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  1. Circumcision Of Boys!

    I honestly think you are reading far too much into this. This was simply an off the wall remark from one atheist to another. Or do you think you can read my mind? Perhaps you would also like to dispute the fact that I have been circumcised If someone has complained or felt offended then again I will apologise. Is that alright? Salaam, Sky
  2. Circumcision Of Boys!

    I'm sorry but I certainly did not intend to be rude. I was under the impression I was being flippant, that's all. I now realise that it is perhaps a more sensitive subject that I'd thought. But as a person who has been circumcised myself without either medical or religious reasons - so far as I can tell - it is a slightly personal issue for me. Salaam, Sky
  3. Circumcision Of Boys!

    Please note: that was not a direct quote. That was me being flippant. The article was in the Times by the way. Salaam. Sky
  4. Circumcision Of Boys!

    Well according to my UK newspaper, the Jews and the Muslims are now united! They will now all go to another country to get their boys 'fixed' Salaam, Sky
  5. Scriptural Truth In Brief

    Alright. If you want to dispute without any apparrent foundation the existance of St. Paul, let alone Jesus (never mind his supposed miracles; they are a completely seperate matter) then have a look at this: http://www.maltavoyager.com/history_stpaul.html You seem to be just throwing ideas around. salaam, Sky Sky
  6. Scriptural Truth In Brief

    But there are descriptions blow by blow by at least 4 apostles, disciples of Jesus. St Paul was sent to Rome for trial for the 'crime' of preaching the gospel of Jesus, he was shipwrecked en-route on the island of Malta where he was allowed to preach. You can't just say it was all a phantasy dreamed up by a lot of people. For what purpose? Salaam, Sky
  7. What Exactly Is Islamophobia ?

    Just a note here: 'Free will' does not actually exist for the vast majority who live in the world today; it is only a concept theoretically experienced by the very rich. Most people are simply involved with their families. With perhaps a little bit on the side. Plus the fact of the context within which people speak of 'free will' on these types of forum, is: generally the freedom to explore any spiritual path which seems to appeal to the individual concerned. But as I've mentioned this takes the form of a 'spiritual calling' which, actually is quite rare. Get used to it, we are not sheep. Salaam, Sky
  8. Look, I have no aspertions whatsover to cast. What is it with people these days? Yes, I said it as a generalistation, because this question applies as much to the UK as to Egypt, or anywhere, but fortunately or unfortunately - depending on who's side you happen to be on - Muslims are a group. Otherwise why would this be called a 'Muslim forum? Education is not the same the world over. Neither are, in general, religious groups, nor in reality - I'm sure - the balance of education they get. Otherwise what would we be discussing? This has nothing do with the past. But I wonder what it has to do with so-called education these days? Perhaps, 'politically correct education' might be a better term. By the way, I have no idea what cl######mates means. salaam, Sky
  9. But I don't think this is an 'Islamic issue'. Unbelievers are simply Kafirs and thats it, probably for most Muslims. I sometimes wonder what sort of an education they get (obviously this is a vast generalisation here), particularly regarding the west and western values, ideology etc. Salaam, Sky
  10. But as things appear, it would be for a new parliement to decide exactly what the tenets of these new laws and dictates would be. And, as things stand, Shariah as a conceptual, and not recently tried form of society (it seems that more than a government is demanded), there may well be some sort (in fact many sorts) of conflict between peoples of many diferrent persuasions. Thus it stands in actuality as a hypothetical form of society. In other words an, as yet, unrealised fantasy. Salaam, Sky
  11. Serious, Shocking Questions About The Bible

    Don't forget that some medicines contain alcohol. The chances of becoming an alcoholic (or even a regular user) through this alone are thought to be extremely slim. Salaam, Sky
  12. Hello

    Thanks. Sky
  13. Just wondering if there is anything to stop a Muslim from fighting in any sort of a war because of personal beliefs. In other words would refusing to fight result in being tried for treason (as it used to be in Britain not so long ago). Salaam, Sky
  14. I have often seen content which clear thought is o##cured by emotive content. I am stating a fact. One's mind cannot and is not able to think clearly and rationally if it is o##cured by one's emotions. In spite of the fact that I suspect that you think I have an 'anti-Islamic' agenda, I have noticed this phenomenon amongst almost all types of people, including myself. I am implying that this is quite often present on this forum, from what I can see so far. Salaam, Sky
  15. I think it's important to see how emotions cloud the mind though. Salaam. Sky