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  1. Random Incoherence

    I struggle, but I keep going. Right now, it is just something I take each day at a time, while I figure out what my future will be. Whether I move to Germany or Tennessee (for my job) or even another opportunity to head to Orlando for several months...it just all depends. And it gives me a lot to write about honestly. Seriously, I use everything I experience in my writing, so in a way...it isn't as bad as it feels some times. (And Virginia has a large Muslim population...Illinois, Virginia and Florida are the top three states for number of Muslims per capita according to the US Census.)
  2. Salam Cafe - Working With A Muslim

    Ok, that was just funny! Especially the touching part I think. *facepalm*
  3. Random Incoherence

    They are the Tea Party people here. The radical fringe rightwing folks. But the thing is, I was an original member of the Tea Party movement, when it was founded as an offshoot of Ron Paul's group. Then it was for fiscal matters and not anything else. Lately, it has become tied to racist, Islamophobic, hate-filled people who want to turn the US into only a Christian nation. Despite the fact that there are more than 50 different denominations of Christianity that believe many different things. Myself, I just want to be able to live my life as best I can.
  4. Random Incoherence

    Most believe that only dead Muslims are good ones. I swear, I live in redneck central where that is the prevailing attitude.
  5. Random Incoherence

    Oh I know. It just makes me want to shake them. Of course, with hijab (at least here) it is always seen as oppression of females and shouted about. What makes it sad is that I know within my own circle of friends that most of the people saying that Islam oppresses women, the men beat and torment their wives, girlfriends, etc.
  6. Random Incoherence

    I always shake my head at people clamoring for freedom and rights, who then turn around and deny freedom and rights to others because they are different.
  7. nearsighted
  8. Random Incoherence

    I've argued that for some time, especially since I started to wear one. And it infuriates me when I get accused of destroying women's rights because I wear hijab. And that I should have my right to decide how to dress taken away from me, while the people who advocate for that would never allow their rights to be taken away.
  9. student
  10. directing
  11. Random Incoherence

    Well, to be fair, I was a bit younger and always on the go then. It's also very hard to fall asleep on a working film set. :)
  12. movie
  13. champion
  14. challenged
  15. Random Incoherence

    I know what real football is brother. :P And I do too asiya...just wish I had gotten some when they were available. I love girl scout cookies too!
  16. Random Incoherence

    Sometimes I can get by with less than 3 hours of sleep (I did it regularly when on the sets of films) and sometimes I need at least 8 hours. It also depends on how well I am eating and exercising as well.
  17. speechless
  18. incoherent
  19. Niko. A Christian. I Think.

    Welcome to IF. I agree with brother dot in that you are obviously a Muslim already in your mind. Not to get hung up on it, but I believe that you mean Christ and all of us as sons and daughters of Allah because we are his creations. Technically, you could say that. But remember this: none of us is the actual offspring of God. He created us, he guides us, we live for him. But we are his servants and worshipers. But I do understand what you are saying, considering that I came from a Protestant background before my reversion. And all humanity is brothers and sisters of each other in that we are all human and all created by God. If that makes sense.
  20. Introduction

    Welcome to the forum, hopefully you will find what you are looking for.
  21. rabbit
  22. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    Everton was actually the game I was most concerned about from a Tottenham perspective. They raise their level against top teams and frankly, I want to see them finish 4th with Tottenham 3rd. And Everton has to play Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool still. So if they can win those, and Spurs can win their matches, it will happen.