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  1. 1 In 4 Americans Think Obama May Be The Antichrist - Survey

    Where I live, there's actually far more than 1 in 4 who believe Obama is the antichrist. In fact, my entire family except my sister and myself believe he is. As well as denying global warming exists and believing that the UN is trying to take over the world. Most of the rednecks here believe all those things.
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  3. Christianity & Islam

    JP, thank you for proving that you stoop to the lowest common denominator like many of the Christians that I personally know, rather than showing even a modicum of respect with your comments. First, you seem like you've bought into Pamela Geller's and Robert Spencer's hate campaign against Islam with your little swipe at the "Ground Zero" mosque. That claim has been debunked by so many different groups that I'm not going to even go into it. Safe to say, when support for the Cordoba Center came in from Christians, Jews and other religious groups, the haters tried to politicize 9/11 and blame all Muslims for it. You are stooping to their level with your comments. Second, I am a revert from Christianity. I have friends who are Catholic, Protestant, Pagan, Jewish, Hindu and so forth. And yet you attack me in hatred instead of anything else. You know, I am hopeful that with the new pope, things will get better between our faiths. But it is people that respond like you that make that seem almost impossible. You believe Christianity, specifically Catholicism is perfect. I disagree strongly with that, but I don't denigrate people for their beliefs either. That's the difference between us I think.
  4. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    Munich are impressive. Hopefully they will manage to hold onto their lead in Italy. As for PSG, I hope they do well this year, because starting next year, they're going to start losing players since the French government has decided to enact one of the heaviest taxes ever on football clubs for their players.
  5. Pope Washes Feet Of Young Muslim Woman

    First of all, I might be somewhat in the minority, but as I said before...I welcome the new pope's dedication to change. It has been apparent that the Catholic Church has been in need of fresh direction for a bit of time, as many of the people around the previous pope were compromised. I truly hope that Pope Francis lives up to his name, as it is very necessary these days. Now, past that...I've heard from and seen many Catholics who are deeply offended by the new pope's actions. It seems that (at least the ones here) don't see any problems with the church and deny that any scandals ever took place. There is wrongdoing all over the place. While I don't believe in having a pope and I'm not Catholic, I am not going to denigrate him...I just wish someone would return the favor from the Catholic end here...
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  7. Christianity & Islam

    I don't know what to say other than if you can switch your beliefs back and forth, not once but twice, in such a short time, you don't seem to really believe at all. That is just my opinion on this, and I apologize if it seems like I am making an attack on anyone. I know that when I started to look into Islam, it wasn't necessarily quick and I backed it up with continuing to seek answers from Christianity. Answers that never came.
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  15. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    *nods* Though I think Defoe has done well, for what he is. He's certainly a lot more popular than Adebayor. Though I would say that if they want to move Bale more up top, one option would be someone like Schürlle.
  16. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    Especially considering his wages. Frankly, I think there are much better young strikers available to make up for Adebayor. But here's hoping. Though I do have to say AVB has done well this year reclaiming his 'mojo' from when he was dismissed by Chelsea.
  17. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    Haven't seen the best of him because he's been having some niggling injuries and he got gassed in the Mexico-US game...though he looked really good against Costa Rica. Yeah...I have to admit that I always manage to get rid of Adebayor when I play FM. :)
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  19. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    I played soccer from the time I was 2 years old. I refereed up to Grade 4 (National) until 2 years ago. I worked for the Richmond Kickers, FC Dallas and DC United at various times. And I count many friends who play professionally. So yeah...I tend to get into it. I even used to play pickup games with people like Clint Dempsey.
  20. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    To be honest, I would love to see Tottenham with 3rd and Everton in 4th. I like David Moyes and what he has done at Everton, and frankly I am tired of whinger Wenger. And if Chelsea misses out on Champions League, then that will almost guarantee that Abrahamovic will try to bring back Mourinho.
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