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  1. Mecca

    Why are only Muslims allowed in Mecca?
  2. Aligarr While what you say is true about it not being abrogated. I do disagree with it being stopped however. There is a reason the Catholic Church offers the holy sacrifice of the mass during Divine Liturgy. It's been offered since Jesus Christ instituted it at his paschal meal. Peace be with you.
  3. Andalusi, As for how can I be so sure? Well frankly I take it on faith. Now what helps my faith is the church teachings, the church councils, and traditions. True the church has gone through trials and she will always do so. That's expected but her core beliefs remain the same ie consistent. What is that? That Jesus Christ is Gods Word, the Son of Man. That Jesus is God thus The Lord of the sabbath. This is a hard saying and many can't handle it both back then and even today. Buts it's the truth of the Catholic Church which preaches Christ crucified. Peace be with you.
  4. Wayfarer, I tend to agree. Yet, it does raise some disturbing questions. After all, since the transmission of the Koran is sacrosanct then any credible challenge to that could cause chaos socially, politically, and spiritually. Peace be with you.
  5. Islam Vs Paganism

    QED, Yes and looks can be very deceiving. Case in point though there is a strong Christian presence here churches abound yet the message is very diffuse. There are faiths of all kinds here and paganism is strong though it may not be the type your thinking of. Look at it like this idolatry is worshipping something as God that is due to God alone. In the US people worship success, money, power, sex, food, celebrity,gossip, and even their own body. Not all but I'd say a majority. Thus the paganism I speak of isn't of Norse, Greek, roman origin but vices in their place. There temples are the gyms, board and living rooms of American society . Still, the US isn't beyond hope. So long as good people stand up to injustice and practice their faith. Peace be with you.
  6. Andalusi, Catholics are called to a radical conversion to Jesus Christ. We truly believe the church is the bride of Christ and that means we accept her teachings. There is a passage in the New Testament where Jesus asks his disciples the 12 will they go too? To which Peter responds master where would we go? you have the words of everlasting life. Andalusi you are right to say it seems illogical and rapes your mind. I don't disagree since that's the view taken by many in the early church days as well. So, then you probably think all Christians are crazy or at the very least misguided. I understand this and that is one of our differences. I do believe the Catholic Church is the one Jesus Christ empowered on Pentecost. Yes there have been and will continue to be bad priests deacons bishops. That's unavoidable as the church is made of human beings. Yet those men ordained are empowered by the laying on of hands through ordination, And the Holy Spirit. The church has the Eucharist the body blood soul and divinity of our lord Jesus Christ. In short we believe Jesus is God and he founded a church. I believe the Eucharist is truly the body blood soul a divinity of our lord Jesus Christ because the church says so. Since I believe the church gave us the bible selecting the proper Old Testament canon and writing the New Testament they have some say in what books go where. I am aware that some scholars dispute books in the bible. That's fine by me I just follow the church and in so doing follow God Peace be with you.
  7. Andalusi, What you state is very logical my friend and as you are a Muslim you should follow that path unless your called to a different one. To and frankly to most what Catholics follow is folly. This we understand and accept as your view. It is not ours however. I'd be happy to explain.
  8. Andalusi, Thank you for your honest response. Personally I believe the crucifixion happened because the Catholic Church says so. Peace be with you.
  9. Islam Vs Paganism

    QED, The reason it meshes more logically with monotheism rather than polytheism has more to do with the nature of the Gods or Goddesses themselves in relation with order and chaos. Think of it as multiple voices all screaming at once. That seems more like chaos than order to me. Your right though my culture may have a lot to do with it. Though I do live in the US, it's not a Christian or Muslim nation. It's more accurate to call it a polytheistic nation bordering with atheistic tendencies . It is mission territory. Peace be with you.
  10. Andalusi, Hello old friend. Tell me at the end of the day why don't you believe in the crucifixion ? Peace be with you.
  11. Oh and Jesus was crucified. No appearance about it, no disciple made to look like it; he did indeed get crucified and in so doing saved all of us. How? You may ask. Well for example, behind the sermon on the mount, stands the figure of Christ. The man who is God, but precisely because he is God, descends, empties himself, all the way to death on a cross. The true morality of Christianity is sacrificial love. It runs counter to the world and for this reason the world is hostile to it. Peace be with you.
  12. That is part of the reason why I had a hard time when I looked into Islam. The Islamic view of Jesus should literally make perfect sense for Christians to understand especially if it's Gods final revelation as Mohammed is the seal of the prophets on Islam. None can ever come after him. Yet, the way Christianity is portrayed in the Koran and hadiths the holiest scriptures in Islam is so radically different than what the majority of Christians believe do much so that is why many don't convert to Islam from Christianity unless they themselves have difficulty with the Christian scriptures, That's my own opinion of course. But it does explain it. Peace be with you.
  13. That is the issue isn't it. If Christ did not rise then Christianity is a lie and we're either all still in our sins with no way to atone for them except to ask for Gods' mercy. Or he did rise and we still have to ask for Gods' mercy but we also have a sacrificial offering in his Son the Word Jesus Christ who is a just judge for having lived among us he is like man in all things save sin. Peace be with you.
  14. Islam Vs Paganism

    Popcorn in hand. Aligarr your post above about One God, Many Gods, or No God at all was very eloquent and to the point of the issue. As for why the One God argument is a more popular argument to make is because meshes with logic more easily, But even today it still comes down to the uncaused cause. Or why is there something rather than nothing. Peace be with you.
  15. Muslim-Christian Debate, Here

    Andalusi, Aligarr is correct. You cry out for evidence but can't accept what is presented. As that's the situation the only thing I can do is pray for you and all who refuse to see the truth who is Jesus Christ. I know it's not popular and many reject it as is their right as God doesn't force anyone to worship him. But, what I truly don't understand is why when God offers salvation and the chance to join his house as adoptive sons and daughters of God the Father, people would still rather choose to be slaves. Peace be with you