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  1. After Death..

    Hello my brothers and sisters I was recently thinking about death and what happens after. The one thing I get confused about is will Allah allow any followers of other religions (Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Judaism,Hinduism and so on...) into paradise? Or are muslims the only ones able to rejoice in Jannah? I've always questioned myself on this. Will we all be in together after death?
  2. Just Reverted To Islam.

    Thank you everyone! I'm glad to of had signed up on this Islamic forum.
  3. Assalamu Alaikum I just recently reverted to Islam, after a year and a few months of researching, thinking, and taking time to actually understand the religion in general. I was a Christian, I was not born into Christianity but I did "accept" it while I was living with my father for a while. I felt like I understood and enjoyed being a Christian but at one point, I knew i had to find something else that suited me. I researched Buddhism, Judaism, and even Hinduism. I wasn't pleased with any of them. Then I came across a program that aired on Nat Geo that documented muslims going to Makkah for the first time. It amazed me simply becuase it showed how much muslims in general respected Islam, compared to many other religions I came across (not saying others don't) but Islam just felt right for me. I took some time researching Islam on youtube and numerous other websites and I've learned a lot. The one thing I need to learn most importantly are the prayers, and how they must be done and when. Inshallah I will graciously learn everything within a matter of time. I'm sixteen years old by the way and I'm very glad I came across Islam at this age. I know I still have a lot to learn and I will with time. I already have an English Translated Qu'ran but I believe the original one in Arabic text is definitely the one to read. Although I still haven't learned to read or write in Arabic I hope I do soon.
  4. Hello :)

    Thank you everyone for the kind words. I really am thankful to have become a muslim. I'll post a new thread on how I came across Islam and what made me become a muslim.
  5. Hello :)

    I just recently converted to Islam from Christianity a few days ago. Inshallah i become good friends with everyone on here, and if I need help or need questions answered you will help me. Thank you!