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  1. Islam Is The Religion Of Adam And Noah

    you know that the gospel of Jesus pbuh is not preserved and there are many different gospels in the past and now!One question for you : you say Jesus said "I AM" do you think you are more clever than Mathew and Luke and mark who all miss to mention this interesting "I AM" ? In Islam Jesus pbuh is not the word itself but what resulted from that word though he is called the word of god, in Islam you and me are the words of god all creation is through the word of god but it became a title of honor to Jesus pbuh because of his high status to god and because he was created in a unique way without male intervention !
  2. Does The Quran Misunderstand The Trinity?

    It is your own assumption that the Quran understand the trinity this way, you say since the Quran say in one verse three and one of them is Allah and in the other verse mention that Mary is taken by Christians as god then you conclude that the Quran is understanding that Mary is part of christian trinity this is only your assumption the Quran does not say that The Quran consider false god anyone who is taken as rival to god in anything that is the right of god like worship legislation divine names etc and this case Mary is worshiped by Christians so she is taken as god! The interesting thing about this apolegetic argument for the trinity that the Quran misunderstand the trinity or the sonship of Jesus and so on this shows that Christians can't defend their doctrines directly by using reason and scripture Biblical Christians don't believe in the trinity and I know that there are many Christians who grow up as trinitarians but abandoned such believe later in their life not because they did not wish to believe in the trinity but because they could not cope with this irrational unbiblical believe fabricated by the later church! Finally, first commandment in both the bible and the Quran says clearly that god can't be like his creation(or any likeness of anything in this entire universe in the bible, there is none like unto him in the Quran) so how did god change his mind and became a man?
  3. Does The Quran Misunderstand The Trinity?

    God created man in his image a reference to the first creation that is of Adam when he was created in his image as a full man not in growing image as other humans and this is the image of god means the painting of god of humans not that god has genitalia like humans! Man is soul spirit and body but every one of them is not a man by itself but every one in the trinity is god by himself!
  4. Does The Quran Misunderstand The Trinity?

    The Quran is against modalism , there is none like unto him, which means god does not manifest in forms like human form, modalism was actually a way out for the troubling concept of trinity If the concept of trinity is above human reasoning then how did the church people come up with that concept since it is not explicitly mentioned in the bible if at all ?
  5. Does The Quran Misunderstand The Trinity?

    the verse you used is not about the trinity! It simply refers to Christians worshiping Jesus and Mary pbut besides Allah, you don't understand the language of the Quran exactly like the christian who objected to the prophet pbut because the Quran says that the Christians takes their priests and scholars as lords besides Allah so the prophet pbut explained to him that this is not because Christians worship them but because they took them as rivals with god as legislators and in this verse Mary and Jesus pbut were called gods because Christians worship them as they do today
  6. Islam Is The Religion Of Adam And Noah

    your stated believe" there is no one like him and Jesus is his word" is exactly what Islam is saying and indeed the Quran in more than one place asks prophet Muhammad pbuh to follow the steps of Jesus not only Abraham pbut and finally there is nothing like more or less closer to God, he is either God or his creation and if you are a true follower of the clear teachings of Jesus pbuh in the current gospels you will believe that he was the creation of God through his word
  7. Does The Quran Misunderstand The Trinity?

    how would the quran explain the christian trinity while there is more than one form of trinity for example modalism. the quran simply says dont say three which will include any form of trinity
  8. Bible scholars often raise the point that Paul"the greatest evangelist" did not mention the empty tomb story which was supposedly one of the most important evidence that support "Christ resurrection" the idea that Paul spent his life to prove scholars conclude that this was a legendary story invented after Paul! This post is about another story and another "great evidence" that could support "Christ resurrection" and never mentioned by Paul which is the unique story of Matthew about the many saintly people who were resurrected and seen by many people in Jerusalem and not recorded in the other three gospels and by Paul himself though this event was supposedly heavily witnessed in Jerusalem! Furthermore, many questions arise like how did the people recognize them as saints and who are they and how they looked like and what happened to them later did they go all over the world preaching Christ resurrection?
  9. Your information about the Quran is lacking, Quran stated why Jesus pbuh was born miracoulous( it was a sign for mankind) Who said the bible is corrupted! Many including the bible itself in which Paul says he is expressing his personal opinion which could be wrong and that means the bible contains falible speech and the word of god is infallible as you know!
  10. I Have Some Questions On Islam! Please Answer!

    The answer is simple If you want to enter into a building you have to look for the door first! You have to verify the central tent of Islam (the Islamic monotheism) if you do understand it and truly accept it you will accept the rest of things in Islam that are miraculous in nature but yet not irrational because in Islam no irrational believes, with or without help, but if you could not accept the central tent of Islam then Islam is not good for you
  11. Question For Christians?

    the Quran says it is a fiction story based on hearsay, the jews like it because this prove to them he is false prophet and false Christ and the greek Christians like it because they took him as another savior god in their long list! but the truth which is God has clarified through his prophet Muhammad pbuh that he was neither!
  12. Breaking The New Idols!

    if you are in Islamic state and you can legislate laws then you should as a muslim ruler prohibit by law any grave worship otherwise you should use dawah alone
  13. Salvation

    the teachings of Jesus pbuh in the bible is monotheism but what Christians are doing is polytheism!
  14. Question For Christians?

    if you are able to deal with the issue then reply seriously to the point i made about the death and resurrection of Jesus pbuh here
  15. Bible Question?

    you have to understand all the scripture together you should not pick and choose what suit your tradition, Jesus pbuh said in john 5:30 " i can of my own self do nothing" so Jesus pbuh cant actual forgive sins directly but only through the father in heaven or God and this is why on the cross he did not forgive them but he asked God to forgive them