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  1. He did that as an action of hatred towards Islam.
  2. Assalamu 3aleykum! What should I say? Dagen is a Christian newspaper and I'm not happy with how Islam is portrayed in Norwegian media in general. Also, if the Norwegian Islamic Council actually were keen to do something, they would and should have commented on this event. I feel so embarrassed whenever I read something about Norway and Islam because I know from the bottom of my heart that the general Norwegian mentality and the general impression of Islam amongst Norwegians has NOT changed since the 22 July terror attack. Yes, it's the biggest thing that has happened in Norway since the Norwegian constitution was signed on 17 May 1814. -Most people tend to focus on the fact that it's a national tragedy, rather than why it happened and what the intentions behind it were... Also: It really hurts to see something like this, especially as a Norwegian myself. I also believe things like this video clip will just increase the number of stereotypes that exist in the Norwegian society today.
  3. Who Has Ever Been Inside A Church Or Syngage

    I've been inside churches before, and it was kinda boring. The only reason why I did that was because my school said that we had to. But I had no religion and didn't care about the religious aspect of it. However, this year I managed to skip school when we were supposed to go to two churches. I don't think I want to go to a church again inshallah
  4. Jazakallah 5ayr for posting! It makes indeed a lot of sense because the earth is not the centre of the universe, and there's a chance that there might be life on other planets. -so of course Muslims there need to be in the same heaven as us;)
  5. Assalamu 3aleykum! I just wrote a blog post with my conversion story;) http://askingforgood.com/?p=100
  6. Why I Converted:)

    Jazakallah 5ayr, sister! Yes, it's true that I have difficulty telling my family since they have become very anti-Islam lately, and I've got a feeling that they intentionally mock me a lot... Inshallah I'll do that:)
  7. Hello!

    Assalamu alaikum! My name's Nadia, and I'm from Norway. I'm a relatively fresh Muslim...
  8. Hello!

    Thanks a lot:)
  9. Hello!

    Jazakallah 5ayr! That's awesome!!!
  10. Hello!

    Jazakallah 5ayr! I only took my shahada 2 days ago. Even though I've been reading since spring last year, I'm still a baby in Islam. And I'm looking forward to read and learn more:)