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  1. Question For Christians?

    Generally yes IAmZamzam, there will always be this back and fourth between Muslims and Christians because Islam claims to worship the same God as Christians do, whilst also claiming that Christianity is wrong! To be honest it should be satisfactory on both sides to accept that we worship different Gods, however this is unacceptable to Muslims as they claim to be a continuation of the Abrahamic faith. Therefore Jesus Christ will always be a problem to Islam, and here we are discussing it still.
  2. Question For Christians?

    The Koran is therefore at odds with the Bible and therefore you do not believe in the same God, but of course you are loathed to admit this, as it reduces your evangalisim tactics down to zero. It's hard to kick against pricks isn't it? The Jews who think that Jesus Christ is a false prophet also are kicking against pricks, they have to ignore not only thier own scriptures, but the truth that the timeframe for thier messiah has passed. They are left with Jesus, and like everyone in this world Jesus is a problem to them. Perhaps you should pay more attention to Acts 9, because you are kicking against pricks just as the Jewish Roman Saul of Tarsus did, and it's just so difficult isn't it?
  3. Question For Christians?

    In response to that thread, it dosen't matter what scholars today say, it's what the Bible says that matters, and the Bible clearly tells you that he died on the cross of Calvery and on the third day rose again. The Koran disagrees, therefore we are talking about 2 different Jesus'. Agreed?
  4. Bible Question?

    But you fail the law of God! So you need a saviour, and not a reminder of law.
  5. Bible Question?

    ...and in John 8:58 Jesus refers to himself as deity!
  6. Bible Question?

    Very wise words indeed, as we all should. Jesus leads as ever by example. Your problem of course is that we only sin against God, and as Jesus forgives sins throughout the Gospels, that either makes him God or a madman. I see you take him for a madman.
  7. Question For Christians?

    The point was not about the birth of Jesus Christ, but his death and Resurrection. I think you'll find that we differ hugely on this - you keep making sideways moves! Your dictated religious texts describe a different Jesus to that of the Bible and you therefore have no claim that you believe in the same person as Christians.
  8. Bible Question?

    There is no common ground, you are at odds with Jesus Christ, he's a problem to you just as he's a problem to every man. Sooner or later you must confront him, and you either pass him off as human thus elevating yourself as god, or you worship him as God - there's no other option. Maybe you are having trouble grasping a tri-une God, and if this is so, then may I introduce the triple point of water, where water is a liquid, solid and gas at the same time... (see here) Now perhaps your god cannot match this attribute that water has, however the God of the Bible certainly can.
  9. Question For Christians?

    This is precisely the reason why there is such a rift between Christians and Muslims. Sura (Women) 4:157-158 tells us that a look alike was crucified instead of Jesus Christ, whereas the Bible totally disagrees with you - see Matthew 27:27-56, Mark 15:21-38, Luke 23:26-49, and John 19:16-37. You cannot get over this hurdle, and therefore have to conceed that you believe in a different Jesus.
  10. Is The Bible Corrupted?

    I'm sure you have noticed that this world is courrpted and that our physical flesh is in bondage to sin? Please tell me if I'm wrong? Is God responsible for this corruption and sin? As a Christian, mine isn't. If you are telling me that your God has made you bondage to this sin then all you are telling me is that you have a God that want's you dead. So we must not conform to the will of this world and conform only to the will of God - do you at least agree with this last statment?
  11. Question For Christians?

    I think we both read our respective texts closely and carefully. Each describe a different Jesus and the point here should be that they are not the same. The problems only occour when someone tries to argue for unity.
  12. Question For Christians?

    In John 8:58 Jesus declares his Divinity.
  13. Question For Christians?

    I'm merely paraphrasing the doctrines that you claim to be in tandem with. Sure, if you think that you believe in a different God and a different Jesus to Christians then we have no problem.
  14. Question For Christians?

    Because Mohammed recieved his texts from an untested spirit claiming to be the angel Gabriel, who, contary to Biblical texts dictated doctrine to Mohammed, in which these doctrines also contradicted the Bible. If Mohammed would have been a prophet as per the previous ones described in the Bible, then he'd have known immediately that he was not dealing with the angel Gabriel.
  15. Question For Christians?

    Mercy has nothing to do with this, all who sin earn death. Therefore death had no right over Jesus.