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  1. Peace

    «بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم» He got it from here: i think andalusi didn't want to say "you can have sex outside marriage" he wanted to say you can't have sex outside marriage.
  2. Diseases Of The Heart & Its Cure

    I know that,I'm just kidding :happy:
  3. Diseases Of The Heart & Its Cure

    Neither up nor down; just Middle
  4. Hello.

    «بسمه تعالی» Welcome to this forum, you can ask your questions about Islam in order to find the truth about Islam. Also you can ask some of your questions via private message if needed.
  5. Help Please:-)

    Salam, i couldn't find anything related to this duas,i have a suggestion for you: please say for what cases you want doa, than we will help you to find a trusty dua in that case.
  6. Full Member

    salam By this post i got it !
  7. New To Forum

    «بسم الله ارحمن الرحيم» Hi Ky living, nice to meet you,we are glad to see you're seeking the truth,we are here to help people like you to find their answers about Islam, the true religion. Better to ask the way than go astray!! Also you can send private messages if you need.
  8. Smart Worker!

    Travelling on a plane was a man who was proud of his intelligence. When he discovered that the person sitting next to him was a worker, he suggested they think up some riddles to pass the time. "If you can’t answer mine, you must give me $5," he said. "And if i can’t answer yours, I’ll give you $5, OK?" "NO!" answered the worker, "I’m tired and i want to sleep" "Well a better idea" said the man intensively, "If you can’t answer mine, you must give me $5 and if i can’t answer yours, I’ll give you $10," "Alright" the worker said after a little thinking, "And i will go first". The man agreed. The worker then asked: “What has six feet on the land and only three feet when swimming?" then continued "I sleep, when you find the answer wake me up!" "OK" the man said. He thought for very long time about this, but reluctantly he had to concede defeat. When they reached their destination he woke the worker up and said "here's your $10; what’s the answer?" "I don't know", said the worker; "here's your $5."
  9. 1.dont use no double negatives. 2.the passive voice is to be ignored. 3.never use a preposition to end a sentence with. 4.it is wrong to ever split an infinitive. 5.each person should use their possessive pronouns correctly. 6.all generalizations are bad. 7.and dont start a sentence with a conjunction.
  10. You Have To Try This!

    salam yes something between 1-95 years old!
  11. What Does Gawaher Mean?

    here is "Gawaher"s pronunciation: /dʒævɑhɛr/
  12. In The Name Of Allah

    Hi, im Javad. im Muslim & im Shia Nice to meet you :)