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  1. Islam Vs Paganism

    What many fail to realize is that when you assign infinite to god you are also applying numbers to god as 1 is not infinite. Infinite implies the state of being "innumerable". This would mean that God is uncountable in nature, wills, desires, emotions, ethics, morality and appearances.
  2. Islam Vs Paganism

    How would you know? What is your evidence for this? History has shown that the earliest religion still practiced is Hinduism and it fits into the paradigm we call paganism. It is more intellectually evolved and theologically sound when compared to Islam although Hinduism is vastly complex and divided. What is your reasoning for this? I can easily conclude a monistic approach that uses kathenotheism in a proper manner to support polytheism. 1 Power, 1 Will and Multiple Deities. Islam already supports polytheism int his regard since Allah(1 Will and 1 Power) uses the mala'ikah to do his will. If you do not recall clearly you should remember that angels do not have free will yet they are a vast multitude of beings in Islamic theology. Using a semantical approach all you have to do is replace angel with god or deity and you can make a pantheon. The worship of a multitude can also be validated with kathenotheism as I said earlier since in a kathenotheistic approach one can worship a multitude of deities and acknowledge they have the same will and divinity behind them making each one supreme int heir own right. The demiurge is what most individuals who have explored theology call a creator deity. If god creates something it does not invalidate itself. I am not under the impression god created other gods but that gods is infinite and by infinite I mean entirely void of a default position. So monotheistic or polytheistic concepts are irrelevant along with good or evil. As a pagan I could not agree anymore with that statement especially considering my fascination with pre-Islamic theology
  3. Islam Vs Paganism

    How do Muslims make the argument against polytheism and the current rise in paganism? What is the Islamic argument for why paganism is a false religion and the disliking towards magic when a person like myself would consider it a true theology and a natural default one at that.
  4. Do Only The Sad Become Muslim?

    I cannot go for the whole Western hemisphere but as for the U.S.A....... American politics are split between the Liberal and conservative. I live in California and a liberal/democratic area so Islam is portrayed as peaceful.........along with every other religion. Now my family comes from the "Bible Belt" which means the Republican/Conservative/Christian area where anything but Islam is negative. The thing is that liberals portray Muslims as peaceful through media and what not again and again but the general opinion is negative. The political majority try to do the same to coincide with the general media that is popular. So our politics try to go according with the media since media control politics ironically unlike most countries where it is vice versa. Our media says Islam is peaceful but our tongues say the opposite. So it is really weird I must say because every station I will find will put Muslims in a good light although nobody believes them. Ironically these people are hardcore atheist and view ALL religions as the same and have no personal experience with spirituality. News media implies Islamic violence and negativity through general news clips but they willnever speak out against Islam directly because it is deemed mroe popular to say that one "tolerates Islam".......notice the emphasis on the word tolerate ;). Odd world we live in I must say
  5. Do Only The Sad Become Muslim?

    Most westerner's who convert to Islam tend to be emotionally or religiously confused although I would not say they are depressed or anything along those lines. Most like myself converted to Islam simply because of western politics displaying Islam as peaceful and violent Islam as "unIslamic". It is a propaganda tool I fell for coming from a Christian/Liberal background. But Heaven can never be brought down to earth because heaven requires perfection................... human are not perfect and are quite the polar opposite.
  6. Tuareg Eclectic Pagan/Islam

    Just how do the Tuareg people mix their native Berber theologies with Islam? I know they kept their previous faiths but they also mixed it with Islam in some shape or form. This created a very loose system of what one might call traditional "Islam". Just exactly how did they do this? Were their previous religions not polytheistic? ​I really wish to know how they combine Islam and their Pagan beliefs together because the two would obviously clash. To what degree of eclecticism occurs with the Tuaregs Maliki based sect of Islam with their local customs?
  7. Why Islam Is Only True Religion From God

