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  1. Hello Gawaher.

    Hi and welcome to the forum. Hope you'll find here what you're searching for :)
  2. Assalamu Alykum

    Wa Alaykum Assalam. Welcome to the forum :)
  3. From New Jersey Us

    Wa Alaykum Assalam. Welcome to the forum brother.
  4. | New Member -Muslimah -Born In 1986 |

    Nice to know you and your parents. Ma shaa Allah. Welcome to the forum sis :)
  5. My Story

    Wa Alaykum Assalam Wa Rahmatu Allah sister. Inspiring story. Ma Shaa Allah, you said it all "The only important relationship I learned is the one you have with Allah... He is the only one that can help you when you need Him, the only one you can depend on... And the one you should always give your life to." May Allah bless you sister, help you and guide your steps In Shaa Allah.
  6. Inspiring Islamic Quotes

    "When Allāh is at the forefront of your priorities in life, then you are at the forefront of Allāh's providential care" I read it on twitter sometime ago [at]Hijaabi99
  7. Assalam Alaikum

    Welcome to the forum sister. I will be happy to help with anything :i: :)
  8. I found this caricature on tweeter http://www.albder.com/upbader/islami/islami.htm May Allah bless the one who did this work.
  9. Your Dp

    Assalamu Alaykum. Your DP may be a way for you to gain rewards. I just thought of this while choosing my DP and wanted to share it. A DP is nothing for us. It may be chosen according to many factors, a personal picture might be used sometimes, as it may symbolize nothing related with your personality. This thing yet small in our point of view might be something of a big reward. Imagine when using a DP that contains Allah remembrance....... How many people will be seeing it daily? How many people will you remind to remember Allah? How many persons will set aside their bad intentions to remember that Allah is there?....... Don't miss the chance to get rewarded. A small action of a big reward .......... This is Islam.
  10. The Growth Of Faith

    Instructive post Ma Shaa Allah. Thanks for sharing, may Allah bless you sister.
  11. Just Reverted To Islam.

    Wa Alaykum Assalam. I'm so much happy to have a new brother. May Allah help you and guide your steps.
  12. Etenal Love

    This is one of my favorite poems: Rise me up from evil's darkness Remind me of your love when forgetfulness Make me trust your forgiveness....... Sorry for not being able to paste it all, otherwise it will be considered as a duplicate for the site I shared it in. The link : Eternal love Critics and orientation please :)
  13. Writing About Islam

    Thank you ParadiseLost. There is no particular issue because my writings does not contain any Fatwa. Just trying to explain the purpose of life and how should be our life journey as Muslims. Though this, I am afraid to use the wrong word in the wrong place as writing about Islam is a big responsibility. I shared one in the stories forum, but I am not sure I shared it as it should be. I will surely ask here whenever struggling with a matter, you are such a helping community. Thank you :)
  14. Sharing More About Ourselves

    I just joined the forum. I am yet struggling to add a profile picture. I like the place here and I noticed that there are a lot of interesting topics and ideas that are no more discussed seeing the dates of the last posts there. Being a part of a community pleases me, the kind of help offered here and the way members discuss, I did not see everything, but I liked all what I saw until now. I have a poor English but I try to write from time to other, I already shared about my hobby expressing my worries to write about Islam while being in my 1st learning steps. About cats, I hope I will be allowed to have a cat at home :cat: