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  1. Right Decision

    So, I feel that Islam is the right decision, but that I may have rushed into it. My parents want me to put this on hold and discuss it later so I can focus on my school work. They love me very much, but they don't (my mother) want to support me on this move. My dad says that if I still decide down the road that he will celebrate it with me. My mind is a little shaken up right now and I don't know what to think. I kind of want to put this on a slower pace, but I don't know if I can. If I'm in too deep already I mean. thoughts?
  2. Pope Benedict

    True, but due to modern media and the fact that all these issues surfaced at the same relative time have been a large shock.
  3. Pope Benedict

    While age definitely plays into it i think a part is because of the child molestation problems the catholics are experiencing.
  4. Question About The Ethics Of Islam

    No worries. Something agitates you and then the slightest thing sets you off. I know the feeling. :)
  5. Pleased To Meet You All.

    Don't worry on how to speak to us. We are an open community and value eachothers ideas/opinions. We may not always agree, but we will never be angry. Unless you deliberately try to make us angry many, many times. :P
  6. Pleased To Meet You All.

    Don't worry about being restricted. Make 7 posts and you're good to go! I'm guessing you weren't born Muslim if you still need more info? Although I could be wrong. :P
  7. Pleased To Meet You All.

    Welcome sister! We will all be glad to help you however we can with whatever questions you have. :)
  8. Question About The Ethics Of Islam

    Yahya, what is it you think he is trying to do? I may not have grown up Muslim but I don't see his offense.
  9. I think you should take into account the fact that if her parents found out she got married without consent they will still most likely disown her. In fact, it might be more likely to happen in this instance. It is better for her to talk to her parent first, and take the chance, rather than go into something with an almost guarantee of disownment. May Allah guid you, and you will be in my prayers.
  10. Emergency

    My aunt told her before I could. Now my mom won't return my calls. I could really use some prayers now.
  11. Emergency

    Wa Aleykum Assalam I just feel so betrayed. There are people in my family who hate Muslims. But I don't know if my mom is one. I wanted her to know from me, the way it should be.
  12. Emergency

    I didn't know how else to title this. I fear my aunt is going to tell my mom about my conversion to Islam, but I'm not ready. How should I deal with this? And if she does what should I do? I'm terrified.
  13. Clarification Of Cutting The Hands Of Thief In Islam

    As I have stated in our other discussion, there is also going to be a ratio of punishments enacted to crime. Stealing out of necessity, as stated in the OP, does not warrant removal of the hand. Also, the thief must steal something i great value. A few apples should not warrant hand removal, but were one to steal valuable jewelry or precious items them yes, it would.
  14. Question About The Ethics Of Islam

    Also, the issue regarding blood money and ratio. In my opinion, a person of any other religion has either rejected God, or has remained ignorant. Every loss of life is a pain and a terrible thing. The Qur'an says that when you take a life it is as if you killed all of humanity, but when you save a life it is as if you have saved all of humanity. Despite them being ignorant or disbelieving (in the case of athiests) thy are still entitled to compensation My opinion would be of disgust, as it is wrong to deplete the value of human life in a secular nation for religious, or any, reason. There is also the fact that the ratio would be off significantly.
  15. Question About The Ethics Of Islam

    Unfortunately I am not an expert on Islamic Law, but i will try to askwer the things i know as I don't give false information. 1) The Qur'an has been kept in Arabic so as to avoid mistranslation then mis text then miss reading. Everything in the Qur'an has been forbidden or allowed for the benefit. I do not, however, see how the nature of Islamic society, which was fhe same in most nations up into recently, leads you to dout the existence of Allah. He has given us a society that works when correctly applied and for good reasons. You have men, who are strong of will and determination to work and take care of money and feeding the house. You have women who are strong in compassion and love to take care of the people within the home, children and the husband. Islamic society builds off the strengths of us all. 2) Despite being irrelevant in your eyes it does tie in to #1. Allah will forgive us for our sins because He is All-Merciful and All-Powerful. 3) Nothing in the scripture has challenged my faith. You may think that a boy who, with full knowledge of his crime, commited murder and was executed/imprisoned for life is unnsavory, but still is just. Allah is Just in the same manner. I would pray the thief begs for forgivness before he is sent to the Imam for sentence, and I will always forgive them as Allah does and knows what we do. But nothing has challenged my faith. You may say that the Qur'an permits the "hitting" of women. But Muhammed, peace he upon him, NEVER laid his hands on a woman in violence, so I shall not either. 4) this is one of the problems with Arabic. It does not accurately translate in some words. The word Jihad means "struggle in the name of God" but struggle in Arabic can also translate to fight. The only fighting for God in Europe was a Crusade, therefore it was dubbed Holy War. Secondly, Muslims should never wage war on eachother in my opinion without the other party openly defying Allah, Distkrting Islamic views, or commiting such sins that we must put a stop to. This is only a last resort still, as all Muslims are family. You would never trully wish to punch a brother or sister, rather you would talk to them first. If they continue to meglect their children, disrespect their parents or such other foolish deeds, them you might choose physical action. But only as a last resort. Jihad against other religions, in the semse of an actual Holy War, should only be undertaken in self defense, never as an attack. 5) As I stated, many of these thieves are foriegners who do not fully understand Islamic Law. You also have no correlated the ratio of thieveries tk punishments as a person who is destitute or not of the right mind cannot be punished, as it is every Muslims duty to assist these people so that they should not have to steal. As for the female issue, I cannot accurately give you an answer. It may simply be a cultural thing, but I cannot give you an educated answer. It is good to have a civilized conversation with a person who is genuinley interested, not out to disprove our laws. :) This was sent by my ipod, so forgive any spellig errors please.