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  1. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    i totally misread you, i apoligize.
  2. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    you are absolutely wrong nightingale. where do you get your information, fox news? try fact check.com you will see Obama never apoligized. whereas Mitt spoke about the incident in an attempt to politicize the event before he even knew that Ameicans were being killed. this can be confirmed on "king5.com and ABC.com" mitt was wrong. and so are you.
  3. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    thank you, you are correct. i am angry. its something i'm workin on but its difficult when you dont know who to trust or what is truth. thats why i'm here and thank you for your understanding.
  4. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    Islam can not be blamed for this atrocity. this is why i started this tread. i wanted to know what was going on oversees. i want information. i am aware that it is forbade upon to kill the messenger, in this case the honerable ambassador.i just want to know what do our Egyptian members see. thank you to all. peace
  5. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    The ambassador was an innocent victim of violence, it is upsetting to be linked to this "film maker" in anyway. I am only trying to say that he is an Egytian who happens to live in the US, and that if muslims around the world want to be angry, then they should direct that anger at the Egyptian coptic sect who gave birth to this horrible being. not the US. in regards to your statement "he wanted to discredit the leadership of the Egyptian government" i have never seen that before.and the second thing you mentioned is that he made the movie "to incite violence to discredit Islam which he sees as a plague" in the US he is being quoted as saying "he wants to discredit Islam which he sees as a plague." do you see the difference? If he stated that he wanted to incite violence, he would have been arrested. Even maiking a threat of inciting violence or the desire to incite violence will land him in jail. Is the news in virginia stating that he stated "he wanted to incite violence...." ? my quote came from ABC news.
  6. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    hey [insulting word removed by admin, action taken against poster]! i'm not supporting this donkey! but, no matter what his past crimes were, the fact is he did not break any laws making this offensive movie! we have free speech in US. The news is constantly updating us on him and all others involved. If you want to be angry go after the coptic christians in Egypt! that where he immagrated from and I dislike the christians! I think they are liers who are evil. So stop preaching to the choir! I'm with you!
  7. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    There is nothing illegal about what this Egyption coptic idiot did, althouh it is extremly distasteful. So if you want complain or destroy things then go after the coptic christians in Egypt. And yes the actors were american, but the movie they made was not about Islam it was about a dessert warrior. Which the actors have said non of the film contains their original dialog. The whole movie was dubbed over. When they tryed to show this movie in LA not one ticket was sold. Nobody wanted to watch it. Its an Egyptian mans film hiding in the states. But its still not illegal to have made or show it.
  8. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    thank you Younes for your continued interest in americas on going issues with middle eastern events.
  9. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    this event is terrible. i will try to view other media venues before commenting further. bt i know some of the members of this forum live in cairo, so i want to know what they are seeing/feeling not "{some" member in finland (with all due respect your opinion is valuable too,but i want t hear from the egyptian members).
  10. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    paranoia, i'm native american so dont call me paranoid, i dont trust my goverment! and i have reason not to, they lie! they lie constantly! Theyspy on my people and the govern over us like we are backwoods aboriginal tribesman. if they didnt spy on americans then why do they have secret facilities wihin in the US monitoring communications. have you ever heard of the ACLU, they are constantly taking the government to court because of spying within the muslim community. The most recent being the NYPD goin to new jersey in order to gather info on american muslims. This intrusion is illegal. I know of a communications facillity in SEattle that is nothing more than a means for the fbi and cia to spy on us.if something happens in seattle this one building would be self sufficient powerwise for a very long time. its got backup generators backing up its backup generators. they dont evewr want this particular building loosing power because it monitors the etire west coast. i had very high clearance to certain areas before 911. i know what im talkin about. you are wrong to call me paranoid. its called being a realist. every muslim i know says the same thing about the events that are going on, it is not a muslim value to incourage violence. so why is it you dont see the nonviolet reactions to this event, why is the sensational violent acts getting so much coverage. why doesnt the media report more about the nonviolent protest. the one thing i can say is truthful abot the coverage is our president is looking very...presidential. he is not overreacting, he is working with the foreign governments to try to bring calm to thesituation unlike Mitt who believeswe should react with force. Violence begitts Violence, calmer heads will prevail.
  11. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    when i speak of the host countries militias guarding the US interest; i believe that it would not make sence for citizens to attack thesame military that freed their people during the Islamic spring. why would people attack their own? it doesnt make sence, i think the media is exagerating the situation, but i am not there so i dont know the truth.
  12. U.s. Ambassador Killed

    i think a few important facts are being ignored about the movie; one it was an arab christian (an immagrant from north africa) who made the film, two, it was not originally a depiction of the messenger mohammad it was revoiced (on purpose) for whatver reason. three, americans ae just as appalled at such a film was being made so why blame us? But, how big a deal is this movie, are people really circling the US embassys like our news is reporting or is this just a few protesters? our media makes it out to be large angry mobs storming the embassy grounds (and i'm certain this was the case in Lybia) but i'm not so sure. for one thing, it is the host countries militia that is standing guard and protecting the US interest. its not like our (US) military is guarding the grounds. i think or feel that the Lybia embassy may have been preplanned to coordinate with the sept 11 attacks. could the media, whom is controlled by jews, be making muslims look like wild irrational mobs? what is really happening in north africa?
  13. Protesters

    how can there be no news on the protest over the movie that is causing so much destruction? our news in the states is reporting major protest that have been linked to the death of our ambassador to Lybia and the evacuation of our embassies in multiple countries? what is taking place in northern africa?
  14. Fbii, Cia, &nsa

    oh yea, i know they read eveything. i got a friend in construction who showed me a building that he stated was an f b and i secret west coast communications facility, that is just a huge laberith of computers that monitor all commercial and private intereractions. i'll probably get a visit lol, they r steppin on my civil rights not to be spied on!
  15. Media Matters

    maybe a protest of some sorts outside of building. something that says we are the people and we know you are here, in a nonviolent picketing protest.