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  1. Hello

    I have to admit, I haven't been around much at all the last while...between my work, my life being all crazy and everything just seeming to weigh upon me, I let things slip for awhile. I hope all my old friends are well and I wish you all the best. :)
  2. Us Government Has Shut Down

    Brother Younes, to those of us here in the US it isn't unexpected. This is what comes from a fringe right-wing pseudo-fascist part of the Republican Party deciding that they want to be respected when they haven't done anything to earn respect. Most of these people are Islamophobic, racist, sexist, hate-filled people who don't truly deserve to hold a seat in the government. But that's what we get. These people are the ones that want to make it illegal for anyone but Christians to be allowed to participate, especially white Christian males. That's my take on it. Of course, I am just a muslimah who does her job and tries to keep food on the table. Nevermind that I worked for several years for some of these stupid Republicans before I had had enough.
  3. 2013-2014 Club Football Season

    Manchester City look halfway adrift (other than their win over Manchester United). Bayern totally destroyed them tonight. Good goals from Ribery, Müller and Robben tonight for Die Bayern.
  4. Curious ...looking

    wa alaykum assalam, I'm not sure on Dearborn itself as I've never been there. Though I have seen how large of a Muslim population they have. Another place to consider, if you want to stay in the Southern area (which you might not) is northern Virginia. From Fredericksburg up to DC, there is a growing Muslim community (and Fredericksburg is not too expensive to live in as far as I recall). Jobs are pretty plentiful in the area from what I know as well. Just what I know personally. I do know some people from outside Dearborn, but they haven't spoken to me since my reversion. I know that Michigan was very hard hit and still coming back from the recession.
  5. Hi Everyone!

    Hello Chris, welcome to the forum and insha'Allah we can help you.
  6. Refuting Allegations Against Slavery In Islam

    To be honest, slavery still exists in Christian countries around the world right now. Just a few months ago, a major sex slave ring run by supposedly Christian people was toppled here in Richmond, Virginia. Sex trafficking takes place in many countries including all developed western countries and nothing is done about it. (Btw, as a historian I will denounce your statement that Europeans were against slavery as early as the 10th Century. The European countries were the ones RUNNING the slave trade up through the 1860s.)
  7. In Need Of Answers

    I also converted from Christian to Islam. Although, I wasn't Catholic like the other two sisters in this discussion. I was raised southern Baptist. But I too struggled with the divinity of Jesus and I prayed on it and became Muslim. One thing that I think really helped me though was the information I got from Muslims while I searched, though they didn't pressure me at all, unlike some other groups I could name. Information is never a bad thing. Learn all you can. Then ask God to guide you.
  8. Bride, 8, Dies Of Injuries On Wedding Night In Yemen

    According to reports I've seen today, this story was proven to be false. Though I don't know what the facts are...
  9. I think there is a slight speed increase, though I think it is hard to tell for me. But much appreciated for the work.
  10. First off, I am going to say this and I know it isn't standard but it is my gut feeling. I have met other transgender Muslims, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. They aren't evil and they don't do this by choice, I truly do believe that. I also believe that Allah does give us tools to correct issues that are scientifically proven. Allah doesn't make mistakes, yet people are born with numerous defects. There is a blog written by a woman who lives not far from me which sums up my feelings pretty well. She isn't a scholar, but her husband and herself are both very intelligent and Islamically sound. They also are very good people who give wonderful advice (her husband I believe tends to give sermons at least once a month at area masjids). I don't know all answers. I do know I had issues as well, which I am not willing to go into in public. But we are all created by God.
  11. A Few Things I Have Against Islam

    The Crusades were brutal, and in fact were genocidal. The Christian crusaders killed not just Muslims but Jews indiscriminately. Also, Christians were the worst examples of anti-Semitism that existed in my knowledge as a historian. We are also forgetting probably the worst atrocities EVER committed by people and I wasn't going to bring them up until you mentioned the scale of attacks. Why? Because these reigns of terror were committed by Atheists. Ever heard of Stalin? Considering where you're from, I would think you have. How many millions did Stalin kill, outside of war? He was an avowed atheist. One can also argue that Hitler was a bit of an atheist, as he turned against Christian principles. What I am saying is...NO group is perfect and NO group can be the sole blame of things. You decry Muslims because according to everyone, 19 men killed almost 3000 civilians. Yes, that is heinous (and I lost friends in the Twin Towers). You criticize Muslims in Palestine for suicide bombings (which I am against as well), but make no mention of the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Jewish extremists throughout the area starting even before israel ever existed. There are always two sides to a story. I mentioned the Irish issue because I actually have family members who took part in it. Until 9/11, no one had really paid all that much attention to extremist Muslims, simply because there weren't that many (and still aren't). Now all of a sudden, all the world's ills are due to Muslims. Imagine that...
  12. A Few Things I Have Against Islam

    Guan Yu, I have to take exception to what you say about no other religion producing violent attacks like Islam. If you go back throughout history, Catholics have actually committed more violence than just about any group. Take for example everything from the Crusades (which were definitely the Catholic church being violent), the Inquisition, and you can bring it forward to the sectarian violence that has engulfed Ireland for decades if not centuries. That's just one point. Also, there are extremists from such peaceful groups as Buddhists and Hindus that go around murdering, raping, etc. At least have the decency to admit when you're wrong about this. Yes, there are some Muslims who have committed heinous acts. But each time that happens, the majority comes out and strongly condemns it. Not that the media wants to tell you that. The media operates in an Us vs. Them world. And they seek to sensationalize. I also know atheists who go around committing violent attacks against theists. So should I say that all atheists then are bloodthirsty killers? That's what you seem to imply when you paint with overly broad brushes.
  13. Sharia Law And Economy

    That is generally more a question for someone who studies economics at least. Though, a lot can be handled by volunteerism and training. Granted, that was a lot easier back in history than it is today.
  14. Please Make Dua For My Cousin Who Just Died

    Wa alaykum assalam, I will make dua for you and for him brother.
  15. A Bless Full Day

    Mashallah!!! I agree with everyone here already and pray Allah will guide her on the straight path.