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  1. Who Has Ever Been Inside A Church Or Syngage

    Assalamu alaikum. This poll doesn't really offer enough fair options for me to share my opinion on the subject... But regardless, I've been inside many churches. I was a Christian in the past, so of course I attended church, and never once did I find church scary or creepy. I just didn't believe Christians were worshiping God the true way (the Islamic way.) I never believed Jesus and God were one, nor did I believe Jesus was the son of God; I believed in him as a prophet, even when I called myself a Christian.
  2. And by the way, brother Younes, I'm sorry if I seemed rude. :) I forgot to say my salams to you, so assalmu alaikum. I was half asleep when replying to this thread haha. :)
  3. That's more the idea I meant to convey. There are good and bad Muslims. As long as you believe in Allah as the one and only God, and that Muhammad is his messenger, you are a Muslim- no matter how bad or good of a person you are. But terrorism is not something Islam teaches, so a belief in terrorism is not derived from religion. I hate the idea of terrorism being a Muslim affair.
  4. Let me reiterate; they are not following what Islam teaches; their beliefs do not stem from religious piety.
  5. Assalamu alaikum. First off, you must take into account that different sources will yield different results in means of what percentage of "Muslims" support terrorist activities. What is considered a "terrorist activity"? Is retaliation against a non-Muslim country that has murdered and defiled a country's people in hate against Islam considered "terrorism"? I think not. That's called self-defense. Is fighting back when your country has been unrelentlessly bombed in the name of killing innocent Muslims considered an act of "terrorism"? I think not. "Terrorism" is such a loose term. Was 9/11 an act of terrorism? Yes, without a doubt, and as a Muslim I am downright ASHAMED that those terrorists claimed Islam as their reasoning and as their religion. A true Muslim would have never done such a terrible thing. But I can guarantee you that if you asked every single Muslim in the world if they agreed with true terrorism, such as 9/11, the vast majority would say NO- and those who agree with terrorism, are NOT Muslims. Point blank. What if I asked every Christian in the world if they agreed with the terrible, disgusting acts that western soldiers are imposing upon innocent Muslims? Some would say yes, some would say no. There are bad eggs within every religion. You must also take into account that many "Muslim" countries do not impose Shariah law correctly. Many "Muslim" countries are NOT TRUE MUSLIM countries. Many of them are oppressed countries, and not by the means of Islam, but by the means of imposing rulers. Islam is a LIBERATING religion; and many of the statistics you provided came from countries that are very VERY oppressed by their rulers, and not by the means of Allah or Islam, but by the means of a ruler who wants nothing more than to control his people and use religion as a fallback. That is not true Islam, and unfortunately they might not be true Muslims, but "Muslims" who believe everything that comes out of their king's mouth, including that terrorism is a work dedicated to Allah- and this is the fault of their oppressive governments, not Islam. Islam requires one to question everything, to use logic, to be kind, to follow in the footsteps of Muhammad- who was a very KIND, PEACEFUL man. He'd have never been a terrorist.
  6. Assalamu alaikum! I've had something on my mind lately, and truthfully it bothers me very much. My grandfather died last year. He raised me, and was the only dad I ever knew. He died a Christian. I never had the chance to teach him of Islam, and he had no real knowledge of Islam at all. Islam never reached him, only Christianity did. The Quran says, "Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Final Day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve." Does this mean that there is hope that my Grandfather made it to paradise? He was such an amazing man, Mashallah, I couldn't imagine him being cast to hellfire. It really worries me. I loved him so much and I hope so deeply that Allah granted him entrance to Paradise. Any opinions on this? I've heard from some brothers and sisters that only Muslims can make it to paradise, yet it seems the Quran states that ANY believers in God, so long as they are good people, may enter paradise. I'd just like some insight, insha'Allah. Hopefully what I find out will ease my mind.
