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  1. How Do You Know Allah Exists? Round 2

    What sort of evidence do you expect? I personally believe God exists. I feel a super human is governing this universe. This is my feeling, but I do not know how I shall explain you this feeling to you.
  2. Help Me With Arabic!

    I want to understand Quran, but I am not going through any translations as they are prone to error because translations are made by humans. Can anyone here guide me to the best source of learning arabic? I am interested to learn arabic. If any arabic linguist here willing to spend atleast few minutes a day at skype, I'd be much obliged. My skype is: pythoniscool Python
  3. Jinn

    They look ultimately scary? Have you seen them?
  4. Confused!

    I thought interest was prohibited in Islam. If it is, then why does the forum allow standard chartered banner on the top of the page? Is promoting interest-based bank not likened to consuming interest, hmm?
  5. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    Yeah it happens to me also. The best thing is to avoid them even if they are your relatives. They are your relatives because God chose them to be. It is not your fault. Just because they are your relatives, it is not necessary you behave with them nicely. Be a nice being. That's all.
  6. More Oppression By Israel

    I suggest you cripple the economy of Saudi Barbaria. How would you do that? All Muslims get together to demand Makkah and Medina be separate from the House of Saud. Saudi Barbaria earns alot of money from the pilgramage and spend it for their cause. You know what Islam will be saved if Saudi Barbaria is destroyed. They call themselves Muslims, but in practice they are worse than Iblish.
  7. Jinn

    So whom do you want me to overly curious about? Disgusting human females? I would rather be a single for the rest of my life than having a human female as my partner. Like I said they are the WORST of all creatures.
  8. Jinn

    Awesome! I've been searching for someone who can explain me what Jins are like. Ok, what does Islam say on marrying Jinns. Is it really possible?
  9. Jinn

    Why do Muslims believe in the existence of Demon? How do demons look like? Have anyone here come across Jinn? I am very interested to know.
  10. Jinn

    I hope you aren't lying. Have you got in touch with them, anyway? How did you do that?
  11. Jinn

    Hello: I joined here to discuss the existence of Demons (Jinss). I am interested in them because of a personal reason: I wish to marry a female Jinn. Now, why would I want to marry a Jinn? I do not trust any human females. I think they are the worst creature created by God. Can anyone prove me if there is Jinn around us, and what does Islam say about marrying a Jinn? Thanks. Python