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  1. Hooliganism And Thuggery!

    :D :D , beautiful article sister Um Esa. :D :D
  2. Israel's Next War

    Peace, Just wondering Lateralus, how long was Ghandi patient for? Palestinians haven't gotten jack or diddly squat for the last 50 years.... so I really doubt this ear to ear or "turning the other cheek" is gonna do much..... Its easy to talk about any particular situation.. BUT unless you are there, you don't have the slightest clue friend of whats truly going on... The oppressed can't remain oppressed forever....
  3. Why Are Muslims Called Terrorists?

    Peace darla..... Big difference between what a 'small fraction of muslims' do compared to what the religion of Islam is. Like many of the brothers & sisters posted before on the forum judge the driver and not the car. At the same time darla, what channels do you watch. I see many muslims organizations, somewhat scholars, speak against these types of action. Also, I myself really don't know what to believe considering there is all types of propaganda, false information, god knows what else being spewed through the media. ( I am not saying muslims don't do bad things..theres good and bad of all kinds) Could you clarify in a different thread more into what you were pertaining to? Peace
  4. Why Are Muslims Called Terrorists?

    Peace Lateralus, I don't think you understand what brother zukiful was implying... You see, as a Muslim, whatever happens to one happens to all... as we are all one Ummah and (if someone could find the hadith where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)) said muslims are as one body or a whole. If one gets hurt the whole body feels it... (close to that nature.. ) Forgive me as I'm sure I quoted it somewhat wrong bros and sisses). Whether bro zukiful is in China or Australia doesn't matter. He is speaking as a brother concerned about his own family. Peace.....
  5. Minnesotans

    Peace George... I currently live in Mankato, but I am from the Minneapolis area and constantly go back and forth. What did you help with? I hope I can be of assistance....:D
  6. ~ Warning: New Fake Qur'an Published ~

    Assalamu Alaikum Brothers & Sisters, My friend showed me this about a week ago. After reading the 1st line, I couldn't help but fall on the floor laughing. Subhan'Allah, the Quran (As Allah SWT says will never be reproduced, corrupted, or tampered with). The guy who wrote it, If I'm not mistaken is a Lebanese Christian named Dr. Sherooosh. Download the debate between him and Ahmed (RAHMAT Allah ALA) Deedat..... and watch how Brother Ahmed Deedat just destroys, obliterates, and WIPES the floor with him. Sheroosh never replys directly to the question. he just rambles and babbles on and on about verses that Bro Deedat already memeorized from his bible.... My Arabic isn't that good, but Subhan'Allah even little kids can truly differentiate between the true beauty and language of the Quran and some words bunched up with nonsense.A Shame Kuwait allows this to happen.....Wa ASalam Ya Ikhwan
  7. Assalamu Alaikum Thank You bro truthful. Crusader, what lies? Please prove us wrong? We don't have the answers to everything.... We never said or acted like it. But we defintely have answered all the accusations, questions, ETC. that alot of these non (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_m002.html#Muslim"]muslims[/url] have came up with...Yet it's not good enough cuz what... It doesn't fit their agenda?? or possibly their motive for being biased towards (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_i001.html#Islam"]Islam[/url] from the get-go???? I am still waiting for the lies lies lies you mentioned... Take your time. There are alot of anti (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_i001.html#Islam"]Islam[/url] sites out there worth checking out and copying and pasting. ;D
  8. The Notion Of An Allah

    Assalamu Alaikum Peace... Sorry to be so blunt.. But will one of the IF Moderators ban this Idiot. If he truly wanted to learn he wouldn't be so dang rude, VERY OFFENSIVE. Crawl back under the rock that u came out of. :D. I can't even understand your grammar, yet alone half a sentence of what you're trying to say. Open your heart, clear your mind of the ignorance and hatred, and maybe, just maybe...you'll get your answers. They are in front of you ismael.. you just chose not to look...
  9. Assalamu Alaikum WR WB to the fellow brothers & sisters, Peace to the rest, I don't really believe kwasia is from Palestine....It sounds like hes here to cause commotion and spread his anti Islamic rhetoric. I believe 3 or 4 members answered his Meccah Hoax, and you Elijah acting like his secretary isn't doing his case any justice..:D.. Big Difference Elijah between a critique and ATTACKING and using ayahs out of context to 'prove a point (his own personal vendetta or view). Maybe, just maybe, if he came in here with sincere searching and left his ignorance elsewhere, he surely could have gotten his "answers.." Until then......Another Islamic HATER BANNED...lol
  10. Suicide Bombers

    Assalamu Alaikum and Peace to the rest, Curious bud, that link (story) is garbage. I honestly had to skim it cuz I was 2 seconds from throwing up. I would expect better reporting or use of resources than propagnda filled crud like that.
  11. My Friend Has Lost His Second Sister!

