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  1. What Would The Prophet (saw) Do? The home is your place of rest, your rose garden indoors, your glimpse of Jannah, your source of peace – or so, it is supposed to be. Today, behind closed doors it has become everything of the opposite. A war zone, a torture chamber, a place of melancholy and unrest; spouses have become each other’s worst enemies standing against one another, when there may have been a time, where they were standing close by each other, for each other. As did Khadija (ra) and Muhammad (saw). The woman whom he loved like no other, and the man whom she devoted her life to. But what was it about the pair of them that allowed mutual respect, love, and trust to only stay and grow? Come and find out in this educational webinar with Sheikh Yaser Birjas and Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda, which endeavours to give a clear insight into the how to maintain a healthy home, the prophet’s (saw) way of life, how he treated his spouses and how he never would. Location: nour-dv.org.uk Date: Thursday 21st March 2013 Time: 7pm Speakers Sheikh Yaser Birjas Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda Topics The prophetic ways of treating your spouse How to maintain a healthy home Q&A Session Part of Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2013 http://nour-dv.org.uk/DVAW2013 Register Now http://romancevsviolence.eventbrite.com
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  3. Unarmed, unsafe unjust — let us not let this war stay unheard of! Assalamu `alaykum wa rahmatoLlahi wa barakatuhu! Nour-domestic violence is pleased and thrilled to bring you our very first event of the year: a unique seminar that we are confident will not leave you disappointed! Read on for more information with regards to this and our amazing speakers! Unfortunately with domestic abuse being a subject brushed far under the carpet, for too long, we as a community have become immune to its severity and effects. We have become hard in our hearts at the reality our people are facing today, and in becoming ignorant to these battles that take place in our homes, we have turned our backs on the oppressed — we have left them to suffer alone. This upcoming seminar will endeavour to revive this topic of domestic violence, to illustrate its severity so that we as a community may be more known to its dangers, its effects, its truth…so that we may understand why this issue needs tackling, and help. REMEBER if our ameer ul mu’mineed Caliph Mu’tasim (may Allah be pleased with him) sent 30,000 of his own soliders to rescue ONE woman, because she was about to be touched in a way no woman should ever be touched, then what are WE doing for these thousands of victims that are undergoing abuse every single day and night, whatever the form may be? Come and find out why it is your duty to eradicate this type of injustice. Come and find out why you must not think twice about assisting. Come and stand in the frontline with your brother, or sister, to let them know that they are not alone – in this battle at home. SPEAKERS Hamza Tzortzis Abdullah Hasan Sr.Khalida Haque Survivors of Domestic Violence Poet Abdullah Sharrif TOPICS Domestic Violence and Counselling Prevalence of Domestic Violence and Social Issues The Islamic Perspective Live survivor stories Poetry! LIMITED SEATS | LIGHT LUNCH SERVED Facebook Event Buy you tickets now! thebattleathome.eventbrite.com
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