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    Learning,da'wah,social service...atleast that is what I wish to do. May Allaah guide us in His straight path.
  1. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    salaamAre you asking me? If so the answer is no, I don't think I am more superior. But as per my limited learning. those believes aren't Islamic concepts. But I am not learned enough to elucidate. This is an Islamic Forum. So there will be someone to do just that. And we may get enlightened about this subject by their wisdom.You can do that if you are learned enough in this subject.otherwise peace!
  2. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    nahudubillah. I don't understand. How can one be a muslim and have such darkish beliefs?No misfortune occurs except by Allah’s permission (At-taghabun 11)
  3. Basic Arabic For A Quick Entry Into The Qur'an

    salaam+ Jazakkallaahumma Khairun Please continue +salaam
  4. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    Assalamu 'Alaikum In accordance with the verse “… you should not fear them but rather fear Me—and so that I can complete My blessing to you so that hopefully you will be guided” (Surat al-Baqara: 150), the true believer does not fear anyone or any community other than Allah. He will know that benefit and loss, good and bad can only come from Allah, that all the incidents he will encounter are only the will and creation of Allah in accordance with the fate predetermined for him by Allah. (Quoted from the book "Fear OF Allah by Harun Yahya) Nobody can do you any harm, if Allaah doesn't intent you any harm. With true belief comes fearlessness. And we fear Allaah only and no one or nothing else. That's the reward for true believers in this life and you have plenty to recieve in the hereafter. Live fearing Allaah in all things you do and you dont have to fear anything. Allah knows all. wa'alaikum salaam.
  5. A Troubling Verse

    Is someone who pursues the pleasure of Allah the same as someone who incurs displeasure from Allah and whose refuge is Hell? What an evil destination (Al'Imran 162) So pursue the pleasure of Allaah and prevent someone from incuring the displeasure of Allaah. It is no big deal if you do believe!
  6. English Translation Of Holy Qur'an

    salaam+ May allaah help you carry out your intented projects. And may I suggest something like Qur'aan and purification of the soul or Qur'aan and life after life as subject for our lesson. As you wish. +salaam
  7. English Translation Of Holy Qur'an

    Assalamu 'alaikum Dear brother, I have downloaded a book "Lughat_ul_Arabia" (Madheena Books for learning Arabic). Haven't gone through it yet. How is that book for my purpose?.Do you have any other books to suggest? I have read your thread "The Qur'an Cosmological Model" already. I must concede that I couldn't understand much of it. I will go through it again in a day or two. I liked that title very much, Basic Arabic For A Quick Entry into THe Qur'an. It says you understood what I need. Looking Forward to our lessons, inshaa Allah. Please include me in your duas. Salaam+
  8. English Translation Of Holy Qur'an

    Salam Brother, you are right. I know something. A little. But that isn't organized. So it is nothing. We have to begin from the beginning. And this is the way. Easiest too. No translation can take its place. I f I know Qur'anic language I can understand and get insight in to Allaah's words. So words (nouns and adjectives) in Arabic end in tanwyn. That is a new knowledge to me. Waiting for the lessons. May Allaah (SWT) reward you for your efforts!
  9. English Translation Of Holy Qur'an

    asaalamu alaikum brother. Jazakkallaahumma khair. 1) I can read Arabic. And I can understand some words too. Most of the words that is mostly used in Islamic terminology _ words like aqueeda, towheed,eeman,ihlas,salat, dua, da'wa etc, And also by my reading of transalations of Qur'an i know the meaning of some Qur'anic words too. 2) Al 3) Kitab 4) Al kitab 5)Sorry. I don't know what is the rule of 'IDaafah. I don't know what you mean by placing the vowels. (by the way my English isn't that much better either. my mother tongue is something else.so bear with me if I sound silly) Pray for me.
  10. English Translation Of Holy Qur'an

    wa alaikumalssalam warahmathullaah! Alhamdulillaah! Thank you for offering to help me. I assure you I will strive hard to follow your lessons. I really want to understand the word of ALLAAH as much as possible for me to do. And I am praying to ALLAAH to give me the understanding to understand His word. Please give me the lessons so that I may get better guided. Please include me in your prayers! I am new at this site and I don't know how it works. Please bear with me for my ignorance.
  11. English Translation Of Holy Qur'an

    Unfortunately there is none. The best translations have at least 2000+ plus errors in it. If you wish I can give you a list of The Qur'aan translations done so far which I have collected. Why don't you just make a basic study of the Qur'aanic language. It will take you no more than three months and then you will be able to be so much better guided inshaa allaah. If you need help in this I can help and there are also many others I think who will also help. Let me know inshaa allaah. Jazakallaahumma khair!. I know how to read Qur'an in arabic but when reading or listening i can't comprehend what it means.I am trying though.As you said if I learn the langauge I may be better guided. It is heard that the companions of prophet (sallallaahu alaihi vasallam) cried when they listened to Qur'an.And if I can comprehend what it says (inshaa allaah) it will surely increase my iman and thaqwa. what i want is not a basic study but something more than that.Can you help me there?.May Allah bless you! Rabbhi zidhni ilman nafia!
  12. Which English translation of Holy Qur'an is the best for a non arabic person to get a fair idea of what Allah says in His book?
  13. Yasmine15

    Assalamu alaikum! Seek refuge in Allah..Believe, do righteous deeds..Allah will protect you!.. Fear Allah and don't fear anyone or anything.
  14. Introduction

    Thank you!