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  1. Osama Bin Laden Is A Cia Agent ?

    :sl: If the Taliban are in the pocket of the US then there wouldnt have been a war. The situation in that region today is very bad for the US since what is happening in Afghanistan is spilling over into Pakistan. Also how could the Taliban invade all those countries when they didnt even have full control of Afghanistan lol. They were and still are an under equipped/trained force. You cant just invade countries unless your America :sl: and look at how that turned out for them. I dont believe Osama is a CIA agent but I think he probably died a few years ago and the US is making fake tapes
  2. What Is The Most Destabilizing Force In Pakistan Today?

    :sl: I doubt the US knows the exact locations of all of Pakistan's nuclear weapons which number like 70-100 right? It could only take one nuclear weapon to set off a catastrophe because you have wonder what India will do.
  3. What Is The Most Destabilizing Force In Pakistan Today?

    :sl: Pakistan is a nuclear power with the technology to deliver those nukes as far away as israel so America would NOT have bombed/invaded them.
  4. What Is The Most Destabilizing Force In Pakistan Today?

    :sl: It is because Musharraf is putting the interests of America before that of Pakistan. When this first started the Americans tried to bring in Bhutto in some power sharing agreement but the loyal soldier Musharraf finally broke with his master America.
  5. :sl: Do you know that not a single contractor has ever been punished for these and other killings? The Iraqi government has reacted way way too late to these evil people.
  6. Everyone acknowledges that Bin Ladin is/was a real person. What people question are the recent Osama tapes because many people believe that the real Osama may have died a long time ago and that the US is perpetuating his image to keep the people in fear. Very good video btw. Shows how an amateur can fake these videos pretty easily.
  7. Terrorism And Islam

    :sl: The US is responsible for most of the world's terrorism. Look up the list of how many dicators past and present are supported by the US. How many people do you think died at the hands of the Shah? Mubarak? Karimov? Pinochet? Mobutu? Selassie? The zionists in Palestine? How many people were made refugees? Do you know that 1 million of your brothers and sister have been murdered in Iraq since the war began? Who even knows how many have died in Afghanistan. If Islam is responsible for Al Qaeda then secularism, democracy, and Christianity are responsible for American war crimes. Its no secret who the majority of Bush's supporters are. Those that elected him the second time clearly condone and support his war crimes.
  8. Osama Bin Laden: The Newest Fake

    :sl: Why are the Osama tapes fuzzy but Al Zawahiri/Ghadan's tapes are crystal clear. I think Osama may have died several years back and America is just perpetuating this to justify their war on terror.
  9. Michael Vick Issue

    :sl: He is a sick person and deserves what he gets. He just lost 60+ million left in his NFL contract and the Falcons plan to get his bonus money which is around 20 million
  10. Football Season On The Way!

    :sl: I think it will be a Saints/Chargers superbowl. go Chargers
  11. :sl: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetpoliticalaffairs(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/article/articleview/5530/1/32/"]Here[/url] No pictures of the dead coming back, little mention, etc... They know how quickly the American people would pull the plug if they could actually witness the cost of war.
  12. Awesome Subhan'allah Allahu Akbar!

    :sl: I thought Lay la tul Qadr didnt have a specific night?
  13. Sicko

    :sl: The US could provide free healthcare if they eliminated social security and the military spending. I cant believe how much money Social Security wastes.
  14. :sl: The conflict in Darfur is just like that in any of those other African hotspots but the difference is the oil.
  15. Awesome Subhan'allah Allahu Akbar!

    :sl: How fortunate he is!