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    Physically Melbourne, Australia but mentally i am all over the place....
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    walking.. reading... praying... relaxing...
  1. Hello Users!

    Janko... look i tell you.. if you try.. www.turntoislam.com www.Beconvienced.com www.chatislam.com www.converttoislam.com these sites.. i am sure you will find them useful please visit and then get back to me :) cheers
  2. How Do You Know Allah Exists? Round 2

    SubhanALLAH AlhamdulilAH for being a muslim
  3. Deariest brother IF Guardian thanx alot for posting those links to me. also if you know more connections more people on how can i study and go live in Saudie arabia / gulf countries i will be very happy.. because brother..here in Australia AlhamdulilAH i live with my parents good life but very hard to learn Islamic life. here Australia all free life...women wear shorts.. and etc.. i have no problem to me i like Australia and its people but i want to live and see Islamic life.... Jazak Allah khair
  4. Barak Allah. very nice information :) brother.. i am from Australian and i am 30 years old of age.sa is there any chance i can get a chance to study in saudie arabia or the gulf countries.. Jazakom Allah khair.
  5. Salaam

    ALhamdulilAH i am fine.
  6. Hello Users!

    Hey Janko. welcome!
  7. Salam Alaykom

    Majida.. aslamu 3laikum welcome to this forum. nice name by the way :P
  8. Salam

    Jesus's Name is mentioned 25 times in the holy Quran where as the name of Muhmad is only mentioned five times
  9. Imuslim5 Has Entered The Building...

    SALAM.. hello .. and hola in spanish HAHA :) look to everyone.... EVERYBODY... i never said i am from an arabic country.... all i said was.. i am from Australia but from arabic origin.my father is arabic.
  10. I Want To Marry A Revert Muslim

    has my comments in here been deleted ? subhanALLAH..... Jesus's Name is mentioned 25 times in the holy Quran where as the name of Muhmad is only mentioned five times
  11. Yasmine15

    asalmu 3alikum brothers sisters subhanALLAH i feel in this forum good for me. because I need my voice to be HEARD :)\ iam kinda lonely person....... with depression
  12. I Want To Marry A Revert Muslim

    subhanALLAH sister Female.. i liked ur story.. when about u said u where 14 and 15... very cute story... do u more ?:P
  13. OH NO .... please i wasn't talking to her.. I was talking in general. when someone becomes a believer he automatically has a vision of the truth. really sister.. whoever u are.. i never mentioned to hurt ur feeeling... i love this forum and all the people in it.
  14. You Start by being a Believer !
  15. Innocence Of Muslims

    SubhanALLAH i am thinking.... when two muslims befriended eachother..is it All for the sake of Allah or money Sake? no more comments....