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  1. Innocence Of Muslims

    How? What a splendid dodge. Really, that was a strategic and wise dodge. I don't have any knowledge on evolution yet as I am young and still learning. However you are welcome to pose that question on an atheist forum, if indeed you want it answered and are not just using it to prove a point you cant prove elsewhere. But I do know that it is a common misconception that we evolved from monkeys, so if you joined an atheist forum with lies like that you will be obliterated. I don't insist on that and I don't believe in evolution as I have not yet evaluated the evidence for it. But I know that evolutionary biologists like Richard Dawkins would destroy you if you dared to say it was a hypothesis then, who says that there is so much evidence for evolution that it is a fact that has clung on to it's title as a theory. From what I already know it seems apparent to me that this is correct, as the thousands of pages that have been dedicated to proving it suggest. My issues with the Qu'ran are so readily apparent, eg homophobia, that most Muslims don't even deny them but instead try to argue that they are morally acceptable.
  2. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    I'm from England, I don't know how to read Arabic. What is so different about Arabic versions and English translations? Plus, my translation's author took care to point out things which could be interpreted differently when translated. I was born Islamic and raised a Muslim for about all my life. I've been atheist for about a year. I'm 13.
  3. A Few Things I Have Against Islam

    Woah, big responses there. I will respond whenever I have enough time.
  4. How Do You Know Allah Exists? Round 2

    It is sad that even after I have rebuked against your argument you recycle it. Expected, but still sad. I have already provided an answer, and I will not enter a cycle of constantly repeating myself. Nice dodge, though. Toy bricks are different to nature. They are molded into one position and will remain in that position until they are destroyed. Please provide accurate analogies.
  5. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    I am a former Muslim. Instant invalidation of half of what you just said.
  6. Innocence Of Muslims

    By the way, I have to say, I found the video very immature and stupid. Just like burning the Qu'ran or something. It achieves no purpose and is obviously deliberately to annoy others. So, even being an anti-theist, I detest these sort of provocations which achieve no purpose other than to insult and aggravate others.
  7. Innocence Of Muslims

    Was in a rush :D try this; Imagine that I had a religion which said not to eat apples. Eve ate one in the Original Sin and God has forbidden them. Would you, in order to appease my religion, stop eating apples? Probably not, because you don't share that religion. I hope that's a bit clearer.
  8. Innocence Of Muslims

    By 'vulgarity' I was referring to excessive use of swearing and purposeful provocation of others. Sure, the movie was made to provoke others, but it could be argued that it was simply comedy. I believe that verbal abuse should be illegal too. Even verbal abuse against the religious, to some extent. When it gets to the point where you just start throwing meaningless insults in front of a religious person's face all you're doing is provoking others. But I wouldn't find it so immoral for someone to give the odd 'F religion'; I have as much sympathy for religion as I do Nazism. They're both simply beliefs, and ones that in my honest opinion deserve to be mocked, but when you're doing it in front of someone's face, in deliberation to provoke them, that should be illegal. I am offended by insults, which include belittlement, and I will lash back at will. I do respect that, but I am aware of what the Qu'ran says about non-believers, and homosexuals, and other religions, etc, and it's rather disrespectful. No. I, as an atheist, am breaking no rules by doing something like drawing Muhammad. What you said is like saying since I have granted you the courtesy of using Skype, others should also use Skype. The problem is it's not a courtesy to you for me to use Skype, you wouldn't care. The same goes with you drawing Jesus. Christians probably wouldn't care.
  9. Who Was The First Racist?

    Racism is an evolutionary trait. It has been around for millennium, right down to the first few humans (well, not as in Adam and Eve but the first humans as determined by fossils and the visible transition from Neanderthals to us). You can see it in animals today. Anti-racism or even simple neutrality is much rarer and is exclusive to our race. The psychology of rejecting pariahs is very interesting indeed.
  10. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    But then how have I never been affected by black magic? :D Please. Me being arrogant does not affect my social life to such an extent that it worries me to ask others how to deal with it. Believing in 'black magic' is very superstitious. But again, so is belief in God, it is a truism to point out that you're superstitious. Did I object that people have the right to believe in superstition? As I reserve the right to point out that it is indeed superstition, and that it makes them unlikeable. Atheism, by definition based on it's origins, is a lack of belief in a God. It leads to nothing more. What you say is like me saying that religion leads to extremism. People's mentalities, perceptions of their holy texts etc. lead to extremism, not religion, as is so amply demonstrated by most Western believers. And I'd like to add, I'm very respectful to those who show that same level of respect, be they or be they not believers. Rather expectedly, I don't get that from most here when I share my belief, or rather, lack of belief.
  11. How Do You Know Allah Exists? Round 2

    I wait to be 'eaten alive' then. You still haven't provided evidence. I need no knowledge of evolution, nor religion, nor much of science, to win a debate that revolves around the use of rationality.
  12. Homophobia. Sexism against women. These can be found in both the Qu'ran and Islamic culture (IE Sharia and other Islamic laws) Muhammad marrying a 6 year old? Or was it a 9 year old? Something like that. Muhammad keeping slaves. The fact that non-belief is the only non-forgivable crime, so you can change the world for the better yet you'll still go to hell, and that murder and rape can be forgiven but not unbelief. Branding Allah 'All merciful' despite that I and most other atheists would be far, far, far more merciful. Contradictions IE an all-knowing God testing others. Why would you test what you already know will be the outcome? Why are these morally acceptable?
  13. Free Our Schools

    I'm not sure if you're suggesting to turn all schools Islamic, in which case obviously, I being an atheist, detest anything of the sort. Books these days can teach most anything teachers can. If parents wish for their children to learn about those things they can use the child's spare time and not put him at a disadvantage to other students by replacing important subjects with learning about religion. Putting a kid in a religious school is perhaps the most effective way to brainwash them before the seeds of logic can be cultivated, and I would make brainwashing illegal. Children should be given a choice as to what they believe, having looked at all sources, not simply born into religion and being taught that God exists without doubt. I think installing such ignorance is a violation of human rights. The fact that the government sometimes funds these schools is a mystery to me. Do we not live in a secular country? So long as the children are given the option to not join the school, I wouldn't mind faith schools who accept students ONLY above teenage age, 13; that's enough for this not to be considered brainwashing. But I do mind the government funding these schools.
  14. Innocence Of Muslims

    YouTube only takes videos down if they are excessively vulgar. And I agree with them not taking the anti-Islamic video down. It was not vulgar and taking it down would be a violation of free speech. If I were a YouTube admin, I would not tolerate obscenities to ethnicity or color, but I certainly would to religions. Religions are ideas, beliefs; the freedom to criticism and even insult beliefs, I believe, should remain complete.