    Saad al-Ghamdi fan are you? Awesome :happy:
  8. Problems I See With Islam

    Worms can be found in any food guys. Pork is more likely because pigs will eat anything but that is about it. Also I have eaten pork for years and I am worm free. These worms comes from people not cooking their food lol and there is a reason why this is more common in Asian countries then western.
  9. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    But as a Muslim you must play the "universal religion game" because apprently only your religion is true. I myself do not do such a thing because I leave religions as they are and do not worry about conversionor bickering over who is right. Allah is a word in its current form my friend and it is not an adjective because saying so would mean that the word "the" is an adjective. You basically just failed in grammer. Arabic just like any other Urdu founding language uses literal words for names unlike the modern western languages. So words have a very literal meaning because they are nothing more but words incorporated into one word. Allah is what Arab Muslims used to described and also name their god. All religions are esoteric because it is only understood fully by the people within a culture and a period of time. And what on earth makes you think I am a Hindu?
  10. Misunderstanding Homosexuality

    Neurological path is actually the key factor in homosexuals. It decides the reactions to the hormones released. I am a sexual sadist and I am not different then a homosexual honestly. A homosexual male reacts tot he hormones released by other men during arousal instead of the opposite sex and a person like me reacts to the hormones released by people during stress or pain. Fundamentally we are no different because our actions are decided by our neurological make-up and hormones. So yes there are a lot of homosexuals born gay but also there are a lot who have suffered abuse or were pressured into thinking they are gay by our current media.
  11. Problems I See With Islam

    Crucifixion is an issue but Sabbath? Eh I don't it. Also these are the issue of Islam only to Christians :D
  12. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    Phosphorous was not written to frighten kids, nothing is frightening about him. He was meant to inspire hope and wisdom into peoples hearts and minds. And what on earth makes you think I worship him? I worship god and that is it. I do not need names to make me god differ from anyone else's. After closely examining the Qur'an all I can say is nothing in it is for me. The revelations revealed to Muhammad in Makkah and Medina do not hold relevance to this day of age. I have already read the Qur'an and he added understanding from the Tafsir and trust me, I do not care for the Qur'an or Islam as a whole. There are far better pagan deities to worship
  13. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    Brahma created the universe according to the Purana's, end of story. Chronos himself was said to be the creator because he was the essence of time. All religions have a creation myth or fable, nothing is new here. Sanatana Dharma existed before Islam or Christianity for thousands of years and mapped the heavens and the earth and everything about it. Your ability to lie and insult is exceeded by your ability to become worthless in tongue and mind. Your heart is black as ash and Allah is a name and a name alone that like all deities is given as an honorific. Debating history and linguistics is the sure sign of a hopeless man. Intelligence is needed here to understand each other yet lying will not do this. Until you understand instead of lie this conversation is useless
  14. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    been gone for a while but my god is god, I do not worry about names. My heart beats because that is what a heart does and it is how god made it. Brahman created the earth, the stars and the heavens which hold them. God is god and names are only what we call it. The fact is I have read the Qur'an and it is quite esoteric. Imperfect, incomplete, flawed, and even inferior to any other holy book ever read. I have long moved away from Islam as it is false no different then the understanding of Allah. He is nothing more but one mans understanding of god and tool. I grow tired of Islam everyday as I see it do nothing and teach nothing beneficial to mankind. I do not mean this to be offensive but it is the truth of how I feel, I have accepted my feelings and opened my heart.
  15. How Do You Know That Allah Exists?

    Everything is like god because everything int his world has balance and order. No such item or creature is physically or spiritually god. God is orderly is he not? So is this world. I have read the Qur'an numerous times and there is not much to know about it other then it being composed after Muhammad's death by hafiz. It was then compiled along with various haddiths like the Al-kutub al-sit'tah collection into numerous books with the most important collection being the Qur'an of course. This is one reason why the haddith and Qur'an are so vital because one cannot be a Muslim without both. One cannot perform as-Salat without the haddith also I may add.