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  1. Please Make Dua For My Father

    salam everyone. Before I begin, I would you all to know that my dad, an extremely honest, charity giving, 'imanful' person and the most friendliest man I have ever met in my life is in a time of great distress! You see, he is a person who has a heart that melts upon the slightest cruelty he sets his eyes upon. But the thing is, its this same heart that led him to the problem we all are currently facing. You see, he is in a great debt (estimating more than Dhs 1 million). And its been almost 3 years since I have actually seen his real enthusiastic smile. To be honest, my dad means a lot to me. As a matter of fact, he comes right after Allah, the prophets (may peace be upon them all) and the angles. You see, my dad has been in detention for 7 months continuously i.e. he has been locked up for 7 straight months. And thanks to Allah (the most merciful) he somehow managed to bail out (all this is due to bounced checks he has given out). Now its been 8 months since he has been released, and day and night after that he has been running restlessly trying his level best to repay back his debt, but without any success! I ask you brothers and sisters to please make dua for my dad. Now while I'm writing this, he is out searching for help! Thanks
  2. Salam

    hello everyone...