    Assalamu Alaikum, Subhan,Allah.. Inna Lillahi, Wa Lillah Raji'oon. Rahmat Allah A'laha dear bro Mu'maneen. Both the sisters will be in my du'a' insh'Allah yukhi. Subhan'Allah when you hear of something like this happening it makes you think truly how much problems aren't much compared to this. The brother Mash'Allah sounds very pious, & patient, considering he knows its a test. Insh'Allah he shall be in our du'a's as well yukhi. Wa'Salam
  12. Muslim Decree Against Suicide Attacks Is Hailed

    Assalamu Alaikum & peace to the rest, Hey Livius, I never said that. Yank was comparing Palestinian miltants who dont have the technology, weapons, training ETC. required to fight the israelis who are armed to the teeth and are a superpower. I don't justify killing of any innocence. I expect more from you than to come in here and put words in my mouth.
  13. Muslim Decree Against Suicide Attacks Is Hailed

    Assalamu Alaikum Ikhwan...Peace to the rest, Yank, where do you get these stats from? I used to live in Palestine during the early 90's. No problems were going on, no suicide bombings... PERIOD. There was a bit tension, but hardly any fighting. When you take someone's land, there's going to be tension...lol.. but Check the records, there was no SB's, shooting ETC. Maybe on israel's side occasionally here and there (which explains the bullet on my back.. :D ).... Yank, we have been using those methods. There is a really good video of a recent march in Qalqilya. When I find it, I'll show it to show, 3 people killed! for PeacefulMarching. NO it wasn't men hurling stones. We've tried many other methods and Im waiting for someone to come up with a technique that isn't 'violent that will work..... Like I said, State of israel only understands violence. I believe MLK once said.."The oppressed can't remain oppressed forever."
  14. Muslim Decree Against Suicide Attacks Is Hailed

    Assalamu Alaikum and Peace to the rest, The way It seems, the Muslims (ALHAMDULILLAH) have finally found ways to fight against the oppressive Zionist Regime and the only way they can try to 'contain' them is by giving a bad name...lol.. Insh'Allah hopefulley peace will come, but I doubt it. Suicide bombing actually has done alot more than you could imagine. What you fail to understand Paragon, is these people dont go out to just KILL. They send a message, even if nobody was hurt, that as long as they continue to reside on innocent palestinian land, they will not live in peace and they will have no security or safety.... Up until suicide bombing recently, israel has been on the aggressive force (REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR NEWS MEDIA TELLS U) for the 30 years. Plz don't tell me negotiations, and pressure from the world made israel 'cave in.' Paragon- there is a big difference in 'telling' and 'doing'....What you don't see is when israel tells the world they are leaving a certain area, and then they 'come' right back the next day on a full force operation...destroying, creating havoc ETC. YES THIS HAPPENS. It is not impossible to achieve freedom without violence .
  15. Muslim Decree Against Suicide Attacks Is Hailed

    Peace (Wa Assalamu Alaikum Ya Ikhwan) Yank, You are right when u say its shades of gray and complicated BUT as a parent if I bring my kids knowingly to someones else land at the expense of their hard work, earned rights taken from them, and let them rot as refugees in the desert JUST so I could LIVE peacefully with my family... Then I put myself & my family in that predicament....100%. Security doesn't go to israeli side only. U r quick to say.."live and let one live.." True I agree. But to what cost? Picture it this way.. Be Honest.. what would u do if I came to your land, took your home, your nice dodge truck ( cant remember if its you or yurt), kicked you and your wife off. NO JOBS, NO EDUCATION, No Means to support your family, WHAT WOULD U DO? Walk away, or defend your homeland.... I EMPHASIZE again, I don't agree killing kids, but its a parents own responisbility to know by putting them on someone elses land, and taking away their rights, they put their own selves in that predicament......