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  1. Quick How-to Guide For New Muslims

    Very nice intro guide for Muslims. With this everyone should take the initiative to Learn the Quran with Tajweed for both children and elders, as well as Learn the Quran with Translation.
  2. Prayer Times

    Very nice post and tool to help any muslim be on time for prayer. Just as prayer one should also take some time and invest it into Reading the Quran before or after prayer time and read the Quran with Tajweed and Translation.
  3. Salaah - The Purpose Of Our Life

    Very nice post Friend. At the end of it all we have been given the Quran to read with proper Tajweed and to be able to understand it with translation. We have also been given the prayer to recite with proper etiquettes to better ourselves. Allah (swt) has given us both these to ask for his help in time of need and to also make prayers for not merely oneself but the entire Muslim race.
  4. The Benefit Of Afflictions

    Very nice post. In order to better understand this we should as Muslims read the Quran, elders and children with proper Tajweed and then also Proper Translation.
  5. Signs From God

    Also a huge break thru which is much resent in history is the process of the child in the mothers womb. There are specific stages and in detail at what stage what happens. In the Quran it has been mentioned in detail with the specific stage names as well as in detail what happens. Humans have come to know of all this stuff recently and no scientist has til this day refuted anything because it is exactly the same. He is the creator and we as muslims know that the Quran is the best thing given to us from Allah (swt). We should read it all and Learn Tajweed with translation to better understand our faith.
  6. Very nice post. Enjoyed reading it as I knew some of the benefits but not this many. :happy:
  7. We should not underestimate some of these sisters who are giving lectures. There are some Muslim women who are very educated in their fields as well as in Islam. They can teach you more then some of the men in these universities now a days.
  8. My Journey To Islam

    Masha Allah great to have you on board dear brother. :D
  9. Wow such a nice experience. May Allah (swt) bless you and your family.
  10. Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal And The Baker

    MashaAllah we should have more people like this in todays day and age.
  11. Video Games

    My younger brother had a time period of a few months where he was being consumed by the games in all aspects of life. When this affected prayer time was when my father would get upset and ended up taking it away for a while. I guess if you can not control yourself then give it up. Stay true to your faith as that is what will help you in the next life not Call of Duty or Halo.
  12. A very good book if anyone is interested to read is called The Sealed Nectar. It is a life biography on our Beloved Prophet and goes into detail of all the events that occurred during his lifetime. http://www.readquranonline.net/
  13. Masha Allah I am very happy for you. May Allah (swt) bless you and your journey to the righteous path.
  14. Salaam I Need Help To Come Back To Islam

    As said by Absolute Truth, I agree try to sit and read Quran daily, little or a lot, it will help with your depression or any other issues of that sort. Here is a good website that I myself use to help me better understand the Quran and try to be a better muslim. http://www.readquranonline.net/holy-quran-memorization.htm I hope this helps sister.