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  1. I'm Obligated To Do This! :)

    Thank you Adam :)
  2. I'm Obligated To Do This! :)

    Nothing just to find some Muslim friends and improve my Islam life. :)
  3. موضوع جميل جدا يجسد السنة الشريفة, شكرا لك
  4. Good Or Bad

    Of course you cannot, I understand your point of view, but you cannot pray to make that person like you, if all prayings you have been making is for someone to like you they are all false and you are not getting anything from Allah for it. because the main reason of prayings is to worship Allah not for any other propose, if you are doing it for something else then it's all gone and you have been wasting your time, you must pray because Allah put it as a rule to pray 5 times a day, you must pray because of your fear from Allah and to keep hope that his mercy will be upon you and sends you to heaven. I wish I helped you
  5. Hello all, My name is Houssin, I live in UAE, Muslim, the reason why I joined this site because in such time a Muslim need other Muslims to be by his side, to correct him, and motivate him to do the best. So yeah I need some Muslims friends. :)