  7. Assalamu alaikum, sister! Yes, this is what I meant. I want to REPEAT my Shahada at a Masjid, in front of other brothers and sisters. I feel as though it would hep me along in my journey to and Islamic life. ^_^ I'm in no way RENOUNCING my belief in Islam, I am a Muslim. I am a non-practicing Muslim, but I am trying to find the inspiration in my heart to become PRACTICING, and I just feel it would be good for me to repeat Shahada in the presence of other Muslims, Alhumdullilah.
  8. There are almost no Muslims where I live, and that is where most of my problem lies. I am alone. Whenever I watch videos of Muslims praying together in unity, or hear the call to prayer in a video or on a movie, I'm literally brought to tears- because those Muslims are so lucky, Mashallah, as they have the company of one another and the unity of Islam in the friendships they have. I do not have that, and it makes becoming a good Muslim a very difficult task. :(
  9. I was not speaking of leaving Islam. I KNOW Islam is the truth and that I should be doing my best to follow Allah. To die a non-practicing Muslims is better than to die a kafir. But I have never heard of RE-TAKING Shahada whilst still being a Muslim as being a sin. I've heard of Muslims taking their Shahada two or three times. I took mine alone, and I'm interested in taking it again at a Masjid- what is the harm in that? I would never renounce my faith between the two Shahadas. I'm a Muslim, and I will be until the day I die. I may be a non-practicing Muslim, but I am still a Muslim and I am trying to get on track. Most reverts I know took their Shahadas alone first, and then at a Masjid... How is that a sin? Because that is exactly what I want to do.
  10. Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters. A few months ago, I took my Shahada. Alhumdullilah I do believe, in my heart, that Allah is the one and only God, and that Muhammad (peace be upon him), was his final prophet. I took my Shahada as soon as I realized that my heart believes Islam is the key to a true, straight-path in life... However, I have not brought myself to be a practicing Muslim. I do not pray. I do not wear Hijab. I believe I should be doing these things, yet I have yet to begin PRACTICING despite becoming a Muslim. I feel as though I have failed completely. I feel as though I took my Shahada too quickly, without understanding the commitment I needed to make to Allah. I am ready to make that commitment now. I want to be a practicing Muslim. But I do not know what to do, or how to get rid of this guilt. I became a Muslim because I believe this is the correct path, yet I did not begin practicing the way I should have as soon as I took my Shahada. In fact, I took a few steps back. Is it possible to RE-TAKE my Shahada? I never took it with witnesses to begin with, I only took it by myself. How can I make up for this lost time? This is what I truly believe to be the correct way of life, and though I know I will not be able to wear hijab until I leave my parents' home, I could still become a good, practicing Muslimah in all other aspects. But how should I approach this?
  11. I Have Lost My Way.

    Mashallah. I know this post wasn't directed at me, but I needed to read that. It helps me a whole lot, Alhumdullilah.
  12. Cats :)

    This is my kitty. :) Her name is Lucy, and she was a stray. About a year and a half ago she started coming around our house, and we started feeding her! ^_^ Mashallah she is very loving and behaves very much like a house cat (we think she had an owner at one point, but she was abandoned.) We can't have her live inside because our landlord doesn't allow it, but we bring her in during storms and bad weather. She's so precious, Mashallah. Love her.
  13. Cats :)

    Mashallah, your kitty is adorable!
  14. Please Make Dua For My Grandmother. :(

    Thank you very much, brother. And of course I will discuss all of these things with her, including the fact that if she does decide to pray as a Muslim does, she becomes a Muslimah. I'm not quite sure if she'll go through with it or not, but just the fact that she's being accepting and showing interest is a good start, Mashallah.
  15. Please Make Dua For My Grandmother. :(

    She is 69 years old. I'm not sure if she would be able to do the steps, however if she's unable to, I'm not quite sure how to help her... Is it permissible to pray Salat without doing all of the physical steps if your health won't allow you to do so? She does have a bad back and weak knees, she has problems kneeling and then getting back up, and that's where my concern lies.