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  1. Breaking A Fast

    What don't you understand? You've never heard of keeping your body clean and purified? To put a sports perspective on this (apologies to everyone) but the doping issues...medicines contain substances that are banned by many sports organizations. Do you not understand that they view it as something to prevent?
  2. "terrorist"

    As I said Aligarr, one of my friends was amongst the killed at Virginia Tech. I know his family quite well and you don't think they were terrorized and experienced the same pain people who suffer from terrorism do? What about the Norwegian shooter? He's the same thing as the Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora shooters. They are all terrorists. By the definition.
  3. Iran is inviting a war? Or is the US prepared to simply go to war because they feel like it? The NDAA 2013 specifically states that monies are being set aside for an attack on Iran, which both of the main presidential candidates support. I'm not going to say Iran is anywhere close to perfect, but they haven't been very aggressive towards the US. Now, they do support groups and governments that are corrupt and a danger to the civilians living there.
  4. Why Is Islam Homophobic?

    What is an agnostic atheist? Atheists stand for not believing in God, that's the definition of an Atheist. From dictionary.com: a·the·ist    [ey-thee-ist] Show IPA noun a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. As for agnostics, they are doubters, not sure of whether a God exists. So I always wonder how one can be an agnostic atheist since atheism does require a belief in the denial of God.
  5. Wait, so YOU know that there are plenty of other planets that are perfectly situated to sustain life without any form of terraforming whatsoever? Wow, when did you start working for NASA?
  6. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    Ashir, what causes you to subscribe to the theory that we just randomly were formed exactly as we are, on the only planet (that we currently know about ourselves) that is perfectly situated to sustain life, with all the intricacies of the different lifeforms on Earth? Random chance? As for the existence of Muhammed (pbuh), I've yet to see a serious scholar dispute his existence yet, mainly because there is ample historical proof he lived. There's even more tangible proof of Prophet Muhammed's (pbuh) existence than Jesus (pbuh) (though there is also a large body of evidence to prove he existed and lived). So are you saying that you believe his existence is all a lie? As was mentioned before, we believe in Allah, it's called faith. And how does it matter to you if we believe and you don't? If you are wrong, you'll have to stand before Allah and account for yourself, if you are right then does it really matter? I myself have always believed in Allah. Because as I stated above, I don't believe it is random chance for our existence.
  7. Ramadan Problem! Need Help!

    In my opinion, regardless of the weather and humidity and everything else, fasting can still be undertaken. Yes, it is not easy, but I don't think many things Allah calls on us to do are always easy, but the rewards far outweigh the struggle. I am also going through my first Ramadan as well as being in Virginia where I think today was the first day under 90 degrees in several weeks just about. To me, I view it as something to work on, and I generally have not been struggling much at all. I pray that Allah helps you find the strength to overcome this test, trust in him.
  8. "terrorist"

    From Miriam-Webster: Terrorist: 1. The use of terror as a form of coercion, or as a means to an end. Terror: 1. A state of intense fear. 2. One that inspires fear (a person that causes extreme anxiety). 3. A reign of terror. Now then, based off those...specifically with Columbine and the Virginia Tech shootings...regardless of mental states...how is it NOT terrorism? It doesn't need to be a political group doing it, as I've just pointed out. Acts of terror are far more prevalent than just acts committed by a group. Do you recall the 'manifesto' that the Virginia Tech shooter sent to the news media? Despite any mental issues, he MEANT for it to be an act of terror, which is why they originally called him a terrorist. Also remember that they originally identified him as Chinese as well, so the media makes what they consider to be mistakes regularly. But do I consider him a terrorist? Yes. Do I consider the Columbine shooters terrorists? Yes. Do I consider the Aurora shooter a terrorist? Yes.
  9. "terrorist"

    I live in Virginia. I know for a fact that the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Roanoke Times both labelled the Virginia Tech shooter a terrorist. Where do you live that you can deny that?
  10. "terrorist"

    Actually, the press went out of their way to not brand McVeigh as a terrorist, though the government certainly did. Actually the Virginia Tech shooter WAS labelled a terrorist by all people for quite some time, and was originally reported to be Muslim because he was a terrorist. (I lost a friend of mine in that massacre, and I have many other friends that were at Virginia Tech.) The government is trying to impose a charge of terrorism against the Aurora shooter, something they would have done against both the VT shooter and against the Columbine shooters if they got their way. However, those shooters all ended up killing themselves, so the point was moot. What about the israeli terrorists that took part in numerous actions within the holy land, they aren't classified as terrorists nor have they been generally speaking. They are simply "israeli Nationalists". Now, resistance fighters are branded as terrorists, to those they are fighting at least. Heck, numerous writings of Charles, Lord Cornwallis from the American Revolution brand the Patriot soldiers as little better than terrorists. However, most times they aren't considered actual terrorists. Were the Mossad agents who attacked the USS Liberty terrorists?
  11. Alhamdulillah! I am happy you have found your way to truth sister and insha'Allah I'd be happy to talk to you when possible. As for my story, you can read mine and others stories here. I hope you have a wonderful day. :)
  12. Make Words!

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  13. The 3 Word Story

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  15. Newbie

    Wa alaykum assalam. Welcome to the forums and looking forward to getting to know you. :)
  16. Recent Convert :)

    Assalam alaykum, As a fellow recent revert who came from a Christian background, I'm happy you have found the truth of Islam. Insha'Allah you will be able to continue to grow and learn each and every day and also that we can offer help and guidance. I look forward to getting to know you as a fellow sister and may Allah grant you guidance on this path. :)
  17. Are You Fasting This Ramadan 2012?

    Other than being sick with a stomach virus the past two days, it has gone well so far. Insha'Allah it continues and I can keep moving forward.
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  20. The 3 Word Story

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  22. The 3 Word Story

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  25. The 3 Word Story

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