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  1. France Attack Against Muslims In Mali

    here`s an interessting article brothers and sisters : " The War on Mali. What you Should Know: An Eldorado of Uranium, Gold, Petroleum, Strategic Minerals … The French government has stated that: “it would send 2,500 troops to support Malian government soldiers in the conflict against Islamist rebels. France has already deployed around 750 troops to Mali, and French carriers arrived in Bamako on Tuesday morning….. We will continue the deployment of forces on the ground and in the air….. We have one goal. To ensure that when we leave, when we end our intervention, Mali is safe, has legitimate authorities, an electoral process and there are no more terrorists threatening its territory.” [1] So this is the official narrative of France and those who support it. And of course this is what is widely reported by the mainstrem media. France is supported by other NATO members. US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta confirmed that the US was providing intelligence to French forces in Mali. [2] Canada, Belgium, Denmark and Germany have also publicly backed the French incursion, pledging logistical support in the crackdown on the rebels. [3] If we are to believe this narrative we are misled again about the real reasons. A look at Mali’s natural resources reveals what this is really about. Mali’s natural resources [4] (emphasis added) Gold: Mali: Africa’s third largest gold producer with large scale exploration ongoing. Mali has been famous for its gold since the days of the great Malian empire and the pilgrimage to Mecca of the Emperor Kankou Moussa in 1324, on his caravan he carried more than 8 tonnes of gold! Mali has therefore been traditionally a mining country for over half a millennium. Mali currently has seven operating gold mines which include: Kalana and Morila in Southern Mali, Yatela, Sadiola and Loulo in Western Mali, and mines which have recently restarted production notably Syama and Tabakoto. Advanced gold exploration projects include: Kofi, Kodieran, Gounkoto, Komana, Banankoro, Kobada and Nampala. Uranium: encouraging signs and exploration in full swing. Exploration is currently being carried out by several companies with clear indications of deposits of uranium in Mali. Uranium potential is located in the Falea area which covers 150 km² of the Falea- North Guinea basin, a Neoproterozoic sedimentary basin marked by significant radiometric anomalies. Uranium potential in Falea is thought to be 5000 tonnes. The Kidal Project, in the north eastern part of Mali, with an area of 19,930 km2, the project covers a large crystalline geological province known as L’Adrar Des Iforas. Uranium potential in the Samit deposit, Gao region alone is thought to be 200 tonnes. Diamonds: Mali has potential to develop its diamond exploration: in the Kayes administrative region (Mining region 1), thirty (30) kimberlitic pipes have been discovered of which eight are show traces of diamonds. Some eight small diamonds have been picked in the Sikasso administrative region (southern Mali). Precious stones consist of the following and can be found in: Circle of Nioro and Bafoulabe: Garnets and rare magnetic minerals Circle of Bougouni and Faleme Basin: Pegmatite minerals Le Gourma – garnet and corindons L’Adrar des Ilforas – pegmatite and metamorphosing minerals Hombori Douentza Zone: quartz and carbonates Iron Ore, Bauxite and Manganese: significant resources present in Mali but still unexploited. Mali has according to estimates more than 2 million tonnes of potential iron ore reserves located in the areas of