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  1. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    Actually, I think we can still do okay. I think Everton can beat Arsenal when they play...and I see Arsenal losing to Manchester United as well.
  2. Islam And Mormonism

    My grandmother always used to be willing to debate with Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and other door to door missionaries. But she never wavered in her beliefs and I learned greatly from her. Even though she wasn't Muslim, she was probably one of the best people I ever knew and I know that she would've accepted me when I reverted because that's how she was. That being said, I deal with a few Mormons at work and they tend to be loud about their beliefs. Frankly it is a bit annoying.
  3. Atheist Hate Preacher Sam Harris

    No Muslims in America are demanding anything except to be able to live their lives in peace StopS. Yet, people like Sam Harris and others of his ilk (Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, et al) try to deny us the right to even be able to do that. These are the people who advocate attacking Muslims and some of their followers are the ones responsible for firebombings of Masjids as well as the killing of several Sikhs in a temple because they were confused with Muslims by people. Yet you are accepting that when you respond as you do. Muslims in the southern US are threatened every day, I speak from personal experience. So don't tell me what I face when I know far better than you StopS.
  4. Islam And Mormonism

    Joseph Smith was a noted con artist. Numerous times he had to run away from authorities for his illegal actions and his trying to take advantage of people. Now, I haven't read that article yet, but frankly, I don't view Mormonism as anything more than a cult that itself doesn't know what direction to go. The only good thing about Mormons I know personally is that they do take care of their own, probably better than any other "Christian" church.
  5. What To Do About Muslims In America?

    It almost feels like they came to my neighborhood when they did this. Certainly matches with how most the people around here feel about me, even though I know it is not as bad as that in many places. For instance:
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  8. Random Incoherence

    Caffeine is nice, though I try to avoid it sometimes...though I've had to be up until about 2am the last several nights thanks to Skype conferences with other writers...
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  11. Atheist Hate Preacher Sam Harris

    I have a pretty good friend who is an atheist. Actually, he is one of the few non-Muslims on another site who steps in to support Muslims against fundamentalist words and beliefs, despite being an atheist. He actually had linked this to me yesterday as he thought I would appreciate it, especially coming from a reporter that doesn't tend to get too into defending Islam himself. My friend also wanted to point out, unnecessarily really, that he certainly didn't believe in anything Harris or Hitchens write. It is just disturbing to find people like Harris particularly because they are celebrated as intellectuals and seen as clear-headed and better than others because of their intelligence. So the media fawns all over them. And they are able to use their hate to try and destroy people. Thank you for posting this article, it is important to remember that we are fighting a major battle for just the ability to live our lives.
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  15. Jesus

    First of all, I will preface this by saying that I was raised in the Southern Baptist church, getting baptized at age 18 and working within the ministry there until being kicked out for violating standards (meaning I'm a girl). I studied the Bible quite a bit and as a student of history (who attended a Jesuit university-Georgetown-studying history) I had questions about things that didn't make sense to me. I asked my baptist pastor, an Assemblies of God pastor that I remain friends with, a Presbyterian minister who is a member of my extended family, and one of my former professors of Biblical history at Georgetown (obviously a Catholic) questions about these. I also was starting to seriously look at Islam and so started to ask questions there too. Jesus (pbuh) according to all reports (admitted by all the Christian leaders I referenced) never actually declared his divinity as the Bible makes it out to be. In fact, there is belief according to Bob Jones University scholars that key parts of the gospels were changed from the time of their original writings, in order to support the claim of divinity. According to the Bible, Jesus (pbuh) was baptized by John the Baptist. Nowhere does it say anywhere about the trinity. The trinity concept wasn't accepted by Peter (who had been closest to Jesus (pbuh)) or any of the other major disciples. Paul was the first person to claim divinity of Jesus and therefore the trinitarian concept after his supposed meeting with Jesus on the Damascus Road, a meeting that no one else ever witnessed. The reason that the Pharisees wanted Jesus (pbuh) dealt with is that he was castigating them for turning away from worshiping God. He had called them out publicly and caused them embarrassment. They had become idolatrous (similar to how the United States is with many things today...but we'll leave that). If you look in the Bible, every time Jesus (pbuh) prayed...he ALWAYS prayed to the One True God and he always prostrated himself. He mentioned that God's will be done. And he admitted in the Garden of Gethsemane that he had done as God ordered him to do, he had brought God's message to the people. Notice that he didn't bring his message, but he brought God's message. That is all straight from the Bible. Now, why would Allah need a son? The Greek and Roman gods had children. In order to reach the gentiles, it was determined that they had to make Allah seem like what they knew (namely those Greek and Roman gods). Allah doesn't need a son to send to die and claim to be Allah himself. Allah sent prophets and messengers to bring his message to the people. So these were reasons that I couldn't continue to stay silent. When I was asking questions, I was told by all (except the AG pastor) that it wasn't proper for me to ask questions on such topics. The learned ones were supposed to tell me what to think and that is what I was supposed to do. Now, I didn't take too kindly to that and as I kept pressuring, it became obvious that they couldn't answer the questions, which is why they tried to shame me into stopping. Now, we Muslims do hold Jesus (pbuh) to a very high level. He is mentioned 25 times by name in the Qur'an, which is more than even Muhammad (pbuh) is mentioned specifically by name. We believe he is the messiah. And we believe he was a prophet sent, like so many before him, by Allah to bring the people back to proper worship. Please also consider this point: the mother of Jesus, Mary (or Maryam) has an entire chapter in the Qur'an named after her. And she is named in the Qur'an specifically as well.
  16. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    I honestly think that it is going to be an all Spanish/German semifinals. Dortmund has the second leg at home, where they are very dangerous. Barca is at home for the second leg as well I believe, which should give them enough impetus to go through. And Real and Munich look to be in solid control so far.
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  18. Hello.

    Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you will be able to get the answers that you seek and gain a greater understanding.
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  21. 1 In 4 Americans Think Obama May Be The Antichrist - Survey

    Yes. Just like I refer to them as Amurrikens or 'murriken.
  22. 1 In 4 Americans Think Obama May Be The Antichrist - Survey

    Oh no...this isn't an April Fools joke. I wish it was...but too many people believe it. The only thing they believe more than Obama being the antichrist is him being a "dirty, disgusting Moozlum" in their words.