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  1. Basic Tenets Of Faith

    There is a typo. I meant Khaliq not Khalid.
  2. Basic Tenets Of Faith

    Assalamo Alaikum: This post in my opinion should be read by someone who feels that no "miracle" can turn them away from their faith. I understand that a humble heart would never claim that they are very strong . However regarding my question it would be best to keep humility aside and answer my question that has been bothering me very much. You can be as critical as possible you like. I'll ignore any deviations from normal manners since I'm prepared to receive criticism. The basic purpose is to believe in Allah with all His attributes and Judgement Day. Rest of the articles of faith are supportive of the aforementioned purpose. I have started entertaining doubt in these two basic articles. By way of reason which is also mentioned in Quran, I can believe someone to be the Creator (Khalid). I mean if I consider the chain of cause and effect about my existence, I can see that it has to end somewhere and someone must have created us for the first time. In the initial period of our creation, someone must have guided us what to eat and how to take shelter. However I'm not sure whether He is alive (Al-Hayy) today and if alive He is mighty (Al-Aziz) today. The wheel "seems" to be rolling on its own. It seems so silent as if no one is there behind the veil. When I read the Quran, I am really impressed with Allah and His attributes. For example, the narrative of mercy of Allah on Hazrat Zakaria and Hazrat Maryam in the beginning of Surah Maryam is very appeasing. However then after sometime, it starts to feel that these are legendary tales. We don't know about whether they were really true. They could be tales to urge someone to do good and not despair and useful for social stability. I mean I can understand it from a different perspective but not that the affair could be a reality. Personally I don't think that I am a very bad or arrogant person as arrogance has been mentioned invariably who won't be able to believe. An important goal in my life has gone unfulfilled so there is despair for those but now I am more than ever concerned about these two articles rather than having fulfilled life goals. Let it be as it is but somehow if I could firmly stand on these two articles of faith. I try looking into narratives of Hadhrat Yousuf and Hadhrat Ayub regarding suffering but I feel as if I'm just trying to comfort myself in wishful thinking. Please let me know your insight on how you've been keeping faith and remember me in your prayers. The heart seems ever inclined to believe but the mind stops in agreeing to "seemingly fanciful" thinking.
  3. From New Jersey Us

    Assalamo Alaikum Everyone: I'm from New Jersey, US. I hope everyone is good.