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  1. Uefa Champions League 2011-2012 Poll

    You know what...you're right...I'm out of it. :P But I still think they can beat Italy, they have before and Croatia possibly. They won't beat Spain. I mean the three favorites of everyone is Spain, Germany and Netherlands, right?
  2. Uefa Champions League 2011-2012 Poll

    Actually, I think that Ireland does have a chance, albeit slim. Here's why. When Ireland and France have met the last couple times, Ireland has outplayed and controlled those games from a tempo standpoint. No one who saw the World Cup qualifier between the two can forget the way that France ended up winning. I still shake my head at that to this day and am ashamed that the referees did such a poor job there. Czech Republic is dependent on which team shows up really. There are times the Czechs are brilliant and times they absolutely flop. So no idea there. Denmark is the hard one to call. Denmark are a good side and have been confident. But if Robbie Keane for instance is on form, he can cause the Danish defense problems. We'll just have to see there, but that's not a Champions League discussion. *giggles*
  3. Uefa Champions League 2011-2012 Poll

    If Ireland goes to shootouts in the Euros...I probably won't be able to watch. You see, I am half-Irish...and with everything they have gone through...I am really hoping for them to have a good tournament. And the lottery of a penalty shootout is hard. As I said, when Schweinsteiger missed, you could almost sense exactly what was about to happen. Drogba has carried the load for Chelsea this year in many ways.
  4. Would You Marry Someone Who Couldnt Have Children?

    I understand that honestly. I just would say that choosing not to have children is a lot different of a situation than wanting children and being unable to. I hate the thought of being made to feel less because of something that I can't fix. Believe me, I've struggled with God about this enough in the last several years.
  5. Uefa Champions League 2011-2012 Poll

    In a way, I am unsure who I wanted to win. I respect both clubs. My brother will be absolutely gutted as he is a Tottenham fan, which now has to play in the Europa League next year thanks to Chelsea. But I have to say if anyone deserved to win a Champions League title based off of overall performance over the years, Drogba is one. As an athlete, he's first-class. Still would have been nice to see Munich win in Munich. But oh well. :)
  6. Uefa Champions League 2011-2012 Poll

    Well, all I can say is Schweinsteiger has nothing to be ashamed of throughout the season, hard luck for him. But as soon as Drogba stepped up, you could tell that it was going to be be Chelsea winning. He doesn't miss on those occasions. All in all, a decent game, Bayern controlled things for the first 80+ minutes and then that substitution of Mueller did them in. It allowed Chelsea to come back into the game and Drogba took the game. And I hope RA doesn't get rid of Roberto Di Matteo. He's a good manager and he shows he can manage things. :D
  7. Would You Marry Someone Who Couldnt Have Children?

    See, this is something that would bother me as someone who is looking at Islam. Because of mistakes doctors have made with me, I have been told by at least one that while I technically could get pregnant, he recommended against it for my safety. So I worry about that kind of thing. Do you know how painful it is to be told that the dream you had since you were a little girl might not be possible? And then you would punch a woman while she is down by refusing to marry her? That is crushing and speaking from experience I can tell you that it causes a deep depression. I can't tell you how to live your life, any more than I could tell anyone. But I will say that just because a woman can't bear children doesn't mean that she can't be a mother if given the chance. And I would say the same thing for a man being a father. A father is a person who is there for his family. Coming from a Christian background and life, I've seen plenty of single parents because the other has walked out. And that to me is wrong. My opinion though I guess.
  8. Trying To Find My Place

    Greetings. I'll start this out by saying I am still very early in the learning stages of Islam (not counting a course on Comparative Religion which was run by a hostile Christian church). That being said, I will try to explain as briefly as possible and I beg your forgiveness if I make any mistakes or anything else. A little about me, I am a young woman, around 30 years of age now who became a Christian at the age of 18. I wasn't raised in any church growing up, as my father was violently anti-religious and my mother was Baptist. That being said, I knew of God from an early age, just didn't know about him as it were. So when my family started going to church again when I was 18, I found something that I thought was exactly what I needed. And in many ways, it was. I was baptized into a Southern Baptist church, I was active in ministries and I was eager to keep going. Even then, I think I knew I was missing something. I also saw things that I couldn't reconcile with the belief I have in God. Basically, some things have caused me to call into question my faith. I've always tended to be someone who liked learning about different cultures, faiths, and so on. This has caused me issues within my church as they are generally more intolerant of other groups. I had the pleasure several years ago of actually working alongside a Muslim woman at my job and I was struck by her quiet dignity, even in the face of some pretty nasty hatred (this was just after September 11th). I think that is when I started to really call into question what I had been told about Muslims and Islam for the first time. I also had a friend that wrote a story that showed what I feel Islam truly preaches (especially backed up by things I've read and seen over the last few days as I started to explore). A situation at my church recently and my very good friendship with a young Muslim woman from Germany has caused me to believe that God is calling me to a new path most likely. However, I want to learn, soak up knowledge like a sponge and figure out if God is calling me to change. I admit I have lived under the assumptions that portray Islam in a bad light, though I am more than willing to learn the truth and change those thoughts. I can't explain why, but I have been feeling a definite pull towards trying to get this information. I've had so many questions for my friend that I've probably driven her to distraction sometimes, which I appreciate all the help she has given me. She helped me find access to an English translation of the Koran (or Qu'ran?) today, so I have just now started to read that. But I need more help too. With the environment I have been around, I also am nervous about this kind of thing. I am shy and tend to struggle to make friends, so I don't really know where best to turn to locally where I could feel comfortable asking. Hence why I am thankful a friend gave me the link to these forums. Again, I sincerely apologize for how long this post is. I am thankful for any guidance and help I can get to help me hopefully discover my place.
  9. Trying To Find My Place

