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  1. Is Chewing Gum Allowed To Eat!

    Dear brothers and sisters plz don't laugh at title cuz I made typing mistake I couldn't find to edit the post!!!! I know this is silly but still ....am saying!!! ;)
  2. Is Chewing Gum Allowed To Eat!

    I have a small doubt that does chewing gum contains pork cuz some of my friends yes and some said only in some chewing gums!! Am from India so popular chewing gum consumed by teenagers is "boomer"," big bubble" I know names are funny:P so anyone help to confirm about this!!!! Thanks in advance!!:)
  3. Assalamu Alaykum !!! My name is Shaikh Mohammed Ayaz and am from India, Bangalore.I just wanted learn more about the Islam so am here!! am about to turn 17 in August this year!!I have a great interest in Android, windows and Linux (a few distributions only)and I have keen eyes for tech!!! That's it!!I guess I don't have much to say :P !!!!