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  1. How To Deal With Hate

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're going through all of this. I do understand it could be painful especially if the ones who were saying so are you close friends or family. However, please keep in my mind that it's most probably out of lack of knowledge about Islam. This is the idea they got about Islam through movies, tv shows or any other source they used to learn about Islam.So their idea is that it's a backwards cruel religion. In addition to praying for them, I would advise you to be patient about it. Understand their fear and work on correcting their idea about Islam by being a better person, and by treating them much better than before. Try to discuss Islam and what you love about it with them. They will reject it at the beginning, but with time, they would want to know what made you choose it for a religion. If you make them curious, you may succeed in leading them to Islam and that would be wonderful. So look at the whole situation as it's more like a challenge. I have cousins who live in the Netherlands; they were born and raised there. Their mother is Dutch and she wasn't muslim till 2 years ago. When my cousins were getting more religous, she was really scared and was worried about them very much. However, they were very patient about her reactions. They kept on treating her much better than before and always said that they're doing this as they are better muslims now. She noticed the great positive changes in their behaviours and attitudes about everything and that eventually made her curious about Islam. She started reading and learning more about it till she eventually was convinced and became a muslim in 2010. This was great news for us all, and we were very happy for her. She's a very religious muslim Masha'Allah with a strong iman now. So you don't know what Allah has in store for you. You may help people learn more about Islam and who knows, you may even help them become muslims too :)
  2. Introduction :)

    Wa Alaukum Assalam Thank you! :)
  3. Dealing With Friends

    I think the best thing to do is to talk about it when he starts making jokes again. Tell your friend that this is serious issue to you and you don't like joking about this as it make you feel uncomfortable. Do not do it on phone or online though, tell him when you're hanging out, face to face. I'm sure if he's a good friend, he will understand and respect your wish. Don't worry though, it's his way of coping with something new to him.
  4. Introduction :)

    Wa Alaykum Assalam Thank you for your reply :) I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it here, the topics that I've seen so far are very interesting.
  5. Introduction :)

    I'm Egyptian girl. I live and work in Cairo, Egypt. I joined this forum so I can learn more about Islam and help members who are here to seek knowledge as well. I'm planning to study Dawa very soon inshallah, I have to study much on my own to strengthen my knowledge and iman at the beginning, so I'm looking forward to learning more from the discussions of the forum. I would love to make new Muslim friends as well. So feel free to contact me if you wish to talk or else if you feel I can be of any assistance or help. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.