Djidian-Kenieba, Diamou and Bale. Bauxite reserves are thought to be 1.2 million tonnes located in Kita, Kenieba and Bafing- Makana. Traces of manganese have been found in Bafing – Makana, Tondibi and Tassiga. Other mineral resources and potential in Mali Calcarous rock deposits: 10 million tonnes est. ( Gangotery), 30 million tonnes est. ( Astro) and Bah El Heri ( Nord de Goundam) 2.2 Million tonnes est. Copper: potentialities in Bafing Makan ( Western Region) and Ouatagouna ( Northern Region) Marble : Selinkegny ( Bafoulabe) 10.6 MT estimated reserves and traces at Madibaya Gypsum: Taoudenit ( 35 MT est.), Indice Kereit ( Nord de Tessalit) 0.37 MT est. Kaolin: Potential estimated reserves ( 1MT) located in Gao ( Northern Region) Phosphate: Reserve located at Tamaguilelt, production of 18,000 t/per annum and an estimated potential of 12 million tonnes. There are four other potential deposits in the North of 10 million tonnes. Lead and zinc: Tessalit in the Northern Region ( 1.7 MT of estimated reserves) and traces in Bafing Makana ( Western Region) and Fafa (Northern Mali) Lithium: Indications in Kayes ( Western Region) and estimated potential of 4 million tonnes in Bougouni ( Southern Region) Bitumen schist: Potential estimated at 870 million tonnes, indications found in Agamor and Almoustrat in the Northern Region. Lignite: Potential estimated at 1.3 million tonnes, indications found in Bourem ( Northern Region) Rock Salt: Estimated potential of 53 million tonnes in Taoudenni ( Northern Region) Diatomite: Estimated potential of 65 million tonnes in Douna Behri ( Northern Region) Mali’s Petroleum potential already attracting significant interest from investors Mali’s Petroleums potential has been documented since the 1970’s where sporadic seismic and drilling revealed probable indications of oil. With the increasing price of global oil and gas resources, Mali has stepped up its promotion and research for oil exploration, production and potential exports. Mali could also provide a strategic transport route for Sub-Saharan oil and gas exports through to the Western world and there is the possibility of connecting the Taoudeni basin to European market through Algeria. Work has already begun to reinterpret previously gathered geophysical and geological data collected, focussing on five sedimentary basins in the North of country including: Taoudeni, Tamesna, Ilumenden, Ditch Nara and Gao. So here we have it Whatever is reported by the mainstream media, the goal of this new war is no other than stripping yet another country of its natural resources by securing the access of international corporations to do it. What is being done now in Mali through bombs and bullets , Greece, Portugal and Spain by means of debt enslavement.And the people suffer and die The Guardian reported 2 days ago [5] : “The human toll has not yet been calculated, but a communique read on state television late Saturday said that at least 11 Malians were killed in Konna. “Sory Diakite, the mayor of Konna, says the dead included children who drowned after they threw themselves into a river in an effort to escape the bombs. “Others were killed inside their courtyards, or outside their homes. People were trying to flee to find refuge. Some drowned in the river. At least three children threw themselves in the river. They were trying to swim to the other side. And there has been significant infrastructure damage,” said the mayor, who fled the town with his family and is now in Bamako.” Who knows what the death toll is today. God help any country and its people with natural resources to be exploited.
  2. 12 Tips For The Convert / Revert Muslim

