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  1. Alhamdulillah, I reverted about two years ago after a long period of study and reflection. I was raised in both Baptist and Methodist settings, but when I joined the military in 1980 all that quickly fell away as I saw so much hypocrisy in the world- and in my fellow brothers in arms- where religion and faith were concerned. I'd see them out in town on Friday and Saturday nights doing all manner of haraam things, but oh when Sunday morning rolled around they were in their best suits and ties cajoling people to go to church with them and learn about God! What kind of example does THAT set? In any case, I had all but abandoned my faith when something in me just snapped and I realized I had fallen away for all the wrong reasons. It wasn't because I didn't believe in God; I just couldn't stand the way his supposed followers were acting. So I began a long process of discovery, to see what faith 'hit me' and seemed to be the most logical and authentic. Eventually I rested upon Catholicism; based on my former Christian upbringing I wanted to "get back to basics" with what was considered the 'original' Christian faith (ie, pre-Protestant). However, after converting officially to be a Catholic all the old questions about the Trinity and myriad other aspects of the Chruch began creeping back in- the same questions I could never get answers to previously. So, I kept looking. I studied everything from ancient Norse religions to Hinduism to Shinto to Judaism and nothing ever seemed right- something was always missing. Then, about six years ago I happened upon a website that offered- of all things- a 20-question quiz that matched your answers to the teachings of the religions of the world. I took the quiz and amazingly my match to Catholicism was only about 51%, but my answers matched Islam and Orthodox Judaism neck-and-neck at 98%. I was very surprised, as I hadn't even studied Islam at the time. In any case, I took the quiz again for the next year and a half, every five or six months and every time I came up the same- Islam and Orthodox Judaism far and above everything else. I had already studied Judaism, and visited a few synagogues in my area and I just didn't feel a connection. But.... when I started reading on Islam, everything just seemed to 'fit'. I already knew how the media was portraying Islam post 9/11 was grossly incorrect, but up until this time I didn't really know that much about it. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn. I had the thought that Islam was for me, but I wasn't sure I could 'do Islam' on a daily basis, so I tried it out. I learned- quite on my own (through the wonders of youtube) I learned how to call the adhan and perform salaat and even learned al-Fatiha in Arabic on my own- and I 'practiced' being a Muslim for about two months, doing the prayers on time and changing my ways to Muslim ways... and it worked. I knew I could handle it and everything was laid out so logically- with proofs and reasonable explanations behind them- that I couldn't deny it. So, on September 12th, 2010, I went to the local Islamic Center at the time for Asr that day. That day was the very first day I had even spoken to a Muslim, much less about reverting- I had done everything completely on my own and arrived at Islam. I went in and joined a small group of men and we began the prayers, and when it was over I told them I wanted to be a Muslim- and they were amazed I wasn't already since I already knew the prayers and all! Very quickly they rounded up everyone at the masjid and right then and there in front of everyone I said the shahada and once I was done they gave me a round of takbirs and a weight was lifted off my shoulders and for the first time in nearly thirty years I felt comfortable in a house of worship, and among friends. I apologize for this being so long; when I get to writing about my reversion to Islam I get excited about it and want people to know there are all kinds of ways for Allah(swt) to find you and for you to draw near to him. Some are born to Islam; some have friends or family who they follow; others, like me, find it quite by accident and very much all on our own.
  2. Are Shi'a Muslims?

    On other forums where I post, the overwhelming attitude toward Shi'a is that they are not Muslims at all, but kuffar. It has always been my understanding- and, it seems the rest of the world's uinderstanding- that they *are* Muslims, albeit of a different stripe than Sunni or Sufi, but Muslims all the same. I identify myself as Sunni, and I just want to know what's what on this question.
  3. New Member!

    as-salaam alaykum, brothers and sisters ~ joined here to get more of a perspective on Islamic views and opinions; i've been a proud muslim for two years now :)