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  1. The Sunnah's Of Eid

    Alright thanks brother, I'll ask the local imam for clarification. I just heard that your prayers arn't accepted if you smell like cologne, but that attar or musk? was sunnah
  2. Strong And Real Advice

    Eid mubarak to my muslim brothers and sisters, and even the non muslims ! Brother Younes and Lore thank you for answering my question, I do understand what you guys meant. My sister Lore, I see no problem in your whole situation except for the father. And it has been made apparent that you cannot do anything in this situation, it is all in the ball court of your love, so I tell you, your marraige with him is Halal (lawful), Under Islamic rules a parent cannot force a son/daughter to marry someone against their will, so what I believe you must do, is appeal to your love and tell him to do everything he can do, and if he has done everything, then find a way to do something else. It's all upto your Love, and it seems to be a test from Allah for how much he loves you. Personally, I wouldn't marry someone my father disapproves us, just based on the fact he raised my since I was a baby and I love him dearly. Although, me and my father have spoken about this matter already and he has said that If I want to marry a white girl its upto me, but if she's some white trash he wouldn't "support" my decision. Bottom Line, sister I do pray for you, wallahi I have already that inshallah things will work out for you. And honestly from the heart I respect your struggle to get this man, it's really heart wrenching and humbling that someone can love another person so much. Best of luck sister ! And remember , it's not upto you anymore, it's upto the man you love to PROVE how much he loves you.
  3. The Sunnah's Of Eid

    Can someone clarify for me ? Brother said to put on attar (perfume) But I heard that if you put on perfume/cologne/ for example axe that you can't pray? Or that you shouldn't go to the masjid with a strong scent of something? even if its perfume/cologne/body spray
  4. Strong And Real Advice

    Also a question for brother Younes ! You say curse in a different sense and I understand that, so now I'm wondering can only certain people curse people? Like obviously Allah is almighty and he can curse whoever he wants, and the Prophet (pbuh) cursed those criminals, but could I just sit down, decide I don't like my next door neighbor and curse him? Or is there a more spiritual/above ur average man sort of aspect to it? If you get what I mean?
  5. Strong And Real Advice

    lol My uncle and aunt moved to the homeland for a few years , my aunt lived with us and my family , (4 brothers all married in 1 huge house) , afterwords when the situation became crappier and crappier in my country everyone left and found better oppurtinities. Atm they live in Australia, I live in Canada now, and a few of my Uncles went to London England. And ya my uncle had freshly graduated and got his degree. About the muhsanah, no idea, i never really go out of my boundaries and ask my aunt those kind of questions. It's not my place, and as Allah has said when one becomes muslim its a clean slate, so we all accepted her with open arms regardless of her past.
  6. Strong And Real Advice

    Does he have any other brothers/sisters who could appeal to his father on his behalf? My uncle (a great man) went to australia to study and he met a great australian women there who he fell in love with, after awhile he decided he wanted to marry her and she was also really keen in getting married, but once my uncle asked my grandmother if it was ok (my grandfather had passed away by then) my grandmother was completely 100% against it cause she thought the australian would be a complete disgrace and just someone after the wealth of my rich family. BUT , my uncle truly loved the australian, and she loved him too. What my uncle did was appeal to my dad, who was the big man in the house, handled money, made big decisions, etc etc. He spoke to my grandmother gently and persuaded her based on the fact that lets say we DONT let them get married, and find him a nice girl from our home land, won't he always think about her? wouldn't that ruin his life, and his potential spouses? After being spoken to from someone other then my uncle who was supposedly "blinded by love" my grandmother saw things in a more realistic sense, and out of the love of her child , she allowed the wedding to happen and all was good. Fast forward a few years, my australian aunt is an amazing woman who converted to Islam, (out of her free will, no force or pressure at all) they have 2 kids, and have been happily married for over 10 years now, probably around 15 years. TL:DR Sister it seems you are serious about this, so I advise you to speak to the man you love about getting him to appeal to close family members who could speak on his behalf to his father and help the father understand how he could ruin his sons life with what he is planning. Also to appeal to the fact that his son would be happy with you, and he wouldn't be abandoning his father, but rather beginning his own life which his father can surely be a part of? At the end of the day I don't believe in curses or any of that stuff, and to be explicit I know for a fact that magic and all that dark stuff is haram in Islam and possibly considered shirk? Not sure if it is shirt, but 100% haram. Do what you heart tells you, and please understand this isn't a religious thing, more of a stubborn father whose worried about losing his son to some white girl. (no offense meant, just being literal) , I'll pray for you insha Allah
  7. Strong And Real Advice

    Christain Sister, I believe you should appeal to your male soon to be possible spouse and ask the guy to specifically speak to his father about what his EXACT problems are with you two getting married, and if you can in anyway appeal to the mans father and make your own case to him directly or through a male relative I'm sure that would help your problem. In the fact with religion, It's halal for a muslim guy to marry a non-muslim girl, but obviously as a brother stated above its more of a culture thing. TL;DR If I were you i'd find out the exact problems the father has and try to fix them if possible, if not, by all means end the relationship as soon as possible because it will just hurt both of you more later on down the road.
  8. Salam

    to show my excitement xD
  9. Salam

    Insha Allah !
  10. Salam

    Ya I can't wait, but I don't want to come off as those 1 class mufti's if you know what I mean? I'm here just as much to learn and expand my knowledge about the religion as I am to help others understand it.
  11. I Converted To Islam! Alhamdulillah!

    The third point had me laughing "3. Always make sure your woman wears hijab, in case a confused kaffir wants to convert I don't know why but every time I read that, it makes me laugh.
  12. Salam

    Hi, i'm a new member, hoping to be quite the active poster !