    I have just been thinking of this subject . Many people want revolution and you find the recipe for a revolution in Islam , following the path to Allah- Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala - on the footsteps of the Prophet - peace be upon him. However , this revolution is the revolution of the soul and mind . You have to overcome yourselves , before you try to change anybody else . As a fresh convert , i can give you an advice if you`re thinking of doing something that is beyond rational : Make peace with yourselves , and research a lot , do not misinterpret what you don`t understand . Keep learning and growing in Islam dearest brothers and sisters !
  3. Depressed Muslims

    Assalamu Alaikum I`ve been browsing through the threads and couldn`t help but notice that there are quite a few depressed muslim brothers and/or sisters are trying to deal with depression. I was wondering a little ... The fact that i know and feel that Allah will be with me , by my side all the time , simply makes me feel happy and thankful. Even during tough times and believe me , i`ve been through stuff. Any thoughts on this one ?
  4. My Journey To Islam

    Jazak Allah for all the good wishes , it`s great to read your kindness everyone ! Allahu Akbar !
  5. My Journey To Islam

    Jazak Allah Sister !
  6. My Journey To Islam

    We`ll get married soon , she`s not a muslim , she was born as a catholic . I am currently introducing Islam to her and insa Allah , one day she`ll find her path as well.
  7. Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters! My road to Islam has been long , painful and interessting. I`m quite young (26) and i`ve embraced Islam a month ago. I`m a hungarian citizen living in Denmark , have a fiancé , a regular job , but it wasn`t always like this . I grew up in Budapest , Hungary into a roman catholic family . My parents didn`t live a religious way of life , even though they claimed to be superchristian from time to time. They divorced when i was 13 , my father disappeared forever and i was left with my mother , my little sister and little brother . My mother wasn`t well educated nor had high intelligence, she was a simple girl from the countryside who married to my dad in hope for a better quality of life (my father was in the Hungarian forces , it used to be a privilege to serve in the hungarian forces-those times are over.) , so she was struggling to get a job. I had to get a job as well , because she made it clear that she`s not capable of providing any allowance for us. I went to high school and worked at fast food restaurants , different supermarkets in the same time. It wasn`t easy and since there was nobody in my family i could talk to ,nor had an older brother or sister , i`ve found an illusion of comfort within the punk scene of Budapest. It meant lots of alcohol,lots of pills with alcohol , wild parties , crashing supermarket windows at nights and the great illusion that i belong somewhere , that i belong to a movement. Obivously, it created conflicts at home and my mother had this boyfriend who just moved in and we had to treat him like he`s our dad too. It wasn`t normal and on top of that , i never liked the guy , we had nothing in common to talk about and he was a freeloader ,living off of my and my mom`s salary. Eventually, after a series of conflicts and fights between me and him , he made my mother decide: me or him. I did not realize it that time , but she was so insecure , afraid of being alone - she choose him over me . I was 16 when i started life as a homeless. Here, i have to mention that Hungary has "democracy" since 1989 , so the people still don`t know how to use their freedom. It`s a very negative,racist,xenophobic environment with an economy that is ambushed by corruption and greed-just like anywhere else in eastern europe nowadays. Being a homeless in such environment is not easy , it got me into some smaller criminal activities that led me into prison , but i`ll talk about this later. I left my country with a backpack and about 10 euros in my pocket back in 2007 , blackrode the trains, hitch-hiked , tried to find a place to be , where i can be in peace ,without hatred and constant hatecrimes . I stayed in Croatia,Slovakia,Poland,Germany,The Netherlands and eventually settled here in Copenhagen. In 2011, june , the police knocked on our door , saying that the hugarian authorities gave out an arrest warrant , so i was sent back to Hungary ,leaving everything that i`ve built up here in Denmark:relationships, job, home and the person you go to sleep with every night and wake up with every morning. After spending 7 months in "preventive custody" i was sentenced to 1 year and 2 months in prison and i`ve been released in august,2012. Islam has been always around me whether i`ve noticed or not. I felt like during my life that Islam might be something one day will come into my life , because there were so many signs of it. Through the worst situations , starving , freezing bad times and all alone - Allah was always present and guided me through the jungle i had created around myself at such a young age. My first full-contact encounter with Islam was at a " Support Palestine" rally. I have been doing charity work and i am involved in activism a couple of years ago . I have always tried to find the key for a better life,so we would set up workshops and raising awareness on injustices and through these events, i got to meet people with different backgrounds and it opened my eyes and my heart too. I got to meet a couple of muslim brothers and sisters and none of them ever talked about their faith as long as i didn`t ask for it and i was kind of afraid to ask , so i`ve researched on the internet ,spending whole nights in front of the computer reading about Islam and after finding more and more and more of myself in this beautiful religion , i asked a brother i know : Mohamed , if he`s a religious muslim and if he is , would he be interessted teaching me . He works in a falafel shop , and when i asked him the question , he stopped messing with the salads , looked at me with tears in his eyes and he said that it`s the best thing that ever happened to him. After this , i took the Shahada , in the back of the shop and we sat down and he taught me the basics of Islam . I have now, found a true Brotherhood and happiness and i`m in the process of losing everything that is in the way between Allah and me . I have lots to learn and it`s not going to be easy , because i already have some problems with people i used to call friends. But Allah knows best and insa Allah , i will complete the journey to the infinite . This is my story -as short as possible- if you are interessted about any details , feel free to ask. Your Brother : Daniel Jazak Allah for reading this !
  8. New Here

    Jazak Allah all of You ! I`m sure i will have lots of questions , since i`m practicing Islam in a western society .
  9. How To Pray

    very useful , JazakAllah Brother !
  10. New Here

    Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters! I`m a hungarian living in Copenhagen,Denmark and i`ve converted to Islam a month ago . I am currently struggling with people once i called my friends - they are being freaked out because of my newly found way of life (which is not so new , Islam has been always present in my life in many different ways, i`ve just ignored it). I hope to learn a lot from this forum , seems exciting! But Allah knows best :) Blessings ! Daniel