    Actually, I found that video quite interesting. Actually, as I said before, I threw myself full-force into Christianity when I became one, trying to make up for lost time I guess. And that probably allowed me to look past what I wasn't feeling as far as my spiritual journey was. The more I looked at things, the more concerns I had, but I didn't voice them. I also really didn't focus too much on the Bible because my church at that time only chose to focus on areas of it that agreed with their position. That is something I had been trying to correct, and with learning about Islam, I don't want to make the same mistake. As it is, I've already started losing some friends, simply because I am learning about something that they agree with. Growing up in the US and dealing with media bias, I know for a fact that Islam is generally only given over to being talked about with terrorist acts and so forth generally. It is easy for the media to portray violence and show that Muslims were involved and that was all they had to say on the subject. I am sorry to admit that I never paid more attention to it than that myself before. That is something I ask forgiveness for quite regularly, because I don't think I am a very judgmental person, but I know I need to improve as far as that goes sometimes. But friends I have, friends I've trusted and went through horrible times together, have a way of saying they are not judgmental and then turn right around and judge. Obviously, one of the hardest things for me as a female has been the impression I got of Islam that females were lower-class and downtrodden. From talking to my few Muslim friends, I know that is not the case now, but sadly my fellow Christians and other non-Muslim friends for the most part still hold to that view. I was told by one of them yesterday that any woman who supports or even tries to learn about Islam is too stupid for their own good, which I admitted to a friend that I found quite offensive on several levels. I have never been afraid of knowledge. At breakfast with my family yesterday, I refused to eat pork anything (something that I had been trying to do a little bit before, but I redoubled my efforts since learning and studying). My father decided to use that to basically say that "more and more you are becoming like those people over there I work with" (he works in Saudi Arabia for the Royal Commission). I avoided the question, but I figure that at some point I won't be able to and then I don't know what will happen. I know that satan is trying to pull me away from God, but I am hoping to be strong enough to stay on the proper path that God lays out for me. Of course, any advice I can receive on any of these kinds of issues, I'd appreciate so much. I do know this though: Each day that I study more, learn more, feel more...I feel more right on my path. Thank you all again.
  10. Uefa Champions League 2011-2012 Poll

    As a referee (yes, I am actually a USSF Grade 5 Referee who was on the National list this year), I am hoping so too. The last thing that needs to happen is to have the officials at the heart of a controversy. I'm dreading any goal line calls tomorrow. Simply because that will fuel more fire about things, and if one of the teams loses due to a mistake by an official...I can tell you that is an absolutely horrible feeling to deal with. Chelsea might be able to grind it out a bit, but I don't see them being able to even counter as well as they did against Barca, without Ramires, Terry and Ivanovic out. Those last two will REALLY hurt Chelsea considering that Mario Gomez is a major threat in the box. As I said, it's gonna be a hard fought game no doubt. And both teams will give it their all. But I think Bayern will pull it out simply because they have too much attacking quality while Chelsea is going to be light at the back.
  11. Uefa Champions League 2011-2012 Poll

    Well, since you asked...I decided that I might add my predictions as it were. I am happy that Chelsea and Bayern both made the finals. Bayern because they are hosting the final, which is an incredible achievement. For Chelsea, I am pleased because they have struggled throughout the season, but Roberto Di Matteo has done a fantastic job in righting the ship. While I am kinda hoping for a Chelsea victory, so that maybe Roman A. will decide to keep Di Matteo, I think it is more likely that Bayern will win. I just see the home pitch advantage as too much for Chelsea in that charged of an atmosphere. I also don't see the Chelsea defense being able to cope with Bayern's attackers. Barca made one mistake against Chelsea...they tried to go through Messi every time. Bayern won't. And with Robben and Ribery...I don't see Chelsea coping. Bayern 2-1 Chelsea
  12. Hello And Greetings

    Um, hi. I'm never sure exactly how well to do these introduction things so please accept my apologies up front. I am looking to learn more about Islam, mainly for my own education and such. I am a Christian, though I admit I have struggles with parts of it, not God though. All in all, I just hope to learn and see where God is guiding me. *waves*
  13. Hello And Greetings

    Thank you. I am fortunate to have a friend that has been helping me and discussing Islam with me. All I ask is more help. I can't explain why exactly, but I feel God pulling me a different direction than I've been in. And it is not easy to follow, but if I truly believe in God, I have to try and be obedient. There's more that I could say honestly, but I don't want to get in trouble if I did so.