace be with you!