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    ... reading instead of relying on heresay is the start of your journey to the truth, thinking its fuel, comprehending the first milestone achieved, acting upon the knowledge granted your test and wisdom its reward ...
  1. I hope this will not be deleted, because this is an actual incident that really happened in egypt! So if people prefer to dismiss this by labeling it as being "sect related" then you are 'dismissing' reality, preferring to live with a lie in a system that supports lies and Allah Almighty is greater!
  2. Hello dear readers, Assalam alaikum brothers & sisters, I would like to inform you about something that happened a few weeks ago, but I don't know whether the political room or the news room is the right place for it, so if I've put it into the wrong room please excuse me. I think it is important for you to know about the following. Please read through it and also listen to the testimonies of witnesses of this event that took place on 16.11.2012 in Egypt, Cairo and which has been hugely distorted by the egyptian press (Al Mesryoon) in a news article which has gone national in Egypt as well as international (covered by Russia and Sweden). There has been lies and propaganda distributed throughout Egypt and abroad trying to defame a religious minority group composed of peaceful students at a private learning center. They have made false accusations such as links to terrorism, links to AlQaeda, attacking border guards, and other truly ridiculous :excl: claims, even an assassination attempt on the Egyptian president. :huh: :mellow: These are all false and unwarranted accusations (!), none of these students have any weapons whatsoever. The Egyptian officials have conjured accusations and lies in order to incite the common people against these peaceful people gathering together in a 'school', where also women and children take part. This is not a small article as it has gone nationwide in Egypt (http://www.almesryoo...link/52371.html ) and is also covered by other countries like Russia (http://english.ruvr....ested-in-Cairo/) and Sweden (http://www.aftonblad...icle15794197.ab). !! Note the picture in the Russian article is forged, the whole article is a complete lie, none of the school members are inside that picture!! The Egyptian officials are furious because it is a school teaching the subject of Ahlulbayt, the family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuhp), which is something that the Sunni dominant Egyptians do not subscribe to. Please, whatever your personal belief regarding different schools in Islam is, be fair to yourself as a human being. If you do not consider followers of other Islamic schools as your brothers and sisters in Islam (which is a great claim), then remember that they are your brothers and sisters in humanity! If some of the Egyptian scholars and officials (who have a hand in this raid) have a problem with other schools of thought in Islam, then they can have debates and discussions with these students in a peaceful manner. And this does not necessarily mean to adopt the point of view of others, no, but it means to tolerate others and treat each other with respect! Just like the Quran instructs us when dealing with each other. But certainly it is not correct to raid their place and scare children, women (some pregnant) and everyone else; and afterwards to spread conflicting false accusations and lies to the public, just to incite the common people against a minority group. This is not right and Islam does not support it. Thank you for your attention. You can see video testimonies and responses of some of the students in the following youtube links (click "cc" for english subtitles): videos removed by admin [sect talk and hate speech] "If you are not careful, the newspaper will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing!" - Malcolm X -
  3. Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection

    "And astral projection seems to be haram from what I see" why is that haram? astral travelling might even happen without the traveller's intention sometimes even without the traveller remembering what he has seen and resulting in so called deja-vu's
  4. I Wonder If Allah Swt Cries With Us

    well, this world is a testing place for the believer and the more faith one has, the heavier the burden & the greater the trials but Allah SWT is The Most Merciful and Dua is our weapon! fi amanillah
  5. a good book, opens up new dimensions of knowledge and understandings inshaAllah
  6. Words Of Wisdom From The Quran

    [at]Jabali Abdul: it's up to you and your effort to search for Allah / God and every effort is bound to its prior intention
  7. Same Problems

    history repeats itself over and over again. the essence is the same, the method of thinking is the same... it's the outer appearance of the actors on the stage WORLD that is changing welcome & tc aknative
  8. Nocebo Effect

    yes it's all a matter of faith and how intense/strong your faith is here's the interview I referred to in another thread: very interesting findings (note, I do not agree with all of his sayings, nonetheless very very intriguing) the thing is, many of us know of placebo effect, the positive reaction, however we rarely take into account the opposite dimension and how far reaching that can be and how we are actually most of the times preventing exactly that what we want to achieve due to wrong (i.e. negative) thinking and doubts etc.
  9. Favourite Surah To Listen To

    one of my favorite verses (and there are too many) is the often repeated one from Sura Ar Rahman: "Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you (both) deny?"
  10. My Mom Is Very Critical Plss Pray For Her

    may Allah Most Merciful send all and only good upon your mother, Neseem Warsi, and whatever the outcome, it is good... sometimes things happen, which we don't like, but we are ignorant of the real cause of it, thus we miss to realize the truth of a situation may Allah Most Merciful see you through all matters and help you with all difficulties!
  11. Nocebo Effect

    absolutely! may Allah SWT increase our knowledge and ability to act upon it for good causes only
  12. Selamaleykum

    remember, you are never alone :) welcome sister Nurgul wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh
  13. Need Advice

    Also I watched an interview with Bruce Lipton, who discovered this, where he explains how he came to this etc. InshaAllah will post the link of the interview, if you're interested or you can find it yourself at youtube, just hit Bruce Lipton "the power of consciousness" may Allah bless you
  14. Need Advice

    wa alaikum salam brother I'm neither a specialist nor do I have any medical experience, but recently I stumbled upon studies about placebo and nocebo reactions and read some interesting stuff in that field, e.g. http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2012/07/what-is-the-nocebo-effect/ maybe there is something in that which will help you with your uncle or anyone interested inshaAllah fi amanillah