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  1. Missing The Forum

    Hope everyone is doing well. The computer has been down and I wasn't able to access the internet. I have been missing the knowledge gained from reading everyone's post and I am so glad to be back. :thumbsup:
  2. Is This Islam?

    Sorry I have been slow to post but the computer has been down. I was raised a christian, but have been studying Islam for a few years. I have seriously thought about reverting to Islam. As a christian when you first start reading the Quran it will seem alittle different but please continue to read. Believe it or not I have had alot of questions about religion answered by the Quran. It is kind of hard to explain but after reading the Quran for awhile things will start to just click and all of a suden you will be like wow I understand why life is like this or that. It will offer a clearer path that God has set for us. Atleast that has been the way it has been for me. Also let me caution you to read the surahs completely and not just look up a verse that you have stumbled across while on the internet. There are alot of false ideas that has been spoken against Islam and just reading a single verse can give you the wrong impression. If I can be of any help fell free to contact me. Also let me say I have been warmly welcomed here on this forum and everyone seems really nice. I think the majority of the members would be willing to answer any questions you have.
  3. Sharia Law

    Does anyone have a good source on Sharia law? What I am particularly interested in are where does the Quran spoke of Sharia Law and how it it suppose to be carried out. Thank you.
  4. Employment

    I know this is an old topic but thought I would reply anyway. Back when I was working as a firefighter/paramedic it wasn't unusual to work 120 hrs in a week. Wow, am I glad those days are behind but I do miss the job sometimes.
  5. Scared While Prarying prayer

    I believe what is happening is Shaytan is putting this fear into you. Know Allah (SWT) loves you and is pleased when you offer your prayers. While we should fear Allah (SWT) when we are doing evil, remember when we are offering prayer we our at our closets to Allah (SWT) it should be a time when we have love and not fear for Allah (SWT). Know that Allah (SWT) protects the faithful and will watch over you.I hope this helps.
  6. Islam in America

    Eastern part of Kentucky. About 70 miles southeast of Lexington.
  7. Fire At Rohingya Muslims Refugee Camp In Thailand Kills 42

    Very sad for the people who lost their life from this. I will remember them in my prayers.
  8. Islam in America

    Anyone here from Kentucky?
  9. Just wanted to say each time I open the Quran it totally amazes me. Each time I read this wonderful book it seems to answer questions I have about the way things in life are. I would encourage anyone who has never read the Quran to give it a try. Isn't it wonderful a book from so long ago still guides people today and helps them through their struggles. Just shows how great Allah (SWT) really is. :D
  10. Full Member

    Congratulations, am not for behind. I will be glad when I have made it.
  11. How Prophet Muhammad Reprimanded Children

    As a parent I find this very helpful. I think folllowing these story about the way Muhammad (PBUH) treated children will make the bonds between my two sons and myself stronger. Thank you for posting this.
  12. New Muslim

    Welcome, you will find a wealth of knowledge here. I have been thinking about reverting myself. Maybe you would be willing to share your story with us.
  13. Study Guide For Islam

    Thank you. The links were very helpful.
  14. Study Guide For Islam

    Hoping this will turn into a real opportunity for learning and discussing Islam. What key points on Islam would you want someone to learn the first week after reverting? This could be anything about the religion. From the five pilliars of Islam to the proper way to make Salat. So what are your Ideas?
  15. New To Forum

    Hello. I live in the US (Kentucky) and came across this forum while doing research on Islam. I have been studying the Quran and ready anything I can find on Islam. I have also watched stuff on youtube, mostly Mufti Menk videos seeking knowledge. I have so many questions and have no one I know personally who is a muslim to help me. I have not takin shahada yet because I want to be sure I fully understand Islam before doing so. I can say that by studying the Quran it has really opened my eyes to the wonder of Allah (SWT) and do believe Muhammad (PBUH) to be a prophet. I hope some of you from the forum will help answer questions I have. I also want to ask you to forgive me if I ask questions which might seem silly. Thank You !