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  1. Club Football (Soccer) 2012-2013 Season

    No, I don't think Rafa is out right now. Sunderland lost to Manchester United and O'Neill is gone according to all reports. The battle for European places in England though is gonna be intense. Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton all fighting for it.
  2. Pope Washes Feet Of Young Muslim Woman

    I have heard that at times before too. I was never Catholic, but I do know a few who went into the priesthood and they are supposed to take a vow of service (can't remember the names of all their vows) and before he became pope, this one was known for his austere living and helping of less fortunate. While I disagree with his beliefs of key parts of the church such as believing that Jesus (pbuh) was God's son and so forth, I will wait to see how things go. One thing I will say is that he is a much better pope so far than his predecessor, who seemed to disrespect Muslims at every opportunity.
  3. Hello From New Sister

    A very good lesson. I will pray as well that Allah will guide both your husband and your son to the truth of Islam. As long as their hearts are open, there is hope. Feel free to look around, there is quite a bit of knowledge here. I am happy that you are a sister in Islam. :) And Allah is most merciful and forgiving.
  4. Hello From New Sister

    Wa alaykum assalam sister, It is great to hear that you are a new revert. This is a great place to learn about Islam and don't worry. Several of us (including myself) are reverts as well. I also deal with my family being non-Muslim so I understand some of those hardships. What area are you from? Also, when you are up to it, you might tell us a little bit about how you came to Islam, if you want to? I'll pray that Allah will continue to guide you.
  5. Pope Washes Feet Of Young Muslim Woman

    Yes brother dot, I knew that. I just wonder how she was picked out. I mean, reports I read were that there were 47 young prisoners there and she was the only Muslim. It made shockwaves with one of my Catholic friends that the pope even washed the feet of women at all, since only men are "supposed" to have their feet washed.
  6. Pope Washes Feet Of Young Muslim Woman

    The action is supposedly to show that even though he is pope, he serves others. To be honest, with most religious leaders, it is just a sham anyways. However, this pope seems interesting, based off the name he took and some of his actions. After all, Francis of Assisi was a Christian who supported living in peace with Muslims during the times of the Crusades. Having grown up in a Christian church before my reversion, I watched many ordination ceremonies where the leader(s) of the church would wash the feet of those they were ordaining to join the leadership of the church. Supposedly because it was something Jesus (pbuh) did for the disciples according to the Bible. I don't know how they picked out a Muslima girl for this, but I can't decide whether this is the pope trying to show he is open to making peaceful dialogue with Muslims or something else.
  7. market
  8. Wa alaykum assalam, I am also a revert who was Christian before. In fact, I was a ministry team leader in a Southern Baptist church before coming to the truth last year. I pray that Allah continues to help guide you brother.
  9. Islam in America

    I'm assuming that you're pretty close to the Virginia/Tennessee/Kentucky border then? I don't know for sure about eastern Kentucky, but there are places in the tri-cities area that have a couple masjids and such.
  10. Fifa World Cup 2014

    The 0-0 score is a victory for the US honestly. That is only the second point they've gotten at Azteca in qualifying and it was a good performance. Especially by two center backs who had a combined total of 5 caps coming into the game.
  11. Fifa World Cup 2014

    Oh yes. Both countries love to hate each other. It is also helped by the fact that they've been the top two teams in Concacaf for decades. It will be a very...hot...game if you get my meaning.
  12. Islam in America

    What part of Kentucky? I used to live there and have friends there, including some who are Muslim.
  13. Fifa World Cup 2014

    That should be a good match. I am hoping that the USA does well against Mexico at Azteca today. They won against Costa Rica the other day in really rotten conditions, so maybe they can do well.
  14. Why I Reverted

    Just got to see this and I can only say Masha'Allah. Your story resonates because of some similarities on my life that I have. And you can clearly see the guidance of Allah in leading you to Islam. I pray that your husband is guided as well, as he is searching, all I can say is let Allah lead him. I know because I was in the Christian ministry before coming to Islam, and I couldn't be more fulfilled now.
  15. New Muslim

    Assalam alaykum Heather, it is a wonderful experience when you become a Muslim. I know since I found that out last year as well. You will learn much here and can always ask questions. After all, we are brothers and sisters. :)
  16. science
  17. Forgive me, but I am going to respectfully say that I don't believe a woman should have to wear niqab in order to give a lecture. That is my own feelings on this, along with those of the Imam of my local masjid and others I deal with regularly. If a woman chooses to wear niqab and gives a lecture, that is one thing, but she shouldn't be forced to wear a niqab in order to do so.
  18. Introducing Islam To My Children

    I wish I could give you advice for your one son. Sadly, I don't really have any, though he sounds similar to my family in how he is acting. But Mashallah about your daughter! That is wonderful news itself. I'll be praying that things will continue to work out for you and your family, and especially your one son.
  19. Reality Check On Poverty

    I did not say all aid agencies are like this. However, this is a reality in the world, even in the United States for example, which is supposed to be one of the most developed and richest countries. In fact, I purposely didn't mention specific aid agencies, instead referring mostly to those groups like my former church who are hypocritical in their beliefs and actions. Here in the US, as I assume other places, we have ads regularly from Christian aid groups that show pictures like this, and yet when you research those groups, you discover that their CEOs and board of directors all receive large salaries with the donations they receive. Doctors without Borders is a generally good agency. I frankly don't care where an agency is from, only about the work they do. With all respect, that is where my post comes from on this.
  20. Reality Check On Poverty

    You know what? I saw this picture and I immediately thought of two things. One, this is the general way the world is. They say they are so concerned with poverty, but they rarely do anything about it, except empty platitudes. The second is actually from personal experience. It reminded me of my former church before I reverted. They would talk about how horrible poverty was and everything, and they'd even send mission trips to poverty-stricken areas. But their attitude was that if a person wasn't a Christian, they could be just like the starving person against the building in the cartoon. They wouldn't care. Yet because they went and "did something", they were better than others. But I know from one such mission trip I had been on, that they used the lure of food and help to try and convince (or force) people to accept Christ and become Christian. Now, I'm not speaking for all churches, some of whom work with inter-faith councils and do good work, but that was the way my old church operated.
  21. Greetings

    Wa alaykum assalam, I am thankful that Allah is granting you the wisdom to learn about Islam. Insha'Allah, we will be able to help out as much as possible.